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22 Sustainable Swag Ideas To Promote A More Eco-Friendly & Ethical Corporate Culture In 2023

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Sustainability is great for the environment — but it turns out, it may be just as great for your business.

  • 66% of global consumers will pay more for eco-friendly goods. Inc.
  • Sales revenue can be boosted by up to 20% due to corporate responsibility practices. — Harvard Business Review
  • 92% of consumers say their trust in brands is greater when a company is environmentally conscious. Forbes
  • Employees at eco-friendly companies are 16% more productive than average. UCLA Newsroom

Sustainable swag ideas are the ultimate tactic for making the world and work a healthier, happier, better place. High quality, durable, and useful in everyday life — these kinds of items make an impact when employees, clients, and customers receive a piece of swag from your company.

Sustainable Swag Ideas To Promote A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

When building out our list of the best kinds of sustainable swag items, it reminded us of this famous quote from Margaret Mead,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Whether you are looking to bolster your brand image, amplify your positive company values, or find a sustainable gift for a friend, these eco-friendly promotional items and products should be serious contenders. While it may only be a small order or a handul of items, your order will be promoting companies that value high-quality, eco-friendly products.

Without further ado, check out our list of the best eco-friendly swag ideas for sustainable living in 2023!

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List of Sustainable Swag + Eco-Friendly Promotional Items & Products

1. Slowtide Recycled Blanket

“The safety blanket”


The soft and lightweight fleece Slowtide Recycled Blanket comes in different colors and beautifully embroidered details that are perfect for a cozy night in, around the fire, or on your couch.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: All of the fleece utilized in the manufacture of these blankets is sourced from post-consumer recycled materials. Every part of this blanket has been screened for toxic substances, so you can rest easy knowing it’s safe to use.

Best for: Clients

Where to get it: Slowtide Recycled Blanket


2. Travel Porter Glass

“To always have a glass handy”

Porter Travel Glass

It’s easy to take wine or cocktails with you everywhere you go with the Porter Glass. The Porter Glass is ideal for enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail while on the move. This portable glass is made from high-quality glass and coated with a matte silicone coating for further protection. This is the kind of corporate gift that your employees or clients can use to enjoy a drink from anywhere in the world!

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: This BPA-free custom cocktail glass is perfect for sophisticated and savvy digital nomads, looking to live the high life without hurting the environment.

Best for: Giveaways

Where to get it: Travel Porter Glass


3. Wheat Straw Food Storage Container

“100% awesome + 1% For The Planet”


The Wheat Straw Food Storage Container comes in three colors and a band to keep the cover and utensils in place while being carried around. It’s portable, practical, and a great promotional product.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: One percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Wheat Straw Food Storage Container and other EcoSmart goods will be given to environmental organizations as part of a collaboration with 1 Percent For The Planet.

Best for: Customers

Where to get it: Wheat Straw Food Storage Container


4. The Eco-Friendly Box

“Cleaner oceans, cleaner organizations”

Eco-Friendly Box

This Eco-Friendly Box gift box is packed with environmentally-friendly products such as the Bell Echo Bottle, Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box, as well as the Hustle backpack by Solgaard, which is dedicated to the removal of trash from the ocean as part of their purpose.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: With every purchase, a tree is planted, enabling you to do good while simultaneously feeling good.

Best for: Employees

Where to get it: The Eco-Friendly Box


5. Sunny Days Eco Pack

“Summer sustainability”

Sunny Days Eco Swag Pack

The Sunny Days Eco Pack is a great way to show your gratitude for your coworkers while also fostering a positive work environment. This eco-friendly promotional gift features swag, energizing Sencha Naturals Matcha Latte Mix and Eliqs Custom Mineral Water as well as eco hemp market totes and a collapsible Stojo, and a comfy t-shirt for the hot summer nights.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: The items in this swag pack are sustainable, recycled, and high-quality. This eco-friendly swag pack comes with everything your coworkers or employees need to conquer their day with verve!

Best for: Employees

Where to get it: Sunny Days Eco Pack


6. Osprey L Day Bag

“The eco-friendly swag bag”

Say hello to your new favorite eco-friendly backpack! A big zippered scratch-free pocket on the front panel, cushioned laptop and document sleeves, a small zip pocket and key clip, a water bottle side pocket, and a padded back panel round out the features of this sustainably made backpack.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Designed for everyday use, the Large Day Bag is manufactured from sturdy recycled polyester fabric that was created from 10.5 plastic water bottles.

Best for: Clients

Where to get it: Osprey L Day Bag


7. Reusable Straw Set

“Save the sea turtles in style”

The Reusable Straw Set is ideal for sipping cold drinks. This set contains two stainless steel straws, a straw brush, and a velvet bag — all of which are dishwasher safe.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Because they can be cleaned in the dishwasher after each use, this stainless steel straw set is cost-effective, and most importantly, reusable and long-lasting.

Best for: Giveaways

Where to get it: Reusable Straw Set


8. Karst Hardcover

“Stone cold and seriously amazing”

The Karst Hardcover notepad is a must-have in your swag bag no matter where you’re going. The waterproof cover and pages will keep it spotless while offering plenty of room for your thoughts and ideas to be jotted down.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Because it is made of recycled stone, the Karst Hardcover has a low environmental impact and extreme durability. Plus, it looks and feels like something the giftee will be proud to hold onto for many years.

Best for: Clients

Where to get it: Karst Hardcover


9. Ecoconscious Unisex Tee

“A wearable wonder of and for the world”

A unique characteristic of the Ecoconscious Unisex Tee is that it is side-seamed, with double-needle cover-stitched seams on the inside. Additionally, it has a more relaxed fit, among other features.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Designed with the environment in mind, this organic cotton unisex shirt is proudly manufactured in the United States. It’s offered in different colors.

Best for: Giveaways

Where to get it: Ecoconscious Unisex Tee


10. ECO Hemp Market Tote

“An eco lover’s delight”

The ECO Hemp Market Tote is the perfect bag for heading over to the local farmer’s market to pick up some of the best locally-sourced foods money can buy. To make it even better, you can also imprint or embroider a logo on this custom sustainable gift.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Hemp makes up around 55% of the bag’s body, with cotton making up the remaining 45%. Herbicides and insecticides used in conventional cotton farming may pollute our air and water, whereas organic cotton farming techniques assist maintain soil fertility. Avoid using plastic bags as much as possible and instead, go for this option.

Best for: Customers

Where to get it: ECO Hemp Market Tote


11. Thule Tech Bag Mini

“Sustainable travel, every time”


Your trips will be a lot more convenient with the Thule Tech Bag Mini from Thule. Small enough to carry with you wherever you go, the bag includes compartments and hooking systems for cables, earphones, an adapter, and other items like a passport.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Your employees or coworkers can reuse this durable travel bag over and over again. Additionally, this shuttle bag can be customized with a logo or other messaging.

Best for: Promotions

Where to get it: Thule Tech Bag Mini


12. Aviana Stainless Bottle

“No plastic, all awesome”


You can enjoy your beverages for longer thanks to the vacuum insulation between the two sides of the Aviana Stainless Bottle which ensures that your drinks remain cooler or hotter for a longer period of time.  It’s tiny enough to fit in most vehicle cup holders, making it even handier.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: This insulated stainless steel cup is ideal for cutting out disposable cups and bottles. As a bonus, the Aviana Stainless Bottle stays cold for 12 hours, hot for 5 hours, and can be customized with a screen printed or laser engraved logo.

Best for: Promotions

Where to get it: Aviana Stainless Bottle


13. Tentree Women’s Hoodie

“A hoodie for the natural elements”

The heavenly soft mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester in this classic full-zip Tentree Women’s Hoodie makes it a must-have for any wardrobe. Each of these women’s fit hoodies can be customized with a logo or another detail as well so the recipient will feel it was made just for her.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Your contribution to the environment will be significant since ten trees will be planted in exchange for each item bought.

Best for: Employees

Where to get it: Tentree Women’s Hoodie


14. Bamboo Backpack

“Renewable and refreshingly stylish”


With bamboo fiber fabric, this eco-friendly backpack is all-natural and ultra-sustainable. On top of being sustainable, the Bamboo Backpack is created for comfort and convenience. It features a dual-zippered opening to the main compartment and extra-wide webbed, highly adjustable shoulder straps.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: The bamboo twill and raw metal hardware can be recycled; however, this backpack will last your coworkers or employees many years.

Best for: Employees

Where to get it: Bamboo Backpack


15. Ecoconscious Trucker Hat

“For people who give a truck about the planet”

This eco-friendly trucker hat is made of recycled polyester, hemp, and cotton and has an adjustable snap-back closure with a 6-panel body. In other words, it’s sustainable, stylish, and luxuriously snug.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Everything down to the custom embroidered fonts on this hat are made from sustainable materials. This is the definition of type of swag your employees, coworkers, or clients can feel proud and ethical about wearing.

Best for: Employees

Where to get it: Ecoconsious Trucker Hat


16. EOS Lip Balm

“The all-natural lip balm”


The EOS Lip Balm is petroleum-free and paraben-free, with shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. Your employees, coworkers, clients, or customers will enjoy smoother, softer lips, and smiles that don’t crack even when they’re grinning from ear to ear!

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Made in the USA, EOS Lip Balm is the natural way to live a more eco-friendly life while keeping those luscious lips lubricated even during the wintertime.

Best for: Customers

Where to get it: EOS Lip Balm


17. Igloo Daytripper Tote Cooler

“For keeping things cooler than Jeff Goldblum”

The Igloo Daytripper Tote Cooler is a dual compartment leak-resistant carry-all cooler. With an easy-to-clean antimicrobial liner and a dry compartment for holding up to 20 cans, this polyester bag is made to last and be enjoyed for a long time to come.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Instead of using disposable bags, the recipient of this custom swag item will be able to use it again and again. Plus, it features adjustable front straps, dual carry handles, heat-sealed lining, and a bottle opener for good measure!

Best for: Customers

Where to find it: Igloo Daytripper Tote Cooler


18. Classic Curve Umbrella

“For keeping employees and the office dry”

The Classic Curve Umbrella is a 4-foot tall opening inversion umbrella which makes it easier to use in tight spaces. Also, this unique opening mechanism allows the user to keep water contained and avoid messes, while the outer surfaces remain dry.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: This eco swag gets its name from being made of 100% recycled PET material and a natural wooden handle.

Best for: Employees

Where to find it: Classic Curve Umbrella


19. Recycled Journal

“For true tree hugging earth lovers”


The Recycled Journal is made from recycled paper and features a ribbon page marker, expandable accordion pocket, and 80 sheets of lined paper.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: As if the Recycled Journal’s total customizability wasn’t enough, this eco swag can be laser engraved with a logo or design of your choosing! A great item for a starter kit, employee care package, or for a kickoff event for your startup.

Best for: Employees

Where to find it: Recycled Journal


20. Porter Utensil Kit

“For a slice of the good eco-life”

The Porter Utensil Kit is a compact stainless steel silverware set for efficient eating and low-impact traveling!

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: The silicone carrying case and BPA-free materials ensure this utensil kit is as convenient as it is environmentally friendly. This sustainable swag idea is perfect for digital nomads who can take this them wherever they are working.

Best for: Customers

Where to get it: Porter Utensil Kit


21. Allbirds Lace Kit

“Shoe, shoo, go away waste”

The Allbirds Lace Kit is considered by many to be the world’s most comfortable shoe. This eco-friendly lace kit comes in 4 varieties of color.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product: Each lace is made of 100 percent post-consumer, recycled plastic bottles.

Best for: Promotions

Where to get it: Allbirds Lace Kit


22. Recycled Cotton Barrel Duffel

“Stylish, Functional, & Environmentally Responsible”

This bag offers plenty of room for packing clothes, toiletries, or snacks – making it the ideal bag for all types of travels. Additionally, recipients can store smaller items in the front pocket which provides extra security during their trips. And with its double grab handles, carrying the duffel has never been easier.

Why this is an eco-friendly promotional product:  This ethical swag is crafted from recycled cotton and other eco-friendly materials; thus, perfect for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

Best for: Clients

Where to get it: Recycled Cotton Barrel Duffel


People Also Ask These Questions About Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Q: What makes a promotional product eco-friendly?

  • What makes a promotional product eco-friendly is often either the materials it’s made from (sustainably sourced) or the use. For instance, if a product can be used multiple times or is at least recyclable instead of being thrown away, that’s one way to reduce waste.

Q: What are the benefits of sustainable swag?

  • There are several benefits of sustainable swag, but some of the most obvious are the positive effects on the environment and secondly, the positive impact on company culture. It’s becoming more common for employees to care about the environment and they want to work for companies that align with their values.

Q: What are some examples of an eco-friendly promotional product?

  • Some examples of an eco-friendly promotional product would be anything that can be used multiple times — like a bamboo water bottle, a metal straw, a silver set of utensils, or a backpack made of natural materials.

Q: How do I choose the best sustainable promotional product?

  • To choose the best sustainable promotional product, look at the quality, how the product is sourced, how it’s created, and ultimately, the amount you are willing to spend on it.

Q: How much does it cost to buy eco-friendly swag items?

  • The cost to buy eco-friendly swag items largely depends on what the item is. Generally, you can get a quality eco swag item anywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars.

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