“Three words when I think of SnackNation: healthy, tasty, and affordable!”



“SnackNation is a fantastic recruiting and retention tool, and overall it just makes people really happy.

A+E Networks

“SnackNation has been something that our employees say has made such a huge difference.


“It’s great to have a service that will aggregate all these really good, positive producers together because I would be lost if I had to make those choices myself.


“People really look forward to the box opening up and seeing what’s in there this month.

Ram Realty

“With SnackNation, there’s something for everyone. Little perks like this breathe a lot of loyalty amongst your employees and it keeps people having fun.

Packet Fusion

“It’s a no-brainer. Having these snacks conveniently here in the office made such a huge difference to everybody in the office. My team turns into little kids when the box arrives!”

Centerfield Media

“Having SnackNation at the office makes me want to work harder for my company because they care for us.


“People go BANANAS when this stuff arrives.

Harmless Harvest

“On delivery day, it’s kind of like Christmas morning. Everyone is buzzing around the box to see what’s inside.


“I look like I’m doing a lot of work, but SnackNation does most of it for me.

Surface Magazine

“SnackNation was our solution to keeping our employees happy, healthy and fed without blowing our budget. I was getting pats on the back from everyone.

Smith Brothers

“SnackNation is right up there at the top of the list as our top wellness initiative at Smith Brothers!

Two Bit Circus

“SnackNation is great because there’s so much variety. There’s always something I haven’t tried yet.”


“With SnackNation, I do absolutely nothing. It’s great – the food just arrives once a month.”


“I really love that there’s the charity aspect to SnackNation. I personally try to make sure that the things that we purchase somehow go back to the community.


“One of the reasons I think we’ve been nominated for the Best Places to Work award is because of our healthy snacks.”

MIE Solutions

“I think it sends a big message that you care about the people that work for your company and that they’re healthy.

Atomic Fiction

“SnackNation is a really great opportunity to try healthy snacks without getting bored because there’s such a good variety.

SnackNation vs. Costco

“SnackNation ended up being a much nicer thing to be able to do for everybody and on top of that, I actually found out that it was cheaper.”

Join thousands of others who have used SnackNation to make their offices happier, healthier and more productive

“SnackNation is an exciting snack adventure in a very well-designed box. Each month a new adventure begins complete with assorted new and favorite snacks designed to fuel creativity, foster healthy food consumption, and bring break room conversation to new heights of enjoyment.”

ChelseaOffice Manager at Kennedy Communications

“I’ve had an employee say he ‘wants to defect from the US and move to SnackNation.’ I think this should sum up how much the staff loves SN.”

SusanAdministrative Rockstar at Brightpeak Financial

“I love that I don’t have to spend time picking out snacks! Even better, they are healthier alternatives to the ones I used to buy!”

KielyOffice Manager at Influitive

“SnackNation brings variable and delicious surprises to the office every month – it’s amazing how grown-ups turn into little kids at Christmas when the snack box arrives!”

ShaneCo-founder & VP of Customer Success at 15Five

“SnackNation has created a fun dialog in my office about being healthy and making good snacking choices. SnackNation has made healthy snacks fun, which in turn boosts employee attitudes and productivity.”

ChristyOffice Manager at OneStream Software

“SnackNation is an office snack game changer! Everyone loves the healthy, tasty choices and variety of snacks offered. It is a huge time saver and for the price and brands you receive it’s a no brainer to keep employees happy and healthy!”

ValerieOffice & Event Manager at Blue Sombrero

“In my office, I am the go-to person for office complaints. After signing up with SnackNation, people could not stop complementing the change we made! The snacks are awesome and the office morale has improved SO MUCH.”

AnaReceptionist at Telogis

“There is nothing better than seeing the look on my co-workers faces when we have a new SnackNation box delivered. SnackNation has helped our company culture by enabling fun conversation over delicious, healthy snacks.””

AndileOffice Manager at Soothe

“Our FedEx guy said people light up when he delivers SnackNation boxes. Sometimes he can’t get someone to sign for a package but if it’s SnackNation they get excited and run towards him. He said you need a commercial with a FedEx guy dropping off SN boxes to all the smiling faces.”

RebeccaOffice Manager at Collibra

“SnackNation includes different items each month for everyone to try. I sometimes can add an item or two in the normal rotation, depending on the cost. It’s a lot easier than Graze or some of the others. I don’t have to sign on and pick what I want, so it saves huge amounts of time. If we find that we don’t like something, I can put that on the list to never be added again. SnackNation rocks!”

AmySenior Facilities Manager at Dun & Bradstreet

“Everyone I have spoken to from SnackNation is extremely kind, helpful, and informative. The biggest difference between them and other vendors is that I feel truly taken care of, like our small company matters.”

ChristinaExecutive Assistant at STIGroup

“We received our first boxes today and I can’t express how impressed we all are! Thank you so much for taking such great care of us, for listening to our needs and being so amazing and easy to work with. It’s the first time in my career I was able to push the ‘easy button’ and get exactly what I wanted out of the process.”

RondaCEO of Big C Industries

“SnackNation shows that they actually care about improving the lives of others….beyond just snacking. They provide delicious snacks and go above and beyond by providing some of the BEST customer service and engagement I’ve ever experienced!”

JennOperations Manager at Nexosis

“SnackNation has brought variety and healthy snack alternatives to our office. Our employees are excited to try what’s new each month!”

JenniferDirector of Finance and HR at AnyMeeting

“SnackNation provides great snack options for the whole office! Everyone is always anticipating the newest arrival!”

BrannahCoordinator at TogoRun

SnackNation donates 10 meals to a family in need for every box delivered.


Meals Donated


Meals Donated

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