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27 Best Custom Corporate Gifts & Personalized Business Gifts That Can Be Branded With Your Company Logo

By October 6, 2023 March 29th, 2024

Gift-giving can be one of the great pleasures of life.

However, finding the perfect present is often a real challenge, especially in a workplace setting. Luckily, we’re here to help with a list of the absolute best custom corporate gifts for your business!

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Most promotional product companies allow you to add your logo or brand name to a gift, so you can give something meaningful while bolstering your company’s reach.

The best corporate gifting ideas will match and expand upon your company’s key messaging, showcasing that your core values apply to all aspects of your business.

Best Custom Corporate Gifts & Personalized Business Gifts

Want proof of the power of good branding?

Check out the price for this vintage Microsoft shirt!

Vintage Microsoft Shirt

Vintage Microsoft Tee from Grailed

Whether you’re showing off your logo on a range of useful products or spoiling your employees with a bounty of delicious snacks in a gift basket, this list will help you nail your next custom corporate gift.

Custom Corporate Gifts for Business

Custom corporate gifts are an ideal way to show you care while spreading your corporate brand.

Whether you’re giving a thank you to a hard-working team or a gift to new customers, these custom corporate gifts are special-made to match your needs. Check out our top custom corporate gift ideas for your business.

1) Gift of Choice by Goody

This customized corporate gift is perfect for anyone who deserves a little pampering.


With this practical corporate gifting option, you’ll no longer have to stress about finding gifts that suit everyone’s taste – just specify a budget and leave it up to the recipient to pick out a gift for themselves for a truly personal touch.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: What makes this great custom corporate gift even better is that it is tailored exactly to what the recipient wants. Whether they need something for work or home, they can find whatever they’re looking for.

Learn more: Gift of Choice by Goody


2) Custom Tile Mate

Finding your keys is a breeze with this customizable corporate gift: the Tile Mate!

Tile Mate - Corporate Gift

The Tile Mate is a small Bluetooth device you can use to keep track of your essential items. Attach the Tile to a keychain, slide it into your wallet, or drop it in your purse to stay virtually attached to your most important possessions.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: The Custom Tile Mate is an incredibly useful gift and is too practical for your team members not to use. Your company’s logo will be on the end of every keychain in the office, keeping your coworkers organized while showing off some team pride.

Learn more: Custom Tile Mate


3) $25 They Choose Gift Card

Let them pick out their own perfect gift!


With the $25 They Choose Gift Card, recipients can pick out anything they want from a wide variety of retailers, so they’re sure to find something that suits their needs and taste.

What makes this branded corporate gift memorable: This unique gift card allows the recipients to buy what their hearts desire, making it a truly personal and memorable present.

Learn more: $25 They Choose Gift Card


4) Tiny Terracotta Kits

Go with something that will really make them smile – plants!


These beautiful plants come in terracotta pots to place anywhere around your apartment, workspace, or office. The plants are thoughtfully chosen and make for a chic and sophisticated gift. Not to mention, they’re easy to care for.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: Planter features a glazed interior and is outfitted with a nested coconut pot filter that provides drainage and can be transplanted into a pot or garden if a larger plant is desired.

Learn more: Tiny Terracotta Kits


5) Waterbox Waterproof Speaker

Play your favorite artists at the pool, lake, or ocean! 


A waterproof and wireless speaker that you can connect via Bluetooth to play your favorite music, podcasts, or background tunes. Great to bring on a trip, to the beach, or to jam out at work.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: You can add your company logo or image to the speaker’s face. Great to spread brand awareness while giving the recipient a useful gift to use on a daily basis.

Learn more: Waterbox Waterproof Speaker


6) Cozy Sherpa 1/4-Zip Fleece

Cozy up this winter in a branded fleece pullover!


This fleece can be branded with your company logo, company event, or anything you want! Ideal for cooler days, they are comfortable, versatile and designed to fend off the chill in style.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: It is a high-quality swag item that your employees, clients, or customers will love to put on and wear around the house or office.

Learn more: Cozy Sherpa 1/4-Zip Fleece


7) Moleskine Ruled Notebook

You might want to write this down: a Moleskine notebook is a great custom corporate gift.


Moleskine is the number one name in notebooks. With this Moleskine Ruled Notebook, your team can shut the computer and take notes by hand in these simple, well-designed notebooks. This one is also a great customer appreciation gift!

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: Nothing beats a notebook. Whether your team uses it for office notes or a personal journal, this Moleskine ruled notebook is a thoughtful custom gift.

Learn more: Moleskine Ruled Notebook


8) Thank You Chocolate Set

Show your appreciation in a delicious way with the Thank You Chocolate Set!

This set includes an elegantly designed card and a luxurious sea salt caramel dark chocolate bar. The unique combination of salty sweet flavors in this bar is sure to be the standout of your appreciation.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable:  This custom corporate gift is perfect for any occasion, as it conveys a sense of thoughtfulness and sophistication. The exquisite concoction of flavors in the dark-chocolate bar will tantalize every taste bud, while the heartfelt card adds a special personal touch.

Learn more: Thank You Chocolate Set


9) Revive Mesh Zippered Tote

Help your customers hold all these great promotional gifts with a high-quality tote bag that reps your brand’s logo along with a special message.

Revive Mesh Zippered Tote

The Revive Mesh Zippered Tote is a high-quality bag with a spot for your logo, and a customizable message. With this tote bag, your customers will bring your branding with them to the office, the grocery store, and the beach!

What makes this corporate promotional gift memorable: This promotional gift will get plenty of use and the personalized message is a great opportunity to further promote your brand’s central messaging.

Learn more: Revive Mesh Zippered Tote


Branded Corporate Gifts for Business

Branded business gifts are a great way to show your gratitude while showing off your brand. Whether they are branded with your company’s name, logo, mascot, or for a special occasion — this type of corporate gift can set you apart in a competitive space. Read on to see our top five branded corporate gifts for your business.

10) Opal Stoneware Cup

Whether they’re sipping a morning coffee or their afternoon tea, the opal stoneware cup is a wonderful branded corporate gift.


Coffee mugs are a great way to get your company’s name and logo out there. Whether it waits in the office break room or lives in your favorite client’s cupboard, the opal stoneware cup is a stylish corporate gift that is perfect for anyone who consumes liquid (AKA: everyone). This branded gift is also great for sustainable offices trying to cut back on paper or plastic waste.

What makes this branded corporate gift memorable: The opal stoneware cup holds coffee. People love coffee. By the transitive property, they’ll love your brand!

Learn more: Opal Stoneware Cup


11) Thank You Gift Box

Get your whole team centered with the Thank You self-care kit.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ahhh. The Mindfulness Box includes an array of items and products that say one thing — “we care about your health and wellness!” With this corporate gift, your team will be able to find their moment of zen, whether they’re working from home or taking a break in the office.

What makes this branded corporate gift memorable: This gift box shows you prioritize your team’s wellness, inside and outside the office.

Learn more: Thank You Gift Box


12) Logo Engraved Coaster Set

Keep your home neat and your logo visible with these tasteful, customizable coasters.

The logo-engraved coaster set is an effective, cost-efficient branded corporate gift. Practical and totally personalized, you can hand out a whole set of coasters to each team member or gift individual coasters to customers and partners.

What makes this branded corporate gift memorable: Coasters are always useful and their design-forward layout will really show off your company’s logo.

Learn more: Logo Engraved Coaster Set


13) Healthy Snack Box

Stand out with this tasty snack that gives back.


This custom snack box isn’t just stuffed with great promotional gifts (like a candle, a coffee mug, beer koozie, and a whole cavalcade of healthy snacks)—it can be customized to include whatever kinds of products and snacks you choose!

What makes this corporate promotional gift memorable: Establish what your company stands for with a luxury gift box that will energize your recipient to work harder during a busy day on the job.

Learn more: Healthy Snack Box


14) The Warm Welcome Pack

Begin a working relationship on the right foot with the Warm Welcome Pack!

The Warm Welcome

Starting a new job can be tough. But with this employee welcome kit, you can show your newest team member they’re valued from day one. This customized corporate gift includes a custom shirt, Moleskine notebook, and Bluetooth speaker. Plus, you can include a custom card, bringing a personal touch to this already loaded swag box.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: A personalized hello and some great gifts from the Warm Welcome Pack will make any new employee get the warm-and-fuzzies.

Learn more: The Warm Welcome Pack


Personalized Corporate Gifts for Business

Personalized business gifts are a great way to give your team members, partners, or customers practical, everyday items while also boosting your brand. Here are five of the top personalized corporate gift ideas.

15) MiiR 20oz Tumbler

Perfect for a cup of coffee, this tumbler will help keep your team energized wherever they are.


Portable and durable, the MiiR 20oz tumbler is a useful personalized gift for the office, work trips, or days off. Plus, part of the cost of every MiiR product goes to supporting community-based nonprofits, making this a charitable way to reward your employees.

What makes this personalized corporate gift memorable: The MiiR tumbler can get daily use while stylishly showing off your brand.

Learn more: MiiR 20oz Tumbler


16) Premium Gift

Show your team that each individual within your office is a treasured asset.

Let your recipients be pampered and choose four items from a wide selection of premium gifts, ranging from indulgent items to delectable treats and luxurious spa products. This custom corporate gift is designed with the recipients in mind and will make them feel appreciated.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: Each box can be tailored to each person’s needs and preferences, creating an individualized experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Learn more: Premium Gift


17) Digital Subscription

Give your employees a subscription to some of their favorite platforms.


Who doesn’t like Netflix or would like to enhance their skills for free? We all do. While gift boxes, personalized wallets, mugs, and notebooks are traditional gifting options, why not try something digital?

Consider a subscription to favorite tools and platforms that your employees will adore. You can choose from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Udemy, Grammarly, Linkedin Premium, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva and more!

What makes this personalized corporate gift memorable: Instant delivery with a gift that your client or customer can use daily.

Learn more: Digital Subscription


18) JBL Clip 4 Speaker

This personalized gift is the number one choice for an office of audiophiles.


The JBL Clip 4 Speaker is portable (it can fit on a keychain!), but still packs a phonic punch. Its rich sound and resonant bass can bring life to your favorite song anywhere you are. Plus, with ten hours of battery, the JBL Clip 4 can keep you rocking for the whole workday.

What makes this personalized corporate gift memorable: Useful both inside and outside the office, this ultra-portable speaker is a top corporate tech gift.

Learn more: JBL Clip 4 Speaker


19) The Sock Pack

Triple the comfort with a three-pack of personalized gift socks.


Socks are universal. Everybody needs them. Everybody likes them. With the Sock Pack, you’ll be giving a whole set of personalized socks to your team. The Sock Pack provides three custom designs to really show off the stylish potential of your brand, making this much more unique than just plopping your logo onto an everyday item. This Sock Pack is especially great as a holiday gift!

What makes this personalized corporate gift memorable: A truly distinctive way to promote branding, this cute gift for employees will warm hearts (and toes)!

Learn more: The Sock Pack


20) Leather Monogrammed Padfolio

Keep your team looking cohesive with this premium organizational tool.

A sophisticated, upscale gift, the leather monogrammed padfolio is a great personalized gift for a coworker. With four colors to choose from, this personalized padfolio can either spell out the company’s name or the initials of an individual employee.

What makes this personalized corporate gift memorable: A luxury gift that can be individualized for each employee, the leather monogrammed padfolio is an above-and-beyond way to earn your team’s loyalty.

Learn more: Leather Monogrammed Padfolio


21) PowerPad

Charge up your office pride with this personalized gift.

The PowerPad is pure convenience for your office’s tech-lovers. With a wireless charging port, a separate Apple Watch charger, and a USB port, the PowerPad will keep your team juiced-up and connected.

What makes this personalized corporate gift memorable: A one-of-a-kind power bank, this personalized corporate gift will get daily use.

Learn more: PowerPad


Corporate Promotional Gifts for Business

Promotional business gifts are the best way to spread your brand while showing your customers how much they mean to your business. Read on for five unbeatable promotional gifts for giveaways, gift baskets, and more.

22) Matte Lip Balm

This palm-sized balm is a great promotional gift for any style-forward brand.

Matte Lip Balm, 4 Pack

These bold balms moisturize the lips while providing a subtle coloration. Perfect for a purse or desk drawer, these matte lip balms combine elegance and practicality. Plus, they’re small size makes them an easy choice for a quick touch-up.

What makes this corporate promotional gift memorable: An ideal addition to any swag bag, these balms are a thoughtful promotional gift that provide months of use.

Learn more: Matte Lip Balm


23) Candy Club Cupcake Bites

Here’s a delicious club that anyone with a sweet tooth can join.

The Candy Club Cupcake Bites are a top-tier bulk corporate gift. This jar of tasty treats will add some much-needed flavor to any gift-bag or promotional giveaway. Keep your brand top-of-mind with this decadent dessert gift.

What makes this corporate promotional gift memorable: It’s a whole jar of cupcake bites—who could forget that?

Learn more: Candy Club Cupcake Bites


24) Picnic & Beach Blanket

Help your coworkers enjoy their day off with style by gifting them these branded picnic & beach blankets.


This customizable picnic and beach blanket is durable, comfortable, and stylish. With seating for four to six, your team members and their whole family can enjoy a restful park picnic or a sunny beach day.

What makes this branded corporate gift memorable: With a gift specifically for days off, this branded corporate gift shows you prioritize your team’s leisure time and work/life balance.

Learn more: Picnic & Beach Blanket


25) Branded Planter

Plant-lovers unite! This corporate gift will bring some green into your office.

This branded gift is a tiny, charming pot with a Haworthia Zebra Plant already planted. You can display your company’s logo while getting some much-needed nature onto your desk. Plus, the Haworthia Zebra Plant only needs to be watered every two or three weeks, so anyone from the office botanist to a first-time plant owner can display their new green friend with pride.

What makes this custom corporate gift memorable: Plants in the home or office have been proven to improve people’s moods while boosting productivity and concentration. All that from a tiny potted plant!

Learn more: Branded Planter


26) Cartoon Character Gift

Woo-hoo! Turn your team members or customers into cartoons with this highly personalized character gift.

Join the cartoon universe with Turned Yellow, a service that’ll transform anyone into a recognizable cartoon character. Whether you’re replacing your team photo, rewarding a single employee, or creating a group gift for the sales team, these flexible, funny caricatures will make anyone’s day.

What makes this corporate promotional gift memorable: This is a completely individualized, totally unique promotional gift that’ll adorn office walls for years to come.

Learn more: Cartoon Character Gift


27) Custom Bianchi Candle

Breathe deep and enjoy the serenity that comes with a custom Bianchi candle.


Everyone needs a moment of peace in the day. You can bring this calm right to your team with a branded Bianchi candle. Whether it sits on a desk for a midday refresh or waits at home to help your coworkers or clients unwind, this Bianchi candle is a group gift idea that says you care.

What makes this branded corporate gift memorable: This good-smelling gift for coworkers is a fragrant reminder of your company’s dedication to its workers’ well-being.

Learn more: Custom Bianchi Candle

People Also Ask These Questions About Custom Corporate Gifts

Q: Can I print my company logo on corporate gifts?

  • A: Yes! Most custom corporate gifts can add images, which is a perfect opportunity to show off your company logo. For a detailed list of popular corporate gifts to put your logo on, explore this guide.

Q: What are the benefits of sending out custom corporate gifts?

  • A: Custom corporate gifts allow you to add value for your team, customers, or partners, while also promoting your own brand. Whether it’s a practical item for the office or a fun treat for a day-off, custom corporate gifts will show that your business cares.

Q: What are some unique personalized business gifts?

  • A: There are twenty incredible personalized business gifts above, including sock boxes, beach towels, and more. Check out these options and find the right personalized business gift for your company.

Q: How do I choose premium promotional business gifts to send to clients?

  • A: You can explore the list of promotional business gifts above or do your own research to find the premium gift that fits your brand, budget, and needs.

Q: How long does it take to order customized company gifts?

  • A: When planning an order for personalized company gifts, managers will want to ensure they give themselves plenty of time to receive a quote, select the gifts and order size, and allow the corporate gifting services to process the order. For holiday gifting or corporate events, it is generally recommended to give yourself 3-6 weeks to properly complete the order and receive your items.

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