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51 Best Corporate Gift Boxes For Employees, Clients & Customers In 2024

By May 17, 2024 May 31st, 2024 3 Comments

Article Overview
SnackNation set out to curate a list of the best corporate gift boxes for any business occasion. These ideas focus on distributing high-quality gifts and products that recipients will want to use.


Each of your employees can conjure up that feeling of opening a gift on a childhood birthday or Christmas morning.

So why not replicate that feeling with a corporate gift box?

Few things show appreciation with more simple elegance than the perfect gift—except a carefully curated box raises the stakes by offering a selection of high-quality corporate gifts.

Simply put, a corporate gift box filled with a collection of themed items will make a lasting impression on employees, clients, and customers. (It might even help strengthen your relationships with them.)

Are you looking for a specific type of corporate gift box?

🧢 Custom Swag Box

🤔 Let Employees Choose Their Box

🥨 Snack Box

🍪 Cookie Gift Box

🎲 Fun and Games Box

☕️ Coffee Box

🍿 Movie Night Box

We polled our community of nearly 24,000 professionals to gather some insights about the types of corporate gift boxes that make a lasting impact. Look out for feedback from our community members in this guide and feel free to share your thoughts with us below!

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For these occasions and many more reasons to order a corporate gift box, check out one or all of the ideas below.

Corporate Gift Boxes For Employees

1) Custom Swag Box

What is it? A company-branded employee gift built by you, for your team, customer, clients, or any recipient you can think of!

Why will employees love it? Your employees will love unboxing their swag kit to try out the mix of premium apparel, tech gadgets, office supplies, holiday gifts, and any other little treasures you put into it.

Price: Start building your box to get a custom price quote

Antania HollandCommunity member Antania Holland’s experience:

“I do SWAG at our company. A new one this year is a wireless cell phone charger. Most newer phones have this capability. One we did a few tears ago was a picnic blanket. One side was fuzzy and the other is the waterproof material to put on the ground for picnics and not get a wet backside. People loved that one!”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Custom Swag Box by


2) Gift of Choice


What is it? All of the benefits of sending out corporate gift boxes to your employees without having to research and hope you are selecting something they like. Your coworker simply logs on, chooses the gift that tickles their fancy, and the order is completed.

Why will employees love it? It gives employees an opportunity to try something they would not normally buy themselves while also getting to unbox some appreciation.

Price: Explore Goody’s gifting platform for accurate pricing

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Gift of Choice


3) Employee Snack Box

Simpalo Snacks

What is it? A box filled with goodies that will make anyone feel grateful. It includes gluten-free snacks, delicious sweets, and some wholesomely satisfying treats.

Why will employees love it? The finely crafted treats in this box will make clients feel deliciously pampered. They’ll love indulging in a collection of better-for-you snacks.

Price: Starting at $10.99

Carol Craig GarrettCommunity member Carol Craig Garrett’s experience:

“We got one at work today that I sent everyone. They are the small sizes of snacks, 15 of them for $25. It does include shipping and everything is organic, pretty healthy and a couple were vegan. Nice variety.”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Employee Snack Box


4) Cravory Cookie Gift Box

Cookie Box

What is it? This cookie gift box is perfect for the employees at your company who can’t help but exercise their sweet tooth every now and again. A corporate gift set with an assortment of cookie options from chocolate chip to Snickerdoodle, you should expect a lot of thank yous after shipping out a few of these sweet gift boxes.

Why will employees love it? With just enough cookies (a dozen if you’re curious) to make any employee’s mouth water, this treat will satisfy any sugar cravings without smothering them with too many delectable sweets. It’s the perfect balance when shipping out a sugar-filled appreciation box.

Price: $25

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Cravory Cookie Gift Box


5) Swag Sample Pack


What is it? A serious selection of customizable swag favorites, including a water bottle, a journal, cozy socks, and a cuddly-soft tri-blend unisex tee. Everything comes ready to impress in a mailer box with your custom print on the inside and outside.

Why will employees love it? A whole assortment of gifts for employees in one box? What’s not to love? They’ll love that they just received a whole treasure trove of daily essentials—all made even more special by your customization. They’re not just getting another t-shirt for example; they’re getting a wearable symbol of company unity.

Price: Price depends on size and items selected in each box

Priscilla Marie EllisCommunity member Priscilla Marie Ellis’s experience:

“I personally love “swag” that is something I can get use out of (branded products) like the USB plug for phone chargers, power packs to charge electronics, small Bluetooth speakers.”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Swag Sample Pack


6) Restful Night Mini Gift Box

Restful Night Mini Gift Box

What is it? The Restful Night Mini Gift Box is a corporate gift box that features a calming bath soak, soothing nightcap tea, a fragrant sleep bath cube, and a clear mind mist for rest and rejuvenation — all neatly bundled together and tied with a satin ribbon.

Why will employees love it? Employees will enjoy this care package because it will give them a healthy way to ease their minds and mellow out at home. What’s more is that the lavender-scented items included in The Restful Night Mini Gift Box are naturally crafted to promote a deep night’s sleep, which will, in turn, energize and inspire your employees.

Price: $55

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Restful Night Mini Gift Box


7) Fun and Games Box

Fun and Games Box

What is it? Fun and Games is a corporate gift box that harkens back to simpler times, with classic snacks and the types of games that were beloved in the analog era. This corporate care package includes a mini wooden domino set, organic popcorn on the cob, and aesthetically pleasing monarch playing cards to keep employees entertained with whatever card games they enjoy playing. Team poker night? Yes, please!

Why will employees love it? Fun and Games is perfect for team camaraderie given that it comes with group activities. However, employees can also use the gifts in it to have fun with their families, friends, and loved ones.

Price: $64

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Fun and Games Box


8) Chocolate Covered Oreos

Goody-Zac's Sweet-Shop

What is it? Zac’s Sweet Shop Chocolate Covered Oreos is a 12-pack of everyone’s favorite cookie except that these modified Oreos have been upgraded to amp up the deliciousness to never-tasted-before levels of perfection. Choose from flavors like peppermint crunch and milk chocolate cookie butter in order to achieve the pinnacle of employee satisfaction in both the workplace and the snacking realm.

Why will employees love it? One of the ways to an employee’s heart is through the stomach. Fortunately, this corporate snack box is so delectable that your team will feel fully appreciated and absolutely recognized — and their taste buds will be especially thankful.

Price: $24

Wendi Chambers MezaCommunity member Wendi Meza’s experience:

“I always bake or cook some sweets for my co-workers and execs.

Last year I made pecan pralines and they were a huge hit!”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Chocolate Covered Oreos


9) Kickstart Coffee Box

Kickstart Box

What is it? The Kickstart Box is a warm and welcoming employee gift box packed with artisan pour-over coffees and savory snacks. Not only is this a perfectly indulgent corporate gift box, but its creator is a woman-owned brand, so you can feel good about supporting a small business.

Why will employees love it? It’s the perfect midday perk for employees, clients, and colleagues.

Price: $48

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Kickstart Box


10) Traveler Gift Box

Travelers Gift Box

What is it? A box packed full of travel-themed accessories that are both practical and inspirational. Whether it is an item that is perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles or something to make their stay more comfortable – building a travel kit is a no-brainer.

Why will employees love it? Even clients not currently planning any trips will love how all the items inspire them to start daydreaming about where in the world they might venture next.

Price: Get custom pricing

Ragan RolfeCommunity member Ragan Rolfe’s experience:

“One time we did branded packing cubes and leather embossed luggage tags as a summer “enjoy your travels” gift and people still use them and talk about them.”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Traveler Gift Box


11) City Bonfire

City Bonfire

What is it? What looks like a simple candle tin is actually a mini on-the-go bonfire, sans the smoke and messy clean-up. Apply a company logo decal and add this to a client gift basket, or create your own custom gift box with a theme that’s personal to your recipient. And let’s not forget those holiday gifts!

Why will employees love it? This portable fire pit is so versatile, it can go anywhere with them! It’s perfect for sporting events, camping, or the back porch for some Tuesday evening smores.

Price: $20

Customizable? No

Where to get it: City Bonfire


12) The Original Rocks

The Original Rocks

What is it? An upgrade to every glass! Whiskey stones add a little extra sophistication to any beverage, and these icey alternatives won’t leave their Old Fashioneds tasting weak and watered down.

Why will employees love it? No more fumbling with fancy ice cube trays. These luxe granite whiskey stones are a perfectly cool complement to those much-needed end-of-business-day spirits.

Price: $30

Jeri Molloy

Community member Jeri Molloy’s experience:

“I do gifts every year for our corporate award event and I always try to find something that has to do with the event or theme. AT&T stadium – logo whiskey glasses and whiskey stones. Stockyard station – logo branding iron. JFK Museum – paper weight clock.”

Customizable? No

Where to get it: The Original Rocks


13) Corporate Swag Bag

What is it? This corporate gift box combines multiple premium corporate gifts all wrapped up in a branded tote bag. Perfect to give to employees or clients at a holiday party, corporate event, client meeting, or team dinner.

Why will employees love it? They will love the personalization! You can theme your bag for a company party, conference, team retreat, or company event. Recipients will have a blast finding all the goodies packed into this swag bag!

Price: Talk to to get a personalized price for your order

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Corporate Swag Bag


14) Movie Night

Movie Night

What is it? A treasure trove of irresistible goodies curated to elevate any cinematic event. Your giftee can indulge in a variety of treats while watching their favorite new release – from artisanal popcorn bursting with flavor to decadent chocolates that melt in their mouth.

Why will employees love it? Perfect for fueling creativity during late-night brainstorming sessions or simply bringing joy to a well-deserved binge sesh. Packed with a mix of sweet and salty treats guaranteed to satisfy any craving, this gift box is the perfect +1 for any movie buff.

Price: $50

Jennifer ScottCommunity member Jennifer Scott’s experience:

“I have sent snack boxes for our GM that are travel in their car several hours a day to job sites. I sent our EVP a puppy care package, he recently adopted two puppies. I sent family art activities to some that have small kids at home and family movie night boxes to the ones that have older children that included snacks, candy, popcorn and a Redbox coupon. And I sent BOXFOX gifts to the office managers.”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Movie Night


15) The Total Package Gift Set

The Total Package Gift Set

What is it? This box promises to elevate tea time to a whole new level of sophistication and flavor delight. Treat your recipient to the ultimate tea experience with this deluxe gift box, featuring loose-leaf teas and pour-over tools nestled in elegant packaging – the perfect gift for any tea lover’s kitchen.

Why will employees love it? With this luxe tea set, they can wake up and enjoy a steaming mug of warm wellness for weeks.

Price: $70.00

Customizable? No 

Where to get it: The Total package Gift Set


16) Welcome Back Box


What is it? This welcome kit is a good way to make sure your employees don’t miss out on that special feeling of coming back to work. The box includes everything they need for their first day at work.

Why will employees love it? For professionals in need of a new way to stay energized, the Welcome Back Box is all they need. Employees will be able to work comfortably from home or anywhere they desire thanks to the contents of a dedicated work “survival kit.” Choose from a huge catalog of items with everything from tech items and desk accessories to food and beverage gifts.

Price: Build your own welcome-back box to learn more

Community member Colleen Kane’s experience:

Colleen Kane“We just sent out care packages to our staff of 50 about a week ago. We included a notepad, 2 post-it pads, screen wipes, a box of gold paperclips, a 4-color set of pens, a highlighter, a $5 Starbucks card, and a cello bag with assorted treats, tea bags, popcorn, and candy. We also had our marketing dept create a card telling staff how much they are appreciated as we navigate through this new environment and, “Please enjoy these treats along with some extra supplies. We look forward to the day we can be together again as a team.”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Welcome Back Box


17) VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker

VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker

What is it? This sleek and efficient appliance brews barista-quality beverages from the comfort of your home with just the touch of a button. And since it comes with twelve ready-to-brew pods, it’s as simple as plug-and-play (or plug-and-sip).

Why will employees love it? Not just coffee! Its versatility in brewing espresso and regular coffee makes it the perfect corporate gift, offering a splash of luxury in every mug.

Price: $259.39

Customizable? No

Where to get it: VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker


18) Peace + Pampering Box


What is it? The ultimate in convenient relaxation, this box, one of our favorite gifts for coworkers, allows hard-working professionals to seamlessly transition from work to play and do so in spectacular style. They’ll enjoy luxurious unwinding as they try out the fuzzy socks, open up the coloring book and pencils, light the candle, and then sit back and relax.

Why will employees love it? It helps them celebrate the simple pleasures of life, maybe enjoying a few moments of mindfulness as they throw off the pressures of a big workday. This box facilitates some precious me time, and that’s absolutely priceless.

Price: $142

Kristy EdmonsonCommunity member Colleen Kane’s experience:

“I love Fun socks. Everyone wears socks. Company logo. Boss’s head.

Or just random, fun, crazy socks.”

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Peace + Pampering Box


19) Less Stress Care Package

Less Stress Care Package

What is it? This unique corporate gift box delivers a heaping dose of self-care with a side of cookies! That’s right – cookies and comfort wrapped up together in a thoughtful gift. With lavender-infused (vegan and gluten-free) body products like lotion and lip balm, indulgence is inevitable.

Why will employees love it? Whether it’s for a valuable employee, a helpful colleague, or to show some client appreciation, the sweet sentiment behind this corporate gift is bound to hit the spot.

Price: $70

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Less Stress Care Package


20) Appreciation Gift Box

Appreciation Gift Box

What is it? Simply put – delightful! This corporate gift box is brimming with savory, sweet, and pecan-y delights. It’s the perfect way to show your appreciation to team members or clients, offering a taste of the Mediterranean’s rich flavors and culture.

Why will employees love it? Whether they indulge during a virtual meeting or privately in the off hours, this gift is sure to leave a lasting impression of gratitude and appreciation on anyone who receives it.

Price: $126

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Appreciation Gift Box


21) Ultimate Snack

Ultimate Snack

What is it? These corporate gift boxes for teams can be sized up or down to ensure they’re budget-friendly and still offer plenty of goodies for everyone. Add in the fact that these treats are only sourced from brands using high-quality ingredients and sustainable processes, and this business gift box is a winner all around.

Why will employees love it? It’s tough to beat curated gift boxes that are loaded with goodies to meet anyone’s snack pallet! Crunchy, sweet, chewy, salty – it’s all in there!

Price: $50

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Ultimate Snack


22) The Night In Dinner

The Night In Dinner

What is it? Treat your clients or team members to an exceptional in-home dining experience and take the guesswork out of the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” This delectable multi-course meal features a carefully crafted dish made from the finest ingredients, perfect for celebrating a successful project or unwinding after a long day.

Why will employees love it? Your recipient can dive headfirst into a top-notch culinary adventure from the comfort of home, with a gourmet experience that brings the restaurant straight to their doorstep – complete with dessert!

Price: $98

Customizable? No

Where to get it: The Night In Dinner


23) Flower Tea Tri-Bouquet Set

Flower Tea Tri-Bouquet Set

What is it? A delightful fusion of aroma, beauty, and taste that’s sure to brighten any tea lover’s day. And they’re not just for drinking! Each gift box features three different aromatic flower teas, carefully handcrafted to create a sensory experience like no other.

Why will employees love it? It’s the perfect corporate gift for offering a refreshing break from the daily grind and a moment of stillness and tranquility to savor amidst their busy schedules.

Price: $84

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Flower Tea Tri-Bouquet Set


24) Welcome Kit

What is it? This welcome kit is a carefully curated corporate gift for clients to celebrate the hopefully long-enduring collaborations!

Why will clients love it? This thoughtful client appreciation package has everything you need to say thank you in style. Full of branded swag and corporate gifts, this is the kind of thing that clients and customers can rave about. A surefire way to send a little appreciation their way while letting them have some fun is by opening up a care package just for them!

Price: Take this short quiz to get personalized results

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Welcome Kit


25) Sweets + Coffee Box


What is it? This crowd-pleasing employee gift box features a trio of premium gifts including a small-batch coffee set, shortbread cookies, and a sweet-smelling candle by Gold + Ivy.

Why will employees love it? They’ll not only love the rich flavor of the coffee, but they’ll appreciate getting the jolt of invigorating energy that comes after they enjoy their treats.

Price: $68

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Sweets + Coffee Box


26) Bath + Body Extravagance Box


What is it? An employee wellness gift box stuffed to the brim with bath and body essentials, self-care products, and even a bottle of bubbly to pop after a long day at work.

Why will employees love it? This is the kind of premium wellness gift that anyone can use to relax and de-stress. Not to mention the products use high-quality ingredients that your body will love.

Price: Click here to request custom pricing

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Bath + Body Extravagance Box


27) New Year’s Toast Box


What is it? A perfectly assembled box to ring in the new year with some flair. Includes a non-alcoholic sparkling beverage, some tasty treats, and a winter jacket for keeping warm in January!

Why will clients love it? Even if you’re not around for the presentation of this gift, your clients will still feel as though you’re toasting them. These delicious snacks and sips deliver a special experience that says, “I’m so glad we work together.”

Price: Find custom pricing here

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: New Year’s Toast Box


28) Meditation Gift Box

Citrus Self Care Box

What is it? A beautiful box packed with luxurious self-care essentials, including small-batch soap, a facial mask, a citrus shower steamer, and a luxurious eye mask. This is the kind of corporate gift set that can turn any room into a relaxing yoga or spa retreat.

Why will employees love it? It gives your busy colleagues items they need to take a break and practice meditation and self-care without actually spending the time or the money on a yoga or meditation retreat. It’s perfect for anyone who is curious about meditation but not ready to commit to practicing on location with others.

Price: $50

Customizable? Partially. You may add a personalized message.

Where to get it: Meditation Gift Box


29) Explore Local Box


What is it? It’s a weekend getaway in a box. It highlights the culture, flavors, and personalities of one special city by spotlighting local goods and treats. Recipients get to sample what small local businesses have to offer and even immerse themselves further in the city with a souvenir map and fun facts.

Why will employees love it? Even if they never actually visit the city they’re sampling, they’ll love having the opportunity to visit and explore it, at least in a way. And once they’ve enjoyed everything in the box, they’ll have that blissful feeling of returning from a rewarding vacation.

Price: $39 (one month)

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Explore Local Box


30) On-The-Go Bookworm Box

Bookworm Corporate gift Box

What is it? 

It’s a custom gift box you can assemble with the following items:

  • YetiTM RamblerTM mug (One of our picks for the best office gift ideas)
  • Canvas book tote
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book

Why will employees love it? Your thoughtful customization in creating this pack, and also the perfectly branded customization of each item, will make employees feel extra special. They’ll love that wonderfully swagged-out feeling of carrying a branded bag for their books while sipping out of their branded to-go mug.

Price: Start shopping to find personalized pricing

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: On-The-Go Bookworm Box


31) Cocktail Box


What is it? Just add ice and glass, and this gift box has everything your recipient needs to make their favorite cocktail (or mocktail) on command. You can even upgrade it at checkout for just a few dollars more and spoil them from the seasonal drink menu.

Why will employees love it? There’s no need to make a pit stop on the way home from work when their favorite libations are already waiting for them – mixers and all!

Price: $85

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Cocktail Box


Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients

32) Holiday Care Package


What is it? A holiday gift box filled with high-end stocking stuffers that is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. This holiday gift box can be custom-built with all sorts of holiday treats to create the perfect winter care package.

Why will clients love it? It not only gives your business an opportunity to spread some holiday cheer but also includes various quality items that any person can enjoy during a cold winter morning or a cozy night spent with a blanket and a classic Christmas movie.

Price: Check out the catalog to find accurate pricing

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Holiday Care Package


33) Disc Jockey Bluetooth Speaker

Disc Jockey Bluetooth Speaker

What is it? On the wilder side of the corporate gift baskets selection, this Bluetooth speaker can be used by anyone to have adventures—the relaxing and the daring.

Why will clients love it? It will call them to the great outdoors—to go on that hike they’ve been meaning to take, or complete that extra-long bike ride.

Price: Talk to a Stadium rep to build a budget for your Bluetooth speaker order

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Disc Jockey Bluetooth Speaker


34) Office Essentials


What is it? A corporate gift box designed for the busy professional who might need a little push to relax during a day at the office (or work from home). Featuring premium items, Office Essentials is perfect for the Very Important People in the corporate world. As it happens, clients are some of the biggest VIPs and it’s critical to let them know you are grateful for their business.

Why will clients love it? This luxury gift box features office supplies and treats that any client can enjoy at their desk after a grueling meeting or to relax in the afternoon after a particularly busy work day.

Price: $155

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Office Essentials


35) Swag Pack


What is it? A presentation-ready custom gift box packed with enough branded swag to deck your clients out for a casual day at the office. It includes a bunch of items selected from their swag store.

Why will clients love it? It will make them feel, even though they’re not on your staff roster, that they’re a valuable part of your company. Every time they doodle in their notebooks or pop on their cap for some weekend chores, they’ll feel all over again those fond feelings of appreciation.

Price: Price depends on which items are selected for the swag pack.

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Swag Pack


36) Whiskey Snack Box

Whiskey Snack Box

What is it? The quintessential corporate gift box for colleagues who appreciate the finer things in life. With a flight of whiskey samples and perfectly paired salty snacks to complement their favorite sipper (or shot), it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long week. The ideal gift for celebrating milestones like work anniversaries, promotions, and retirement.

Why will clients love it? Bring happy hour home! This luxury gift box allows your employees to unleash their inner whiskey enthusiast with both high-end libations and complementing accouterments.

Price: $60

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Whiskey Snack Box


37) Warm Wishes Box

What is it? The Warm Wishes is a client-friendly gift box that will make them excited to rush home and relax after a busy day at the office.

Why will clients love it? This luxe care package features a collection of decadent cocoa sampler packs to try the delicious creamy drink from Moonstruck Chocolate Co. along with a campfire mug and a few sweet treats. The Warm Wishes Box is also an excellent holiday gift where you can swap in festive goodies like camping mugs filled with warm cocoa mix to go along with those chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Price: Take a tour to see accurate pricing

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Warm Wishes Box


38) Fancy Hiker’s Box

Fancy Hikers Box

What is it? It’s a build-a-corporate-box creation you can assemble with the following custom gifts:

  • Outdoor speaker
  • Unisex blanketblend hoodie
  • Picnic blanket
  • Cheeseboard

Why will clients love it? Client appreciation gifts present an opportunity to give not only a treat but also a treat that they’ll enjoy and associate fondly with you forever. This box does not disappoint. They’ll be grateful for this gift again and again: at that moment their sweatshirt provides the perfect warmth when they reach the summit or as they use their portable cheese board to enjoy a fancy mid-hike snack.

Price: To start building your box – click here

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Fancy Hiker’s Box


39) Escape The Crate


What is it? A box to bend the mind and challenge the intellect. A box to help anyone escape the stresses of day-to-day life and dive into a puzzling world of wonder. It includes brain-teasing activities such as ciphers and puzzles; even the box doubles as a puzzle.

Why will clients love it? Anyone will love that priceless rush they get when they solve a riddle, complete a puzzle, or devise a daring escape from epic locations such as lost cities, forgotten colonies, and even the Moon.

Price: $26.50 (per month)

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Escape The Crate


Corporate Gift Boxes for Customers

40) Mindfulness Box


What is it? A box that puts essential tools for mindfulness at clients’ fingertips. Clients can strengthen their skills of reflection and presence using their mindfulness journal and then relax with a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

Why will customers love it? This box provides a delicious experience on its own, but it also helps clients develop the meditative skills they need to make every single moment an unforgettable experience.

Price: $105

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Mindfulness Box


41) Simple Pottery Kit


What is it? An employee care package for the artist in you! This kit includes pottery clay, shaping and cutting tools, paint and paint brushes, and a drawstring bag to hold all of your supplies.

Why will customers love it? It gives your artists a chance to take time off and practice making some impressive clay creations.

Price: Request a custom quote for more information

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Simple Pottery Kit


42) Happy Hour Box

What is it? The perfect gift for anyone who loves a good happy hour. It includes a W&P cocktail kit, a handy wine tumbler, delicious snacks, and even an icebreaker activity and a party horn to herald in the toast-worthy good times.

Why will customers love it? This box takes a happy hour out of the local bar and brings it absolutely anywhere your customers want. Living room happy hour? Done. Beachfront happy hour? Done. They’ll love unboxing these goodies and treating themselves to an instant good time.

Price: Explore their pre-made kits for more details

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Happy Hour Box


43) The Tech Pack


What is it? An assortment of tech goodies that both technophiles and tech illiterates can enjoy equally. A custom mailer box comes packed with custom greeting cards, a durable power bank, a Bluetooth tracker, earbuds, and the ultimate essential charging cable.

Why will customers love it? Curated by one of our favorite corporate gifting companies, this box provides the desirable luxury of convenience and peace of mind. When they misplace something, they’ll love being an owner of a Bluetooth tracker. When they need a different cable for a guest’s phone, they’ll love busting out their bank or cable to get the job done. Perfect as a gift for business owners, they’ll find each and every item to be useful as they continue to build out their company.

Price: $85.09

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: The Tech Pack


44) The Casual Commuter Box


What is it? An effortlessly casual custom corporate gift that includes everything a daily commuter needs to start the day off right. With a pair of Bluetooth headphones to listen to their favorite podcast, an insulated Miir water bottle for eco-friendly drinking, and a collection of energizing snacks to fit snugly in their work backpack or suitcase.

Why will customers love it? Anyone who ever commutes to work goes to the gym, or takes weekend getaways will get tons of use out of these items. There is even an option to let your customer build their own gift box so that they can help to make their ideal commuter care package a reality.

Price: $100

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: The Casual Commuter Box


45) greenUP Box


What is it? A box filled with deluxe, plastic-free versions of everyday items most of us use in our kitchens, offices, and more. Past boxes have come with waste-reducing items—such as shampoo bars and biodegradable dental floss—for a typical morning grooming routine.

Why will customers love it? They’ll love having at their fingertips a key to transitioning away from plastic and towards sustainability. They might even make permanent lifestyle changes as they unpack items, like toothpaste tablets, they didn’t even know existed. Not to mention, it’s at a nice price, making it a solid corporate gift under $50 that customers can enjoy once, or on a monthly basis.

Price: $38.33 (a month)


Where to get it: greenUP Box


46) The Fellowship Pack


What is it? A cute custom box packed with everything your busy customers need to get work—amazing work—done anywhere and any time. It includes a beanie that makes it easy to get up and go, blue light reading glasses for those long hours in front of a screen, a durable notebook, and a capsule-like to-go mug that travels well under any circumstances.

Why will customers love it? Your customers support your work, and they’ll love knowing that you support their work in turn. All these items in this WFH gift will enhance the way they work comfortably and creatively in the office, the bedroom, or the coffee shop.

Price: $108.17

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: The Fellowship Pack


47) Eco Friendly Box


What is it? A complete toolkit for earth-friendly dining anywhere and at any time. It features a reusable water bottle that also serves to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold, an easy-to-bring straw kit, and bamboo utensils for sustainable living.

Why will customers love it? It encourages a more sustainable lifestyle while also providing them with a number of high-end swag products that will last a long time and be used for years to come.

Price: Price varies per pack and number of boxes ordered

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Eco-Friendly Box


48) Sustainable Luxuries

What is it? A box that helps your customers take notes, make plans, and work toward goals. It includes stylish note-taking essentials, including a notebook made from reclaimed paper and a stainless steel tumbler. An excellent corporate gift for ordering in bulk to send to your clients or employees to thank them for all the good work that they do.

Why will customers love it? They’ll love heading anywhere—coffee shops, parks, beaches—to do some high-quality brainstorming.

Price: $88.00

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Sustainable Luxuries


49) Modern Sprout® Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set

Modern Sprout® Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set

What is it? It starts as a candle but settles into your giftee’s decor as a decorative crock for growing aloe, herbs, or wildflowers. Complete with all the seeds, plant food, and grow tools needed for the transformation, it couldn’t be any easier to “burn, plant, and grow.”

Why will customers love it? It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Once they’ve enjoyed 78 hours of comforting candle time, they can repurpose their gift into a beautiful planter to enjoy for months (or years) to come.

Price: $67

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Modern Sprout® Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set


50) Tech Lovers Box

What is it? The Tech Lovers Box is the perfect employee gift box for coworkers who need to stay connected at work. Whether it’s been a long day of meetings, or they have important deadlines that need attention from home, these items will help them focus on their tasks and be more productive in less time.

Why customers will love it? They will feel engaged and motivated to go out there and crush their next project fully loaded with all the tech gadgets at their disposal. This care package idea lets them know you are on their side while giving an extra push for the disengaged, the highly engaged, and everything in between.

Price: Start building your gift box to get personalized results

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Tech Lovers Box


51) Mini Charcuterie Box

Mini Charcuterie Box

What is it? Impress your clients or colleagues with this mini charcuterie box, packed with an irresistible selection of artisanal meats, cheeses, and all the crunchy costars of classic charcuterie. It’s the ideal corporate gift that combines gourmet flavors with the convenience of home.

Why will customers love it? Who doesn’t love a deliciously curated spread that satisfies all the major craving categories? Even if they can’t pronounce ‘charcuterie,’ they’ll love this savory mini smorgasbord to nibble on throughout their workday.

Price: $55

Customizable? No

Where to get it: Mini Charcuterie Box


Bonus: Sweet Celebration Box

What is it? Celebrating a success, whether it is for yourself, your coworker, your client, or your customer feels good. That’s why this corporate care package is a great way to send some love after that big win! The box includes goodies and treats that will make anyone feel loved and pampered.

Why will employees love it? This thoughtful corporate gift box is ideal for sending to teams after finishing a big project or conference. It features goodies like premium coffee, seasonal snacks to enjoy with colleagues over hot cocoa or tea, a coffee mug, and small-batch candles to spread more happiness and unwind after a busy work week.

Price: Explore the catalog to learn more

Customizable? Yes

Where to get it: Sweet Celebration Box

Expert Advice When Ordering Employee Gift Boxes

1) 💰 Budget

Consider your budget for your order so that you can get multiple quotes from gift box services that offer an order experience that is tailored towards the type of boxes you are ordering, how many you would like to buy, and your expected budget.

2) ⏰ Time

Depending on the level of customization you want to include in your gift box, managers will want to take into consideration how long your gift box order will take to process and ship.

If you are ordering a large number of boxes for an event or a holiday gift order, it is vitally important to give yourself enough time to ensure the gift boxes arrive on time.

3) 🎁 Gift Selection

Many of the ideas in our list of corporate gift box ideas are designed with a special theme in mind. There are so many options to create your own gift box or select a curated collection, we recommend taking the time to consider what types of gifts you want to include in your gift box order.

Some items like alcohol or personalized swag may require additional steps and qualifications, so make sure to confirm that your gift box will include all of the items you are looking for.

People Also Ask These Questions About Corporate Gift Boxes

Q: What goes in a corporate gift box for clients?

  • A: A variety of items can go into a corporate gift box for clients. For example, some of the boxes featured in this post come packed with delicious snacks, apparel, and sustainable office goods.

Q: How do I send out a corporate gift box to my staff?

  • A: The most convenient way to send a corporate gift box to your staff is to choose a pre-curated box from a specialized vendor. These vendors will streamline your entire gifting process, from customization to shipping.

Q: Are there corporate gift boxes with wine?

  • A: Yes, there are corporate gift boxes with wine. Some companies can send alcoholic beverages while others offer non-alcoholic varieties. The key is to find the right corporate gift box for your occasion and to confirm that your intended recipient drinks wine.

Q: What are the best corporate gift boxes for 2024?

  • A: The best corporate gift boxes for 2024 include a greenUp box packed with sustainable lifestyle goods and a happy hour box packed with snacks and group icebreakers. Find these and other corporate gift boxes in this list.

Q: How long does it take to deliver a corporate holiday gift box?

  • A: Most corporate gift boxes with customized items will be delivered within 4 weeks at the latest unless they are part of a subscription plan with an otherwise specified shipping schedule.

Q: How much does a corporate gift box usually cost?

  • A: A corporate gift box usually costs anywhere from $30 to $150+.


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