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Top 18 Custom Swag Boxes and Branded Swag Boxes To Deliver Company Pride In 2024

By October 12, 2023 April 19th, 2024

Throughout the past few years, custom swag packs have been blazing a trail of popularity across the business world.

Startups to major corporations are getting in on the trend. Branded company swag has evolved and become a fantastically fun way to promote company pride and connect remote and hybrid workforces.

“Branded swag helps to promote the company to outsiders, and also gives workers a sense of shared identity.”

There are many versions of where the word “swag” originated from. One version explains that it’s an acronym for “stuff we all get.” Makes sense, considering we’ve probably all left a conference (or ten) with an armload of stuff we all got… but no longer have. Coffee tumblers, bumper stickers, coasters, t-shirts. The list goes on and on. Why did we toss these giveaways?

Sometimes because it’s the same “stuff” we already had from three other companies. When the pen cup in our office holds a montage of colors, caps, clickers, and company logos, the last thing we need is another pen. But oftentimes, they just weren’t things we could actually use. How many of those bumper stickers made it onto your bumper?

We’re here to tell you… employee swag has come a long way!

Branded swag kit companies are getting more and more creative, not just with their products, but their branding abilities as well. Your company name and logo can be displayed on just about anything. This means more options for you to choose from for stellar custom swag kits for your employees.

Bold brands. Broad varieties. Big impact. Welcome to SnackNation’s 2024 guide to building custom swag boxes at your company!

Still not sure which swag pack is right for your team? We’ve got amazing custom swag box suggestions to tighten up your swag management and get your teams geared up with some prideful promotional items.

List of Branded & Custom Swag Boxes For Work

1. Rep Your Company Swag Box

Don’t just rep your company… rep your company with pride.

The Rep Your Company Swag Box is a full plate of branded swag for in or out of the office. Great for your in-person teams as well as those working remotely. Customize the boxes to add a little extra flare for your employees. Hey, why not bulk order these bad boys for some great onboarding welcome gifts?

Best for: Bulk orders

Where to order: Rep Your Company Swag Box


2. Virtual Event Branded Swag Box

The goodies can still be the best part of your team event, even if it’s virtual.


The Virtual Event Branded Swag Box is fully customizable, with branded swag items your teams will love (and use). Create custom swag bags to send to your employees for virtual conferences, team building events, or just because it’s Tuesday and you wanted to make them smile. Add a little fun and flavor to any virtual event.

Best for: Conferences

Where to order: Virtual Event Branded Swag Box


3. Create a Swag Kit

A one-stop shop for custom swag to create a fully branded experience.

With a custom-designed swag box, businesses can tell the story of their brand in an engaging and memorable way. Stylish eco-friendly mugs, tech gadgets and other items will make employees look forward to coming into the office or the next meeting. With this unique approach, businesses can stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Best for: Employee Gifting and Events

Where to order: Create a Swag Kit


4. Remote Employee Starter Kit

A custom swag box of comfort sent straight to their home office.

The Remote Employee Starter Kit is a comfy, cozy swag box idea for those team members, putting in their days from their home offices. A little comfort goes a long way. Ship a box of warm and fuzzy to say “thanks” to your remote teams, near and far.

Best for: Employees

Where to order: Remote Employee Starter Kit


5. Onboarding Swag Box

For delivering a warm welcome.

The Onboarding Swag Box is the perfect way for companies to welcome new team members and set them up for success. It’s filled with branded items that give the newest hires everything they need—from office supplies to a company T-shirt. This swag box helps make their first day feel extra special.

Best for: Employees

Where to order: Onboarding Swag Box


6. Recognition Box

The goodies can still be the best part of your team event, even if it’s virtual.

The Recognition Box is an ideal swag box to show employees how much their hard work and dedication is appreciated. This thoughtful gift includes a selection of company-branded items like mugs, pens, or notebooks. In addition, a personal note can be added to the box to make it more personalized. Employees are sure to be touched by this gesture and feel truly valued for all that they do.

Best for: Teams

Where to order: Recognition Box


7. Custom Snack Box

Let them choose their own delicious snacks!


The Custom Snack Box showcases the products of some amazing small-business scack brands. With over 2000 items with options for every taste, allergy, and dietary preference — this is the future of work snacks!

Best for: Employees & Clients

Where to order: Custom Snack Box


8. Conference Swag Box

The perfect swag box to make any event stand out.

For meetings, conventions, and events near or far, the Conference Swag Box offers something special to attendees. This box can include any kind of promotional item that the company would like to include in a conference bag – from custom notebooks to mugs with the company logo – all branded with the organization’s logo or message.

Best for: Clients

Where to order: Conference Swag Box


9. Healthy Living Swag Kit

A branded swag box to cultivate a culture of health

Help team members reach their wellness goals with a branded swag box that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Each kit could include an insulated water bottle, and other items to encourage physical activity and well-being.

Best for: Employees

Where to order: Healthy Living Swag Kit


10. Relaxation & Self-Care Box

Show you care for your team members with a gift set of self-care.


The Relaxation & Self-Care Box is a much-appreciated sloooooooooow down kind of swag box. Full of feel-good items like goat’s milk hand lotion and a pair of plush socks, it delivers a heaping helping of appreciation and mindfulness in a box. And don’t even get us started on the fizzy bath bombs and sinfully soft sherpa blanket.

Best for: Employee appreciation

Where to order: Relaxation & Self-Care Box


11. Swag Welcome Box

A branded box-o-bliss.


The Swag Welcome Boxes are carefully curated and thoughtfully packaged by a company that employs people with special needs. Each branded swag box comes packed full of mindful products and tasty provisions to welcome your new employees. Customize your new-hire welcome kits with a great selection of newbie necessities. A journal, headphones, and some premium coffee sounds pretty warm and welcoming too.

Best for: Onboarding

Where to order: Swag Welcome Box


12. Hustle Box

Fuel for the body and the mind.


The Hustle Box is a great holiday gift for your team members. This gift box is packed with items that will motivate your recipient including a journal, ceramic mug, tech wipes, to-do pad, and pink bullet pen. Make a lasting impression on your employees at your next corporate gift-giving holiday. Or maybe, create a new office holiday – why wait on the calendar to tell you when to give your employees something nice?

Best for: Holidays

Where to order: Hustle Box


13. Home Office Branded Swag Box

The custom swag box made to level up their home office.

Home Office Essentials Swag Kit

The Home Office Branded Swag Box is a customized compilation of home office goodies and gear. From succulents and scented candles to tech gadgets and tasty treats. Know your audience (i.e. employees) and surprise them with a box of essentials for their at-home workspace.

Best for: Employees

Where to order: Home Office Branded Swag Box


14. Road Warrior – Branded Travel Swag Box

Make sure they’re set up with swag even if their office has wheels under it.


The Road Warrior – Branded Travel Swag Box is built for your on-the-go employees. Not every employee wears a suit and tie. And not all offices have four walls and a whiteboard. They’re out there representing you. Make their jobs on the road safe and effective by sending them into the field with branded gear that’s not only fashionable, it’s also functional. This swag pack is also a great startup swag idea for your new employees who have that entrepreneurial spirit and are putting in long hours to make your dream a reality.

Best for: Teams

Where to order: Road Warrior – Branded Travel Swag Box


15. Custom Wellness Swag Box

Inspire wellness with a perfectly curated box of high-end items.


A wellness-inspired swag box with your choice of swag items, wellness gifts, healthy snacks, tea & coffee, skincare and body products, and so much more.

You can even work with a dedicated team member to include non-swag items that will stand out! This mix of custom swag and small-batch wellness products will mean that your recipients will never know what they will uncover next when they unpack their wellness box.

Best for: Corporate events and holiday gifting

Where to order: Custom Wellness Swag Box


16. Employee Appreciation Box

Employee appreciation isn’t one size fits all.


The Employee Appreciation Box is a fully customizable swag box, with options to please everyone. From wines and drinkware to healthy snacks and games, choose from a fantastic menu of luxury options to thank them for their hard work. Personalize your appreciation and promote your company pride, all in one box.

Best for: Employee appreciation

Where to order: Employee Appreciation Box


17. “Swag in a Box” by

Fun and unique boxes for every theme.

Work with the swag team at to build your swag box from scratch. Since they work with premium brands like Nike, Moleskine, Ember, and more — you won’t have to worry about what your recipients will think. They will love it!

Best for: Employee Gifting and Events

Where to order: “Swag in a Box” by


18. Eco-Friendly Custom Swag Box

Packing lunch and saving the environment, one swag box at a time.

Eco-Friendly Box

The Eco-Friendly Custom Swag Box is a sustainable and responsibly sourced swag kit, full of items to make being on the go a whole lot easier. The Solgaard Shore-Tex Daypackback is made entirely from recycled ocean plastics.

That means each pack that’s sold, Solgaard can remove up to five pounds of ocean plastic! From the bamboo lunch box and metal straws to the stainless steel water bottle, everything is reusable and/or recycled. You can feel good about giving this box and they can feel good about using all the products inside.

Best for: Teams

Where to order: Eco-Friendly Custom Swag Box



Custom branded swag boxes aren’t just a cool way to show your employees they’re part of the team. They are filled with quality items that aren’t only good for use IN the office. Y

our remote and hybrid employees are using and wearing these promotional products while out and about, walking around in the world, making them automatic ambassadors for your company. Plus, you get a little free advertising, which is another swag-a-licious benefit!

We’ve all had that job where they gave away super sad swag at an event or conference. The pens dried up after a page or two. The lanyard unlatched and our name tag went MIA sometime before lunch. The keychains broke before we even got to our car.

We basically went home at the end of the event with a company-branded tote bag full of custom-branded garbage. Eventually, we got tired of looking at it and inevitably heaved it in the trash where it belonged.

Lesson? Those products had no impact.

They created no connection between our company and us as an employee. They were a poor attempt at engagement and ultimately made no positive impact on the company culture. Who still drinks from the insulated coffee mug that doesn’t keep your coffee hot (or cold) and has a lid that doesn’t seal, just because it shows off your company logo?

We’ll wait…

People Also Ask These Questions About Custom Swag Boxes

Q: What is a custom swag box?

  • A: A custom swag box is a creatively curated gift box of useful and unique products, customized to represent your business. The content options are endless, from outerwear and high-end tech items to savory snacks, corporate gifts, and happy hour cocktail kits. Whatever your industry, there’s a custom swag box made for you, your employees, and your mission.

Q: Can I add my logo to a branded swag box?

  • A: You can add your logo to a branded swag box. That’s what makes it branded! Swag boxes offer thousands of products that can be custom branded with your company name, logo, and other options, depending on the products.

Q: How many items can go inside of a custom swag box?

  • A: How many items can go inside of a custom swag box depends on where you order your swag. Some companies offer a few high-dollar items. Others are completely customizable and allow you to build them with as many branded products as you want. For more ideas, refer to this list.

Q: What makes a swag box successful?

  • A: What makes a swag box successful is choosing items that your employees can use. They don’t need trinkets with the company logo, they appreciate useful items. Products that help in their jobs, tech gadgets, and self-care items are all great examples of successful swag box ideas.

Q: Can I send a custom swag kit to multiple addresses?

  • A: You can send custom swag boxes to multiple addresses to reach your remote employees. Many companies also offer international shipping so you can be sure to swagify ALL your employees without them having to leave their homes.

Q: How much does a custom swag box cost?

  • A: How much a custom swag box costs depends on the brands, the quality of the products, and how many goodies you want to pack into it. Some of the simpler swag boxes can cost around $25 while the higher-end luxury boxes can cost a couple hundred.

Q: How much time does it take to order company swag boxes?

  • A: Many of the swag providers will allow you to build an entire swag order, receive a quote, and learn how long it will take to process your order. Ordinarily, you will want to allow your order to take three to six weeks to complete if you are incorporating branded swag or personalized items. When vetting a swag vendor, it is important to get an estimate of how long your order will take to process so that your recipients can receive their company swag box in time for your event or holiday.

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