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5 Kick-Ass Office Snack Buying Tips That Will Make Your Coworkers Go Bananas

By February 9, 2016 August 12th, 2016 No Comments
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5 Kick-Ass Office Snack Buying Tips That Will Make Your Coworkers Go Bananas

Office_Snack_Delivery_-_Are_You_A_Snack_Master_or_Mistake__SnackNation_-_YouTube1. Don’t be cheap.

Cheap snacks are cheap for a reason.

They’re made with lower quality ingredients, like preservatives and artificial additives.

Snacks are supposed to be the fuel that helps your team be more productive, not the reason they feel unproductive and sluggish.

2. Focus on ingredients, not calories.

When you read the ingredients in the snacks you’re buying, can you pronounce all the words? Counting chemicals is much more important than counting calories.

3. Avoid bulk snacks that spread sickness around the office.

Think about how many hands go into that big tub of pretzels or nuts… no wonder so many people at your office are getting sick.

Buy snacks that come in single serve instead of buying in bulk. The added benefit is that single serve makes your life easier because you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess left in the kitchen or breakroom.

4. Buy snacks with protein and healthy fats for lasting energy.

Your team needs snacks that will give them energy throughout the day. Buy snacks high in protein and healthy fats (like coconut or peanut butter) for sustained energy. Sugar might sound like a quick fix for low energy, but your team will be snoozing by 2:30 if that’s all they have available.

5. Stop buying boring snacks!

One of the main complaints we hear from offices around the country is “I’m tired of hearing my team complain about eating the same old boring snacks all the time.”

Variety is so important, especially for younger employees. Mix things up and find new, awesome snack products to curb these complaints.

The main reason companies buy snacks for their employees is to make them happy. Buying boring snacks won’t achieve that goal. Make it exciting!

For Office Managers who want to provide their team with the best snacks and make snack buying simple, SnackNation’s healthy snack delivery is the answer.


Hannah from Brightfire Media was wasting tons of times each week buying snacks. She had a lot of people in her office who were picky eaters and who were trying to eat healthier.

Between driving to the grocery store, taking snack inventory, and figuring out everyone’s preferences, something as simple as buying snacks was actually becoming a major headache.

That’s when she decided to try SnackNation:

“It looks like I’m doing a lot of work, but SnackNation is the one doing it all for me. I get a lot of accolades for what SnackNation does.”

Hannah was also happy with how much happier her team was with variety that SnackNation offers:

“The curation is a big deal for us. The fact that the SnackNation team reaches out to us to see what we’re eating before they send more of it. We had tried other snack services, but they kept sending us things that nobody ate.”

One SnackNation member even took the time to do a full cost analysis to see how how other options like Amazon, Costco, and the local grocery store compared.

Here’s what Eric from ChowNow found:

“We found that when we went to Amazon, our cost was literally a one cent difference from SnackNation. Costco was a little bit larger of a difference because we were buying in bulk, but going there we were only saving about $0.14-$0.15. But we were still just getting these snacks that were not healthy.

When we decided to go with SnackNation, the difference in cost didn’t really factor into the equation for us. We saw the energy level of our employees went up dramatically, and that was the most important part for us.”

Check out this short video to see how SnackNation can make your life as an office manager a lot easier, help your team be a lot happier, and turn you into the office hero:

[youtube id=”dE6FFXhudDE” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Try a free sample of our most popular snacks today!


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What people are saying about us:

SnackNation is a welcome addition to our office. We love the variety and convenience… and not to mention, having healthy options around for a change. Win-Win-Win!”

Nora, Smith Brothers Agency

“When I started feeling less like an Office Manager and more like a mother bird frantically trying to feed all her insatiable chicks, SnackNation stepped in and saved my time, sanity, and reputation as the sensational snack ninja!”



“SnackNation is a huge time-saver! It’s an easy way to provide healthy snacks for your team and show them that you care.”

Oksana, Ramsey Solutions

“SnackNation takes the stress out of snacking! And most importantly, keeps us healthy and happy 🙂 “

Krystle, The CRE Group

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