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Clean & Delicious
Tasty snacks always made with real ingredients and no added sugar or chemicals. Gluten-free, kosher and low sugar options available.


Save Time & Money
No more trips to the store, no more retail markups. Our prices are about 40% less than retail!

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Convenient Delivery On Your Schedule
Easy delivery means you’ll never have an empty cupboard situation. Pause or stop anytime.


Exciting New Snacks Every Time
With 5,000+ snacks, we create a mix that makes every mouth smile and rotate in new brands to keep it fresh.


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Ease and Convenience

Your dedicated Snack Concierge takes snack duties off your plate. With free delivery and no contract required, we make it easy to bring premium snacks to your office. Try It Free

Increase Happiness

Positive energy in. Positive energy out. Give your team Christmas morning excitement with an ever changing mix of feel good snacks that boost morale and show your team you care about their wellness. Try It Free

Great Prices

Get 40% off retail prices on the best emerging snack brands and skip trips to the store with free scheduled delivery. With the small decisions made easy, you can spend more on the best outings and benefits for your office. See Prices

What’s in a Typical Box? What Does it Cost?

Each box contains 150 single-serve snacks. Your custom box includes a rotating selection from our library of over 5,000 premium snacks. Get bars, chips, jerky, granola, trail mix, dried fruit, and more. Prices start at $299 including delivery and a display case. Fill the above form for detailed pricing and to get a free sample box!


Set the bar high and slay hunger with an organic LivBar nutrition bar, Simply Smart bar or a Grab The Gold Energy Bar.


Satisfy salty cravings with brands like Eatsmart Garden Veggie Crisps, Mediterranea Chips and Popcorners White Cheddar chips.


Spice up your workflow with Jerky sweet chipotle, Chomps meat stick or fan favorite Field Trip Jerky.

Granola & Trail Mix

Skipped breakfast? Grab a bag of Julie’s Real Cinnamon Granola, Yomms pecans or Crazy Go Nuts gourmet walnuts.

Extra Healthy Snacks

Snack even healthier with snacks like Vegan Rob’s cauliflower puffs, Ocean’s Halo seaweed snacks, or Wise reduced fat sea salt popcorn.

Customized For You

Your personal Snack Concierge is dedicated to getting your box just right. If for any reason your team doesn’t love something, we’ll replace it.

Over 5,000 different snacks from 1,500 premium brands


The SnackNation Difference

Why do the most forward-thinking companies love SnackNation?

Better Snacks
  • Taste-tested goodness. We test hundreds of emerging snack brands every month and select one third of the best tasting, feel good options.
  • Exciting variety. We curate a new mix every month and add exciting new brands to keep it fresh.
  • Clean, delicious ingredients. Every snack passes the Whole Foods Clean Label list and has no added sugar or chemicals. Gluten-free, kosher and low sugar options available.
Better Experience
  • Our team makes it easy. Your personal Snack Concierge takes care of everything from delivery to snack curation so you can get back to being the office hero.
  • Choose your snacks. Get SnackNation curated boxes or create your team’s perfect mix by swapping snacks with Snack Sneak Peek.
  • Be a SnackNation VIP. Join the SnackNation member community and earn points for more perks and free snacks!
Better for the World
  • 3 Million Meals Donated. For every box we ship, we donate 10 meals to Feeding America. We’ve reached 3 million meals and counting!
  • Support Our Troops. Members can donate their SnackNation boxes to military bases through our partnership with Support Our Troops.

Clean, delicious snacks

Tasty snacks always made with real ingredients and no added sugar or chemicals. Gluten-free and non-GMO options available!


No contract required

Transparent pricing. Free shipping. Stay as long as you want. Cancel anytime.


Customized for you

Your personal Snack Concierge is dedicated to getting your box just right. If for any reason your team doesn’t love something, we will replace it.


Hear from our happy members

Video Testimonials

“SnackNation is a fantastic recruiting and retention tool, and overall it just makes people really happy.”
Eric Jaffe, ChowNow

member reviews

Ruthanna Harmless Harvest

“It’s kind of like Christmas morning. Everybody is buzzing around the box to see what’s inside.”

Sarah packetfusion

“No-brainer … actually cheaper”

It’s a no-brainer. It made such a huge difference. My team turns into little kids when the box arrives … This ended up being a much nicer thing to do for everybody, and on top of that I actually found that it was cheaper!
Camila automicfiction

“The most cost effective”

SnackNation is a really great opportunity to try healthy snacks without getting bored because there’s such a good variety! I’ve tried different options on snacks and I think it’s the most cost-effective.
Susan brightpeak

“Staff loves SnackNation”

I’ve had an employee say he ‘wants to defect from the US and move to SnackNation.’ I think this should sum up how much the staff loves SnackNation.
Chelsea kennedy

“Exciting snack adventure”

SnackNation is an exciting snack adventure in a very well-designed box. Each month a new adventure begins, complete with assorted new and favorite snacks designed to fuel creativity and foster healthy food consumption.
Valerie blue_sombrero

“Snack game changer”

SnackNation is an office snack game changer! Everyone loves the healthy, tasty choices and variety of snacks offered. It is a huge time saver and for the price and brands you receive it’s a no brainer to keep employees happy and healthy!
Ana telogis

“The snacks are awesome”

In my office, I am the go-to person for office complaints. After signing up with SnackNation, people could not stop complimenting the change we made! The snacks are awesome and the office morale has improved SO MUCH.

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Industry Leaders Trust SnackNation

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Create a personalized mix of everyone’s most-loved snacks! See what’s coming in your box and swap or keep snacks to make every mouth smile.

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