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✅ The Ultimate Guide to Employee Templates That Will Supercharge Your Workflow [2024]

By March 28, 2024 June 4th, 2024

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – that moment when you need to whip up a business plan, create an invoice, or put a marketing proposal together, but you’re left staring at a blank screen, feeling the sweat beading on your brows.

Well, take a deep breath, because we’ve got some good news for you.

Welcome to our little slice of cyberspace, where all your business template dreams come true.

We’ve categorized 100s of employee templates into the following sections to make it easier for you. Select below to get started!

Imagine a one-stop shop where you can find templates for every occasion. Whether you’ve been navigating the complexities of corporate life for a decade (or three), or you’re a fresh-faced startup, dipping your toes into the world of small business, there’s a template just for you.

With our curated collection of employee templates, you can kiss those stressful moments of template hunting goodbye and instead, embrace streamlined productivity and peace of mind.

So why waste another second fretting over font styles and logo placement? Dive into our treasure trove of templates and let’s make your business dreams a hassle-free reality!

Pro-Tip: Use “Command + D” to bookmark this list – we update it often with new template categories!


Human Resources Management Templates

Human Resources management templates are ready-made blueprints for all sorts of employee-focused documents, from job offer letters to performance reviews, and everything in between.

These pre-designed documents can be customized to fit all your employee management needs, saving you and your HR department a ton of time and Tylenol.

  1   Payroll Templates

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Since money makes the world go round, let’s start our template tour in Accounts Payable. Payroll templates are your ticket to mastering the art of designing effective timesheets and paying your employees like the boss that you are. You’ll also uncover the ins and outs of crafting accurate pay stubs that leave no room for confusion.

Then, get ready to breeze right through calculating wages, taxes, and deductions like a math whiz – no calculator necessary. With these payroll templates, you’re also guaranteed to stay on top of compliance requirements with labor laws and regulations, ensuring smooth sailing when it comes to payroll processing.

Pro-Tip: Explore SnackNation’s guide to HR software for payroll to upgrade your payment system this year.


  2   HR Templates

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Unlock the secrets of Human Resource wizardry with our stash of HR templates! Discover how to effortlessly draft job offer letters, performance evaluation forms, and more. Simplify your hiring process, from posting job listings to conducting exit interviews.

Need to navigate those sticky HR policies or streamline your employee training process? These templates have your back! Even if you’re a career HR guru, our HR template collection is packed with tools to help you ace every aspect of human resources management. And if you’re new to HR, these templates can make getting acclimated to your new career a breeze.

Pro-Tip: Check out these top-rated HR tools to keep you and your team organized.


  3   Employee Engagement Templates

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Ready to amp up your team’s collective vibe?

Employee engagement templates are your go-to for cultivating a workplace where everyone feels the love. Here, you’ll learn how to create killer employee surveys that uncover insights into what makes your team tick. You’ll uncover the secrets to crafting fun team-building activities that boost morale and strengthen bonds.

With tools like recognition programs and feedback forms, these templates have everything you need to keep your team happy and engaged. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Employee Relations veteran or a rookie in your role, our collection of employee engagement templates offers everything you need to create a workplace that stands out.

Pro-Tip: Review leading employee engagement software tools to prevent burnout in the workplace.


  4   Employee Recognition Templates

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Employee recognition templates are your key to fostering a culture of appreciation that keeps your team motivated and engaged. With just a few mouse clicks you’ll discover how to design personalized employee awards that celebrate achievements big and small.

From employee-of-the-month certificates to recognition event planning guides, our employee recognition templates will help you uncover creative ways to celebrate all the milestones and special occasions.

Pro-Tip: Level up your recognition game with an employee recognition software platform and keep your brightest and best employees where they belong – on your team!


  5   Wellness Plan Templates

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When it comes to prioritizing employee well-being like a pro, wellness plan templates are pivotal tools for creating a workplace where health and happiness coexist. These templates will help you craft comprehensive wellness plans tailored to your team’s needs, covering everything from physical fitness to mental health support.

Discover the secrets to designing engaging wellness challenges and initiatives that inspire participation and boost employee morale. From nutrition guides to stress-relief exercises, these templates put your employees’ wellness at the top of the priority list. Even if you’ve been HR-ing for years, we’re pretty sure you’ll still find something here to boost employee wellness.

Pro-Tip: Check out some of these employee wellness program ideas that support ongoing engagement and dedication for a happy, healthy workforce.


  6   Work Schedule Templates

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Work schedule templates are pre-built files/documents that provide a structured framework for creating and managing workplace schedules. Typically, they contain elements, such as schedules (daily, weekly, monthly,etc.), timelines/due dates, milestones, and team members.

Work schedule templates can help you streamline the way your business functions in a number of different ways. You can use them to simplify the work scheduling process as a whole, mapping them visually for ease of understanding. You can use them to make to-do lists, assign tasks to team members, and track their progress efficiently.

Work schedule templates are especially effective for complex shift management and ensuring all team members have full transparency and visibility into expectations.


  7   Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Templates

SOP template

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SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) templates provide structured guidelines for documenting processes, procedures, and workflows within an organization. Think of them as providing step–by-step pathways for the purpose of ensuring consistency, quality, and compliance in task execution.

SOP templates can be applied to a number of case scenarios. They can be deployed for developing comprehensive training material for onboarding new team members and current employees.

They may be required as a standard in certain industries like healthcare and finance for the purpose of ensuring compliance and for auditing protocols. They’re also super-helpful for process improvement and the sharing of best practices within teams.


  8   Employee Directory Templates

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Need to streamline your team’s communication and collaboration? These employee directory templates are your go-to solution for creating a centralized hub of information about your workforce. Roll up your sleeves and start organizing employee contact details, department information, and job titles in a user-friendly layout.

The ease of accessing and updating employee information makes it simple to stay connected with your employees and find the right colleague for any task. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to managing teams or simply dying for a more efficient way to organize your workforce, these templates offer the tools you need to build an effective employee directory.


  9   Employee Information Templates

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Whether you’re a novice in employee management or aiming to fine-tune your existing processes, employee information templates offer a comprehensive solution to improving your entire employee management system.

In our template selection, you’ll uncover strategies for effortlessly collecting and organizing essential employee details, including employee names, contact information, employee performance reviews, and department specifics.

In no time, you’ll be customizing these templates to your team’s needs, whether you’re onboarding new hires or optimizing workflows for existing staff. From maintaining valuable employee feedback to streamlining the employee evaluation strategy, these templates are specifically designed to simplify your people-centered processes.


Employee Lifecycle Templates

Employee lifecycle templates are your personal tour guide through every stage of your team members’ journeys. From new employee onboarding to retirement offboarding and everything in between, these templates make sure no steps are missed and every employee feels valued along the way.

Put all the confusing Excel spreadsheets behind you and embrace some updated options to ensure a smooth transition through each step of the employment journey.

  10   Recruiting Plan Templates

recruiting plan templates

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Recruiting has changed its look over the years – it’s not the same old process of hiring a third-party agency to drop an able-bodied human into a cubicle. Recruiting plan templates are your cheat code for leveling up your recruitment game, attracting top talent, and building a solid team of rock stars.

These templates will help you craft a winning recruitment strategy from start to finish and create job postings that stand out from the mundane, cookie-cutter gigs splashed all over the internet. While you’re conducting effective interviews and writing irresistible job offers, you’ll also be learning how to leverage social media and network like a boss to expand your candidate pool.

Pro-Tip: With an applicant tracking system, you can easily organize and monitor your stacks of recruits and track the ongoing steps in your hiring process.


  11   Meet the Team Templates

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Want to introduce your team members to each other or integrate new hires in a fun, fresh, engaging, yet informative way? Look no further than ‘Meet the Team Templates.’ Whether you’re wholly working onsite or your teams are scattered across the globe, the templates are a great way to organize information about who your team members are, what they do, and how you can connect with them.

Use these templates for a variety of team introduction scenarios – formally introducing new members through digital media or comms, showcasing team member skills and achievements, streamlining your onboarding process, creating visually appealing team directories, and enabling ease of peer-to-peer introductions.


  12   Employee New Hire Checklist Templates

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Ace your new hire onboarding process with the help of our employee new hire templates. This extensive toolkit is perfect for seamlessly welcoming fresh talent into your team. Explore strategies for drafting engaging welcome letters, detailed orientation schedules, and thorough employee training materials.

Become fluent in how to set your new employees up for success from day one with a practical employee handbook, plus helpful checklists and guides that leave no stone unturned. Tailoring the onboarding experience to ensure each new hire feels valued and supported is where you really start to pave the way to a stellar employee experience.


  13   Onboarding Templates

onboarding templates

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Your new employees should feel like part of the team from their very first interaction with you and our onboarding templates are your key to launching a welcoming employee experience for every newbie.

Onboarding is so much more than assigning an employee ID and collecting a W4 so when you want to focus on their sense of belonging more so than simply processing them through a basic (and possibly antiquated) onboarding checklist, these templates are the pot of gold at the end of your HR rainbow. Explore tips for infusing the company’s culture and values into the onboarding process to foster a sense of belonging and set clear expectations and attainable goals to help new hires hit the ground running.

Pro-Tip: Let your rookies know that they’re already valued members of your team with employee-focused onboarding software to provide them with a positive new-hire experience.


  14   Project Scope Templates

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Project scope templates are pre-built frameworks that provide a structure for defining and managing project scope. Typically they cover all the key elements that comprise the scope of any particular project, such as project objectives and goals, roles and responsibilities, stakeholders, work plan, deliverables, assumptions and challenges, timelines, budget/cost estimates, and processes for change management.

Project scope templates can help boost efficiency, given that you don’t have to build the plans from scratch — you can simply fill existing fields or customize them to your needs, and rinse and repeat. These templates are typically shareable, so team members can collaborate and share feedback at critical stages of the scoping process.

Last but not least, project scope templates also enhance transparency as all stakeholders can ‘see’ each team member’s roles, responsibilities, and deliverables within the team.


  15   Organizational Templates


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Organizational templates are the backbone of efficient workplace management, offering structured solutions for a myriad of administrative and operational needs.

From hierarchy charts that clarify roles and reporting lines to project management grids that track progress and milestones, these templates bring order and clarity to complex organizational landscapes.

Our SnackNation team recommends them for onboarding new employees, facilitating smooth transitions, and ensuring everyone is aligned with the company’s goals and procedures.

Standardizing documentation and processes can save time and reduce errors and misunderstandings at the company. Implementing these tools is a proactive step toward creating a more organized, productive, and cohesive work environment.

Pro-Tip: Regularly update your organizational templates to reflect any changes in structure or process.


  16   Employee Development Plan Templates

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Employee development plan templates offer a roadmap for fostering professional growth and career advancement within your organization. These gems will walk you through how to create professional development plans tailored to each employee’s goals and aspirations so that your employees clearly understand their unique path to progress.

Identify employees’ strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for closing their skill gaps, while tracking their goal-crushing moves. Explore strategies for setting actionable objectives and even create plans for team development – not just the individuals. From mentoring programs to training opportunities, our templates provide a comprehensive toolkit for nurturing talent and enabling a culture of continuous learning.


Project and Work Planning Templates

If you’re ready to take the headache out of project management, project and work planning templates are your ticket to staying on track and away from the data deluge. These bad boys will have you mapping out your tasks list, setting (and meeting) deadlines, and allocating resources with ease so you can tackle projects like a boss and keep your team in sync.

  17   Work Planning Templates

work planning templates

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Just because you know about all the “balls in the air” doesn’t mean you can juggle them all effectively. Keep your eye on the prize and make these work planning templates your go-to resource for staying organized and productive. Create schedules that maximize efficiency and minimize stress, whether you’re managing your own workload or mapping out a plan with a team.

You’ll also have unlimited access to tips for balancing short-term deadlines with long-term goals, ensuring you (and/or the teams) stay on track to succeed. From daily planners to weekly schedules, work planning templates provide the tools you need to take control of your workload and conquer your challenges.


  18   Project Management Templates

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From Gantt charts to detailed task lists, project management templates provide everything you need to streamline your PM process and crush your goals with less resistance. These templates are your ultimate toolkit for success, with options for planning, executing, and tracking projects like a champ.

In no time, you’ll be creating effective project timelines, allocating resources, and managing budgets like a well-versed CEO. Effective team collaboration and communication ensure that everyone stays on the same page from start to finish to make your project management a breeze and guarantee you deliver results that impress every time.

Pro-Tip: Break down your complex tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks with online project management tools to ensure clearer direction and smoother execution throughout the project lifecycle.


  19   OKR Templates

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OKR (Objectives and Key Results) templates are pre-structured frameworks designed to help teams define, measure, and achieve business objectives.

Objectives, within this context, can be defined as qualitative, big-picture goals that a business hopes to achieve within a specific timeframe. Key Results refer to specific, time-bound, and measurable outcomes that showcase the amount of progress that has been made towards goal achievement.

Aside from goal setting and progress tracking, OKR templates can be used as frameworks to evaluate individual and team performance, ensure alignment with high-level goals across the organization, and implement a process of continuous improvement.


  20   Employee Schedule Templates

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Looking for a hassle-free solution for managing shifts and maximizing productivity? Look no further! Employee schedule templates allow you to create personalized schedules tailored to your team’s needs, balancing workload and availability effortlessly.

Your productivity shouldn’t take a hit because of ineffective or inconsistent scheduling processes. Eliminate planning errors and scheduling conflicts and optimize shift assignments to ensure fair distribution of time and opportunity.

From weekly planners to monthly calendars, these templates provide the tools you need to keep your team organized and on track. And you’ll even find some tips on how to incorporate more flexibility into your scheduling process, allowing for last-minute changes and unexpected events without triggering a panic attack.

Pro-Tip: When you’re on the go but still have to take care of business, manage all the moving parts related to employee scheduling, shift management, and personnel allocations with one of these convenient employee scheduling apps.


  21   Action Plan Templates

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When it’s time to put your ideas into action, action plan templates are your blueprint for success. Brilliant concepts can fall through the cracks when they’re not nurtured into action, but these templates allow you to outline clear objectives, identify key responsibilities, and set achievable deadlines to close those gaps.

Action plans can be effective for more than just bringing your business ideas to fruition. We’ve also got some great action plan templates for event planning, project management, and incident report processing. By prioritizing actions and allocating resources effectively, these templates provide the tools you need to bring your plans to life and drive results.

Pro-Tip: “Eat the elephant” one bite at a time with an effective project management tool or technique so you can maintain focus and effectively track your team’s progress.


  22   Smart Goals Templates

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How do you turn goal setting into goal getting? By establishing SMART goals! No, we don’t mean “intelligent” or “clever” ones. SMART goals have 5 main criteria – they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. And the best way to monitor your progress is by using a SMART goals template to track your improvements and success.

By creating a goal-setting strategy with objectives that inspire action and drive results, you can take small, strategic steps that add up to the bigger wins on the other side. It doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming for personal growth or professional success, using a SMART goals template is a vital step in making your goal-setting simple and effective.

Pro-Tip: Staying focused and accountable throughout your goal-getting journey as a large company or team can become overwhelming. Try one of these handy-dandy enterprise project management software!


  23   Gantt Chart Templates

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In the business world, visuals are a universal language. Organized charts and graphs often tell the tale in a more digestible way and our Gantt chart templates offer a dynamic tool for visualizing project timelines with precision.

Whether you’re tackling straightforward tasks or complex in-depth assignments, these templates are total game changers. With color-coding, detailed timelines, and clear task lists, our Gantt chart templates equip you with countless resources to plan, monitor, and manage your projects effortlessly. You’ll be organizing and prioritizing project activities like a beast in no time, and having the flexibility to adjust your timelines and reallocate resources effectively keeps your arrows on target.


  24   Productivity Templates

Individual Productivity Hub by Smartsheet

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There’s always a need for productivity templates because their primary function is to help individuals and organizations structure their goals, tasks, schedules, and workflows more efficiently to maximize productivity.

While you can use productivity templates for any aspect of your business that needs a rehaul for process improvement, businesses typically use these templates for the following case scenarios – to-do lists, task prioritization, time/schedule management, goal setting, project planning/management, workflow management, and team collaboration/communication.


  25   Business Budget Templates

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Looking to take the stress out of budgeting for your business? Look no further than the business budget templates! You can finally wave goodbye to financial headaches and say hello to clarity and control with these bad boys. Find new and simpler ways to track your expenses, monitor cash flow, and plan for the future of your business and your workforce with ease.

Our list of business budget templates are super customizable so you can tailor them to fit your specific industry, the size of your organization, and your company-wide financial goals. From monthly expenses to annual projections, our business budget templates are perfect for ensuring financial success and peace of mind, every step of the way.


  26   Retrospective Templates

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Running retro sprints is an efficiency booster for teams, especially within the context of an Agile framework. They help you figure out what you did well, what went wrong and identify key learnings from previous iterations. Retrospective templates can be super-helpful for this purpose because they come pre-built with all the elements you need to organize a retro sprint effectively.

Aside from the more immediate benefit of identifying bottlenecks early on, retrospective templates can also help to drive a culture of problem-solving and continuous improvement. They increase transparency as each team member can ‘see’ how their contribution fits into the whole. Team members can share feedback, suggestions, and input ahead of meetings.

Last but not least, you can also develop structured and measurable action plans based on the findings of your retro sprint.


  27   Team Expectations Templates

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Team expectations templates are perfect for defining goals, expectations, responsibilities, and even processes for teams. They support team alignment, the setting up of expectations, and effective project management.

Team expectations templates include sections for key results, and important deliverables. They also elaborate on roles, so it’s clear who’s doing what, and who’s the intermediate/final decision-making authority.

Because the templates promote transparency, you can expect increased communication and collaboration. Additionally, the documentation of expectations and results helps with the transfer of knowledge in terms of what worked and what didn’t and the process improvements that actually moved the needle operationally.


  28   Employee Feedback Templates

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Employee feedback templates are used for collecting and delivering feedback on employee performance, typically in the context of formal performance reviews, coaching/mentorship sessions, and general feedback conversations. Templates like these can be beneficial in standardizing the process of performance evaluation throughout the organization.

Employee feedback templates can be used to evaluate an employee’s performance against a set of predetermined criteria or rating scales, identify strengths and areas for improvement, set goals, and plan professional development.

They can also be used to plan action steps as the next step for forward momentum. They typically also contain space to record commentary from both sides, allowing for more open-ended conversations.


  29   Sales Report Templates

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From monthly summaries to quarterly forecasts, sales report templates offer a birds-eye view of your sales activities. These are your ticket to supercharging your sales game by unlocking valuable insights and maximizing your revenue potential. Tracking sales performance, analyzing trends, and easily identifying growth opportunities are just some of the benefits.

With customizable features, you can tailor these templates to meet your specific needs, whether you’re monitoring individual sales metrics or evaluating overall team performance. Eliminate all the guesswork and amplify your data-driven decision-making by using the sales report templates to gain a clear understanding of your marketing funnels, sales pipelines, and customer behavior.


  30   SWOT Analysis Templates

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SWOT analysis is a popular strategic planning tool used by organizations (and individuals) to identify internal and external factors that affect their performance. SWOT is the acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

SWOT analysis can be remarkably effective to understand where you are right now and identify how to maximize opportunities while minimizing or eliminating roadblocks/challenges. Templates make the process a lot easier by eliminating the guesswork.

Use SWOT analysis templates for strategic planning and decision-making, competitive analysis, process improvements, analyzing marketing strategies, project management, and stakeholder collaboration.


  31   Mind Map Templates


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Mind map templates offer a dynamic canvas for brainstorming, project planning, and problem-solving, increasing creativity and collaboration among employees.

These templates serve as a visual framework, allowing teams to explore ideas, connect concepts, and uncover innovative solutions through a structured yet flexible approach.

By visually organizing thoughts and relationships, mind map templates encourage a deeper understanding of the task at hand and generate a more inclusive environment where every team member can contribute their insights. They are particularly effective in facilitating complex discussions, breaking down projects into manageable parts, and sparking creativity.

Pro-Tip: Encourage team members to use different colors and symbols when contributing to a mind map, helping to visually differentiate and prioritize ideas and tasks.


  32   Employee Task List Templates

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Employee task list templates are your ultimate sidekick for staying organized and on top of your employee workload distribution. Prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and track progress with customizations you can tweak to fit your company’s workflow. Can you really argue the value of maximizing efficiency and effectiveness while accomplishing more in less time?

Move all those scattered to-do lists and partial Word docs to the trash file and gain clarity and focus by using these handy templates to streamline your workday. From daily routines to long-term projects, our employee task list templates provide a clear roadmap for task management.

Pro-Tip: Start each day by reviewing and prioritizing your to-do list in a task management platform to set a clear direction and maximize productivity.


Performance and Evaluation Templates

Performance and evaluation templates are must-have tools for collecting constructive feedback and turning it into clear goals. Simplifying the evaluation process encourages employee growth and makes tracking their progress a piece of cake.

  33   Employee Workshop Templates

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Employee workshop templates can be used as structured guidelines to enhance the way workshops or training sessions are run to facilitate fruitful discussions and interactions. They are beneficial in planning, conducting, and documenting workshops and training sessions.

In terms of results, templates ideally should help you develop a focused approach toward achieving workshop objectives. They can include interactive exercises that foster team engagement and collaboration. They support the development of skills that are beneficial to the growth of the organization in a structured manner. They also serve to boost employee retention rates as employees are more likely to perceive that the business is vested in their success.


  34   Team Management Templates

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Team management templates are effective management aids that can help you organize, manage, and lead your teams. Fundamentally, team management templates cover critical aspects of the team management process, such as project planning, task assignment, progress tracking, performance management, and resource allocation.

On a more granular level, the project management aspect, for example, can cover to-do lists, the optimal allocation of resources, progress monitoring, visualization tools like Kanban boards and Gantt charts, and collaboration tools.

Team management tools essentially help you improve efficiency, consistency, productivity, and team cohesion, resulting in improved outcomes overall.


  35   Whiteboard Templates

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Whiteboard templates are a lot like blank canvases or layouts with structured elements for helping teams visualize ideas, brainstorm thoughts, and plan activities for projects and other work-related tasks. There is evidence to suggest that visual content is processed faster than textual data and that it contributes to increased productivity at the workplace.

Whiteboard templates offer multiple use cases. They can be used for generating, sharing, and collaborating on ideas. They can be used to promote creative thinking as a means to find unconventional solutions to challenges. They can help map processes from planning to execution.

These templates even provide a centralized workspace for teams to communicate with one another and ensure 360-degree transparency.


  36   Employee Engagement Survey Templates

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If boosting morale and fostering a happier, more engaged workforce are on your to-do list, employee engagement survey templates are your confidential informant for gathering all the employee satisfaction tea. With a bank of easy-to-use templates, you collect valuable feedback on the company culture, employee engagement, and communication gaps.

No more guessing how your employees really feel about their jobs. Gather honest insights to identify areas for improvement and implement positive changes.

From boosting employee retention to increasing productivity and adjusting company policies, employee engagement survey templates offer a cheat code for building a workplace culture where everyone feels appreciated and motivated.

Pro-Tip: Check out SnackNation’s list of the best employee survey software tools for evaluating employee engagement, complete with convenient automations.


  37   Employee KPI Templates

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When you’re looking to track your team’s progress and drive performance, employee KPI templates are the keys to the KPI kingdom. Define your key performance indicators (KPIs), ensure they align with your core values, and effectively measure the progress. Simple, right?

Whether you’re monitoring sales targets, customer satisfaction, or employee productivity, wave goodbye to the unknowns and embrace more data-driven decision-making. These templates are perfect for tracking performance trends, identifying gaps in your processes, and making informed decisions based on solid metrics. Employee KPI templates also provide all the tools you need to drive accountability while incentivizing the progress. Everyone wins!


  38   Performance Review Templates

Performance Review Templates

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The super-stack of performance review templates is the much-needed sidekick to your superhero leadership.

The Watson to your Sherlock. The Goose to your Maverick. When it comes to providing valuable feedback and setting clear goals, this template collection will help you streamline your performance review processes, making it easier to track progress and promote professional growth.

Ensuring that every team member receives personalized feedback and support is the core foundation for employee success. It’s time to “file 13” that folder of ineffective, time-consuming evaluations and status quo Microsoft Word docs. Instead, use these performance review templates to identify employees’ strengths, address areas for improvement, and create a progressive plan for the next steps in their professional climb.

Pro-Tip: Enlisting the help of an efficient and effective performance review software can have your employee evaluation process cruising at Mach 10 with nothing but clear skies ahead.


  39   Employee Scorecard Templates

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Simplify your performance management and ensure every team member is set up for success with our employee scorecard templates. These are your go-to tools for setting clear goals, measuring performance against key metrics, and providing constructive feedback to your employees. Effective performance reviews are necessary for employees to understand where they are vs. where they want to be, so you want to be sure your employee scorecard templates capture all the important details.

You can also utilize these templates to identify strengths, address areas for improvement, and celebrate achievements. Employee scorecard templates offer a straightforward way to track performance and promote accountability within your team.


  40   Employee Milestone Templates


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Employee milestone templates celebrate the achievements and anniversaries of team members in a personalized and meaningful way. These customizable templates are designed to honor everything from work anniversaries and promotions to significant project completions.

Personalized messages and specific achievements make each employee feel valued and acknowledged for their contributions. These templates boost morale and encourage loyalty and belonging among employees, reinforcing the importance of every individual’s role in the company’s success.

Pro-Tip: Personalize milestone celebrations by embedding a short, heartfelt video message from team leaders or peers within the template to make the recognition even more memorable and impactful.


  41   Employee One-on-one Meeting Templates

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If fostering better communication and support among your team members is on your radar, employee one-on-one meeting templates are the million-dollar answer for building stronger working relationships. This collection of templates will help you structure productive meetings that address individual needs and goals and encourage the idea of having recurring meaningful conversations.

Capture the details of your weekly check-ins or quarterly reviews, record your reflections and action items, and never be unprepared for an employee meeting again. Employee one-on-one meeting templates are a simple but effective way to boost engagement and make every meeting count.


Communication and Collaboration Templates

Communication and collaboration templates make it easy to keep everyone on the same page, whether you’re brainstorming ideas, planning projects, or just sharing updates. With these templates in your arsenal, collaboration becomes as smooth as butter, allowing your team to complete projects and achieve exceptional results.

  42   Daily Huddle Templates


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Daily huddle templates are a game-changer for streamlining team meetings and maximizing productivity. Designed to keep daily check-ins concise yet comprehensive, these templates focus on key components: accomplishments, challenges, and priorities.

They facilitate a structured approach to sharing updates, ensuring every team member’s voice is heard and critical issues are addressed promptly.

By standardizing the format of these gatherings, the templates foster an environment of transparency and collaboration, enabling teams to tackle obstacles and align on goals efficiently. Implementing daily huddle templates empowers teams to maintain focus, adapt quickly to changes, and celebrate small wins, nurturing a dynamic and responsive work culture.

Pro-Tip: Include a quick “mood meter” check-in at the beginning of each huddle to gauge team morale and address any underlying issues that could affect productivity.


  43   Icebreaker Templates

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Ready to break the ice and inject a little fun into your meetings? Kick off the conversations and build camaraderie among team members by using one of the icebreaker templates. Check out our collection and scroll through a variety of engaging activities and questions designed to get everyone loosened up, talking, and maybe even laughing.

Icebreakers create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for team-building sessions, conference calls, or weekly Zoom meetings. So, whether you’re meeting in person or virtually, these icebreaker templates can be adjusted to fit the vibe and venue of your group.

Pro-Tip: SnackNation wrote the book on icebreakers! Ok… not a book per se, but definitely a few helpful blogs with some stellar tools to elevate your icebreakers.


  44   Employee Check-In Templates

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Your team needs to be better connected so they feel more supported, but how do you get there? Employee check-in templates for the win! These definitely need to be in your bucket of must-haves for staying in tune and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

Employee check-in templates will show you how to structure meaningful check-in conversations that address everyone’s concerns, celebrate individual and team wins, and offer support in the areas your employees actually need it. Whether you opt for weekly catch-ups or monthly status reviews, there will be no more missed opportunities for feedback when you’ve got regular, productive check-ins that keep employee morale on the uptick and productivity on track.


  45   Flowchart Templates


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Flowchart templates are indispensable tools for visualizing processes, making complex systems understandable at a glance. These templates help delineate the sequence of steps, decision points, and outcomes in any workflow, providing a clear roadmap for project execution and process optimization.

This type of employee template offers a bird’s-eye view of tasks and their interconnections that facilitate better planning, communication, and troubleshooting within teams. They are particularly valuable in identifying bottlenecks, redundancies, and opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Embracing flow chart templates in the workplace can significantly enhance clarity, streamline operations, and establish a culture of continuous improvement.

Pro-Tip: Utilize interactive elements in digital flowchart templates, such as clickable nodes that expand to show more detailed information, to keep the flowchart organized and accessible.


  46   Brainstorming Templates

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When you think of a typical brainstorming session, do you also see a heaping side of anarchy with a headache on top? This collection of brainstorming templates offers a variety of prompts and structured frameworks designed to get those creative juices flowing but in productive and organized ways.

To generate fresh ideas and solutions, you need a fresh approach. A brainstorming template is the perfect addition to your creative sessions to help avoid uninspiring meetings while sparking ideas and fueling teamwork and collaboration.

From color-coded digital post-it notes to reverse engineering strategies, brainstorming templates harness the collective wisdom of your team, making your idea-generating sessions more engaging and productive, one lightbulb at a time.

Pro-Tip: Don’t walk – run to check out these super effective team communications tools you can add to your brainstorming tech stack to supercharge your teamwork, no matter where your employees tune in from.


  47   Team Collaboration Templates

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It’s 5:42 on Friday afternoon and your employee is sifting through weeks of emails, trying to piece together details from seven different senders, just to understand their role in a new project.

Hard. Pass.

Team collaboration templates are designed to make collaboration feel less like hard labor and more like a well-practiced relay race – each step is measured and the handoff is fluid and seamless. Whether you’re co-working on project planning, task management, or prepping the training schedule for a new batch of interns, using team collaboration templates makes the information easy to access so your employees are more likely to get on board with using them consistently.

Pro-Tip: Keep your virtual workspace tidy by using an online collaboration platform that’s accessible to all your team members, whether they’re in the office or an Uber.


  48   Meeting Agenda Templates

Team Meeting Agenda Templates

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As a busy professional, there are few things more annoying than participating in a meeting with no structure. One discussion runs into another, then escalates to another, and before you know it, an hour is gone and not a single topic was properly addressed. Rather than scheduling one follow-up meeting after another, go straight to the source and implement one of the meeting agenda templates.

Keep meeting discussions on track and eliminate aimless rambling by using structured agendas to ensure everyone stays engaged and on topic. Respect everyone’s time, ensure clarity, and boost the efficacy of your meetings by using the meeting agenda template that best fits your team.


Benefits of Using Employee Templates

✅ Consistency is King

Templates make sure everything looks and feels the same, keeping your documents and processes consistent and professionally managed.

✅ Save Time and Get More Done

Using ready-made templates means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, giving you more time to focus on the important stuff.

✅ No More Guesswork

Templates give you a crystal clear path to follow so you’re never left scratching your head.

✅ Work Smarter, Not Harder

With templates, tasks simply get done quicker, giving you the proverbial gift of time.

✅ Do Things the Right Way Every Time

Templates help you stick to the script, making sure everything’s done right, no matter who’s doing it.


Common Challenges When Using an Employee Template

❗️Customization Hassles

Templates may not always immediately align with your specific organizational needs and could take a bit of customizing ingenuity to make them work effectively.

❗️Getting Employee Buy-In

Convincing everyone to use the templates consistently can be like herding kittens (aka not an easy task).

❗️Version Chaos

Keeping track of different versions of templates – especially when everyone’s collaborating – can lead to confusion and resistance.

❗️Training Troubles

Employees may need training to effectively use the templates, especially if they’re complicated or new to the process.

❗️Maintenance Mayhem

Keeping your templates up-to-date with changes in processes or rules can feel like a never-ending task.


Tips for Effectively Using Employee Templates

👍 Personalize them right

Be sure to tweak templates to match your team’s needs without making them too complicated.

👍 Keep it consistent

Get everyone on board with using templates regularly to keep things looking sharp and your processes consistent.

👍 Stay in the loop

Don’t forget to give your templates a tune-up now and then to keep them fresh and relevant to your industry and personnel.

People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Templates

Q: How can businesses customize employee templates to fit their unique needs?

  • A: Businesses can customize employee templates to fit their unique needs by choosing templates that can adapt to the size of their workforce, their industry, their working hours, and any other specifics that come into play. The more specific the templates to your organization, the more effective they’ll be when in use.

Q: Are there any best practices for implementing employee templates in a remote work environment?

  • A: Implementing employee templates in a remote work environment can significantly enhance your team’s efficiency and communication. By storing templates in a centralized location, such as a shared drive or cloud-based platform, you ensure easy access for all remote team members. Allowing them to contribute to and edit these templates in real time fosters collaboration, promoting teamwork and ownership. It’s crucial to provide clear instructions and guidelines for each template to avoid confusion and ensure their consistent application. Acknowledging the unique challenges and needs of remote work, these templates should be flexible enough to adapt to various situations and work styles. Moreover, establishing a feedback loop where team members can share their insights on the templates’ effectiveness and suggest improvements will lead to even better utilization and streamlined operations across the board.

Q: How do employee templates impact employee engagement and retention?

  • A: Employee templates impact employee engagement and retention by streamlining processes, and enhancing clarity and efficiency. This boosts engagement by reducing frustration and encouraging a sense of community, leading to higher retention rates and better employee satisfaction scores.

Q: Can employee templates be integrated with HR software and systems?

  • A: Yes! Employee templates can be seamlessly integrated with HR software and systems. Many HR platforms offer customizable templates (or allow you to import/export your own), ensuring consistency throughout your entire HR operation.

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