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10 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms For Teams In 2024

By May 25th, 2024 3 Comments

Article Overview
SnackNation explores the best employee engagement software platforms designed to help team leaders create meaningful and thoughtful connections with their staff.

Are you looking for a specific type of employee engagement?

Bonusly for peer-to-peer recognition

Nectar for offering personalized employee rewards

Deel for performance and growth reviews

ClearCompany for goal-setting

Leapsome for surveys & employee feedback

Motivosity for community & connection

BambooHR for employee onboarding and development

Slack for employee communication

Cooleaf for remote employee engagement

For over 25 years, I worked in corporate environments, watching HR Managers sweat and stress over their employee satisfaction scores while stocking the office kitchens with Evian water and 7 different flavored coffee creamers (cuz we all know that’s what makes us happy at work). *note sarcasm*

It always felt like there was a disconnection somewhere between the employees and Human Resources. Don’t get me wrong – I loooove me some French Vanilla creamer, but it’s certainly never been “the thing” that would make me turn down a lucrative job offer elsewhere.

Someone wasn’t listening.🤔

Employees shouldn’t be regularly unhappy, grumbling under their breath forty hours a week, and scanning LinkedIn and Indeed every day for a way out.

16 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms For High Performing Teams In 2021 [HR Approved]

So, like a dog with a bone, I decided to dig deeper. With today’s technology, there had to be a software option out there that could offer the right employee engagement ideas that speak directly to employees on a human level, right?

Of course, I didn’t go it alone and enlisted some talented and seasoned HR pros and crowdsourced from our community members to get the inside scoop.

I’m not gonna lie – I was shocked to see how many great options are available but I was able to narrow them down to my top 10.

Oh, you’re looking for the nitty-gritty details? You got it!

Best employee engagement software for promoting peer-to-peer recognition


Why I picked Bonusly: Bonusly stood out to me for peer-to-peer recognition because of its knack for nurturing a culture of appreciation and teamwork among colleagues. It’s the ideal platform for boosting morale and employee retention by building connections from within the team.

SnackNation Score: 4.8
Bonusly Reviews & Testimonials

G2 - 4.7 out of 5

GetApp - 4.8 out of 5

Capterra - 4.8 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about Bonusly:

  • “I love the engagement that Bonusly fosters within teams. It's a quick and easy way to recognize peers and teammates for accomplishments, milestones, and so forth. It's really great for remote teams to maintain a sense of connection.”
  • “​​I like the fact that Bonusly encourages engagement by making it fun for people to come out, add bonus' to recognition that others receive. Being able to add some fun animated GIF's to the posts makes it amusing to come out and read the feedback given on a regular basis.”

👉 See Bonusly in action!

Bonusly’s engagement tool is top-tier for promoting a healthy work environment that isn’t dictated by management – it’s for employees, by employees. The fun features and diverse rewards are perfect catalysts for pumping up the positivity between coworkers and encouraging more peer-to-peer recognition.

Bonusly Homepage

👉 See Bonusly in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Cost Calculators — Bonusly’s resources include calculators to help you determine critical costs like performance management and turnover. Knowing where you’re leaking unnecessary money helps determine if Bonusly is a good investment for your company and where to focus your improvement attention.
  • Holy Accessibility — Not only does Bonusly integrate with a ton of different HRIS, but it also offers an Android and iOS app and can be connected to your existing internal communication platforms.
  • Real-Time Recognition — No need for your employees to submit their recognition to management and then wait 7-10 business days for approval. Bonusly’s engagement features deliver kudos on command, as well as real-time feedback.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • Public Feedback — Let’s be honest, not all feedback is positive. There doesn’t seem to be a way to leave private feedback or responses and we all know that everything isn’t meant for everyone to see.
  • Per-Person Cost — Depending on the size of your workforce, the per-user expense can escalate.
  • Easy to Abuse — Unfortunately, people can find ways to abuse the rewards program. For instance, work BFFs could issue repeated recognition to one another just to build up points for rewards.


Bonusly offers a FREE 14-day trial so you can try it before you buy it! Core runs $3 per employee and Pro is $5 per employee per month.

Notable companies that use Bonusly:

  • Chobani
  • ZipRecruiter

Jessica McBride

Community member Jessica McBride’s experience:

“We used Bonusly at my last full time position and I loved it, mostly because they had a great selection of gift cards, including Sephora. People seemed to be engaged and use it often, but you’ll definitely need to lead by example to get started.”

👉 See Bonusly in Action!


Best employee engagement software for offering personalized employee rewards


Why I picked Nectar: Nectar snagged my attention for personalized employee rewards because of its wide range of rewards that can be tailored to individual preferences. They’re more than just tangible products and swag gear – they offer managers the opportunity to connect with their team members with personalized rewards that match with their employees.

SnackNation Score: 4.9
Nectar Reviews & Testimonials

G2 - 4.7 out of 5

Software Advice - 4.8 out of 5

GetApp - 4.8 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about Nectar:

  • “It makes saying thanks to colleagues meaningful & more public (we all know we want that). Plus they include some awesome gifts, points, and swag that you can gift.”
  • “Nectar is a great tool to use in a work environment that is very communication-friendly. It gives users a chance to acknowledge certain individuals in front of the whole company, as well as give points towards awesome rewards! I ordered something after 5:00 PM on a business day and the items were on my porch before I even got up the next day! As an added bonus, it gives us reminders of coworkers' birthdays and work anniversaries, so that's also a nice plus..”

👉 See Nectar in action!

Nectar’s engagement software offers a plethora of options to keep your teams feeling appreciated and motivated. With its easy redemption process, it’s the perfect way to show love to their colleagues and keep the momentum going!


👉 See Nectar in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Amazon Integration — Plugs directly into your employee’s Amazon wishlist to send rewards that are already on their mind.
  • Custom Rewards — Forget the “stuff” and give employees customized prizes that offer new experiences to create lasting memories.
  • Awards Options — With hundreds of e-gift card options sent directly to their email, there’s a brand favorite for everyone.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research:

  • Learning curve — Employees have to learn how to use the platform and build it into their workflow so this engagement tool does not go unused.
  • Company buy-in — Their onboarding system can be improved so that all employees can jump in once you get up and running.


Nectar offers three tiers of membership – each adding more perks, tools, and benefits including:

  • Standard: $2.75 per user per month
  • Plus: $4.00 per user per month
  • Custom: Includes additional features including offline rewards cards, a nominations program, and more

Notable companies that use Nectar:

  • SHRM
  • Calendly
  • Heineken

Amber UrbanCommunity member Amber Urban’s experience:

“We use Nectar. People can give each other points and then those points can be used for branded swag. But even better, we can use the points to get gift cards which employees love.”

👉 See Nectar in Action!


Best employee engagement software for conducting performance and growth reviews


Why I picked Deel: I came across Deel while on the hunt for a platform to streamline remote team management and make performance reviews more meaningful. Its user-friendly interface and suite of services had me hooked in no time, making it an easy choice for fully remote companies managing global employees and contractors.

SnackNation Score: 4.8
Deel Reviews & Testimonials

G2 - 4.7 out of 5

Software Advice – 4.8 out of 5

Capterra – 4.8 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about Deel:

  • "Great tool to manage remote contractors. Gives you the peace of mind that contracts are compliant with the local regulations, maybe not 100% intuitive when you use it for the first time but great support team to help you, quick to answer, with very detailed instructions, screenshots, etc. I have used Deel several times already and would recommend it."
  • "I really like how straightforward, simple, and user-friendly the tool is. Even if you use it for the first time, you won’t get confused."

👉 See Deel in action!

Deel snagged my attention for performance and growth reviews thanks to its simplicity of use and an impressive array of features tailored specifically for managing remote teams effortlessly. And the glowing recommendations from other users didn’t hurt, especially considering the cost.


👉 See Deel in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Immigration Details — Deel can handle all the intricacies of hiring or sponsoring employees in over 30 countries, plus compliance management for international contractors.
  • Budget-Friendly — It’s free for companies with up to 200 employees, so it’s great for small businesses or start-ups and can easily scale with them.
  • Financial Flexibility — Deel accommodates a ton of various payment methods and currencies, including crypto if that’s your jam.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • Minimal HR Tools — Deel may not be as robust in HR Management as some of its competitors, but it does cover the basics.
  • Missing Mobility — Despite its global management capabilities, it doesn’t offer a mobile app.
  • Inflexible Accounting — Although Deel can pay employees in their preferred currency across the globe, there’s limited integration (only 3 options) when it comes to accounting software pairings.


The cost of Deel depends on your needs – you can manage up to 200 employees for free or request a custom quote for more global enterprise needs.

Notable companies that use Deel:

  • Nike
  • Dropbox
  • Calvin Klein

Jhonny VHere is what one G2 reviewer had to say:

“Ease of use: Me and my team find the Deel platform user-friendly and straightforward. Also Deel allows me to receive recurring payments easily and transfer them to any bank, along with offering a Virtual Deel card.

As a Manager, i can say that deel simplifies the process of onboarding new employees and managing their payments. My people have clear visibility into their payment schedules and amounts, reducing confusion.”

👉 See Deel in Action!


Best employee engagement software for goal-setting


Why I picked ClearCompany: ClearCompany earned its spot on my list for goal-setting software because of its user-friendly interface and robust features that simplify goal planning and tracking. Despite limitations in other areas, their performance management module is on point.

SnackNation Score: 4.7

G2 - 4.4 out of 5

Software Advice – 8.3 out of 10

Capterra – 4.6 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about ClearCompany:

  • "ClearCompany gave us the flexibility to change the culture around feedback, goal setting, and performance management in general, so we can really dial in on collaborative two-way conversations through the entirety of the year"
  • "I like how the software tracks an employee holistically. From onboarding, recruitment, goal tracking and performance management using metrics for measuring success. This helps employers hire the top talent. The software is also beneficial for employees since they are able to understand how their work impacts a company."

👉 See ClearCompany in action!

Whether you’re a small start-up or a global corporation, ClearCompany’s software is designed to fit your needs and help you track and achieve your goals effectively. If you’re looking to streamline your goal-setting processes and drive employee engagement, ClearCompany is the clear way to go.


👉 See ClearCompany in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Built-In Employee Engagement — Their employee engagement technology covers everything from goal setting and shout-outs to management check-ins and milestone celebrations.
  • Full Document Management — As an HR pro, you already know there are thousands of documents to keep track of. ClearCompany houses all your onboarding and training manuals as well as performance management and action-planning, all under one virtual roof.
  • Analytics — The proof is always in the numbers and ClearCompany offers actionable insights and interactive dashboards so you can stay on top of your employees’ goals and your business’ performance.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • No Compensation Management — While there are budget-planning tools, ironically, this software does not include payroll tools.
  • Applicant Tracking Gaps — It’s not uncommon for people to apply for multiple positions within an organization but ClearCompany doesn’t have an effective way to capture this information for future reference.
  • Mobily Challenged — With no Android or IOS support, employees aren’t able to access from anywhere via a handy-dandy app.


Request a customized quote to learn more about implementing this engagement tool at your company.

Notable companies that use ClearCompany:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Mitsubishi Electric

Gabby RHere is what one G2 reviewer had to say:

“ClearCompany has a large amount of functionality within a simple to use interface. We use the platform as an ATS, performance management, and onboarding platform in conjunction with ADP Workforce Now software. Their robust tools are topped only by the excellent technical support their team provides. Every question or issue I’ve ever had has been resolved promptly and thoroughly. Each person that works for the company sounds like they enjoy their jobs.”

👉 See ClearCompany in Action!


Best employee engagement software for creating employee engagement surveys


Why I picked Leapsome: Leapsome made it onto my list for creating stellar employee engagement surveys thanks to its library of basic templates with fully customizable possibilities. But it was their pulse surveys and sentiment analysis that sealed the deal for me.

SnackNation Score: 4.8

G2 - 4.8 out of 5

Software Advice – 4.7 out of 5

Capterra – 4.7 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about Leapsome:

  • "Leapsome is saving us lots of time during our performance appraisals and helps us build an open, value-oriented feedback culture. We’ve compared several platforms, and Leapsome stood out convincingly — it’s user-friendly, intuitive, and highly customizable. As a manager, I love how fast and openly the team at Leapsome reacts to our feedback and suggestions."
  • "We were surprised by how dynamic the platform is, encouraging mutual feedback and review best practices - clearly it’s much more than just a way to digitise administrative processes."

👉 See Leapsome in action!

Leapsome stands out as a great software option for employee engagement surveys because they’re a “people enablement platform.” It’s a no-brainer for anyone serious about improving their engagement strategy, boosting morale, and supporting more engaged employees through timely feedback and valuable insights.


👉 See Leapsome in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Hidden Truths — Surveys with open-ended questions can be challenging to quantify but Leapsome’s employee sentiment analysis reads between the lines of your employees’ answers to get to the real truth.
  • Dedicated Support — A dedicated Customer Success Manager is assigned to each user from the day you sign up. They’re your go-to resource for any questions, confusion, and support you need to keep your account operating smoothly.
  • Multi-Lingual — Leapsome is available to you and your employees in 13 languages so communication barriers are a non-issue.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • Limited Integrations — It’s important that your employee engagement solution integrates easily with your existing OS. But there’s quite a bit of rumbling in the reviews about the limited number of integrations available with Leapsome so this could be a problem.
  • Language Gaps — While the platform is available in 13 different languages, their custom support is only available in English and German.


Your cost for Leapsome depends on the number of employees you have working for you and unfortunately, they don’t give any hints as to their per-employee price. On the flip side, there are no set-up fees for their services and you can get a personalized quote that fits your business.

Notable companies that use Leapsome:

  • Billie
  • Spotify

Amy SmithCommunity member Amy Smith’s experience:

“Just started using Leapsome. We are due to roll out the reviews in the next couple of months but it looks really good.”


👉 See Leapsome in Action!


Best employee engagement software for fostering community


Why I picked Motivosity: I added Motivosity to my list because of its clear reputation for creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie among team members. Its innovative platform encourages peer-to-peer recognition and collaboration, which are vital components of a healthy company culture and community experience.

SnackNation Score: 4.7
Motivosity Reviews & Testimonials

G2 - 4.7 out of 5

GetApp – 4.8 out of 5

Capterra – 4.8 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about Motivosity:

  • "I love the employee engagement! Our team works mostly remotely so it creates a space where we can all come and connect and interact on a platform that feels comfortable and similar to the social media we almost all use already."
  • "Motivosity is an easy to understand and easy to use tool. It allows for real time recognition and appreciation to be visible across our multiple sites. With the mobile app, employees can easily recognize and thank their peers. Spot awards and service awards have never been easier for leaders to use! The reports we pull through the Insights options have been informative, allowing us to see the level of engagement from our team."

👉 See Motivosity in action!

They say we spend one-third of our life at work and that can feel more like a prison sentence if the work community is toxic. Motivosity is ideal for improving your workplace culture with a recognition and rewards program built right in to help boost engagement and employee morale.

Motivosity Employee Engagement

👉 See Motivosity in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Benchmarking — Start from scratch to determine where your company culture stands currently so you can design a plan to get it to where it should be.
  • Engagement Badges — Your employees earn rewards and badges based on their engagement level. While they’re high-fiving their colleagues more often, they’re also banking on their wins.
  • Real-Time Metrics — Keep track of how well your team is performing along each step of the journey with live, actionable insights into the core of your community.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • Tech Immaturity — Sometimes the mobile app can be glitchy and require a learning curve to navigate their platform.
  • Use It Or Lose It — If an employee receives one of Motivosity’s signature #ThanksMatters debit cards and then leaves the company, they can’t use the card but funds leave with them.


Motivosity’s price starts at $4 per employee. Pricing is dependent on the number of users you enroll, as well as how many add-ons you select. They do have a great calculator you can use to estimate the financial impact instead of requesting a quote and waiting for a response.

Notable companies that use Motivosity:

  • La-Z-Boy
  • Fuji Film
  • Smoothie King

Kathia LapointeCommunity member Kathia Lapointe’s experience:

“We use Motivosity at our company. I don’t know how much we spend on it but it does allow for everyone to show gratitude.”


👉 See Motivosity in Action!


Best employee engagement software for employee development


Why I picked BambooHR: BambooHR made the cut as the people analytics tool your HR team doesn’t know they need. With all their survey tools, workflows, and assessments built nicely into one platform, this cloud HR software definitely goes the employee lifecycle distance.

SnackNation Score: 4.65
BambooHR Reviews & Testimonials

Software Advice - 4.6 out of 5

GetApp - 4.6 out of 5

Capterra - 4.6 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about BambooHR:

  • “BambooHR is a centralized place for all of my HRIS, benefits, payroll, HCM, recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, employee engagement, performance management needs and then some. I love how it all interacts/integrates and is extremely intuitive. Implementation was long, but very well structured which made things smooth as we went through the process. Any time I have or have had a question, they are super on the ball with responding and being of assistance. BambooHR is a tool that I use on a daily basis for multiple reasons and it always delivers!”
  • “​​We've been able to create tables to house our faculty credentials for tracking and reporting purposes. The eNPS survey has been a great way to monitor employee engagement every six months. We take the feedback provided in that survey and other communication channels and have made improvements in a number of areas that are important to staff and faculty.”

👉 See BambooHR in action!

With key features like employee wellbeing monitoring and performance management, BambooHR is so much more than a database for employee birthdays and work anniversaries. It’s a great way to automate some of those mundane manual human resource tasks while improving the overall employee experience.

👉 See BambooHR in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Full Payroll Suite — Manage everything from hourly payroll to PTO and benefits all in one place.
  • App-tastic — Not only do they offer a mobile app, but the reviews on it are consistently favorable, so it appears to be a stable alternative to the desktop option while on the move.
  • Automations — The more we can automate, the less tedious daily maintenance “things” we have to do. Both the HR team and other departments can automate the features that make the most sense and recoup the hours of their workday.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • Customer Support— It seems there may be some gaps in BambooHR’s support system, which have unfortunately resulted in a poor customer experience for some subscribers.
  • Anticlimactic Reporting — Some users reported limitations in the metrics they were able to extract from the software – this can be a problem when planning, hiring, and offboarding employees.
  • Limited Templates — Although it does offer some HR-related documents and communications, and allows you to upload your own templates, strangely enough, BambooHR doesn’t provide a full library of HR template options.


BambooHR is a build-what-you-need platform, so a flat rate isn’t an option. There are two main plans to start with the “Core” and “Pro”.

Notable companies that use BambooHR:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Postmates
  • Soundcloud

Kathleen UtschigCommunity member Kathleen Utschig’s experience:

“I have really positive things to say about it. Customer service is great and quick to answer any questions. I work at a finance firm with 270ish employees. We’re currently transitioning to Greenhouse for ATS, but can’t say how well it works with Bamboo since we’re in the beginning stages of implementation.”

👉 See BambooHR in Action!


Best employee engagement software for increased employee communication


Why I picked Slack: Let’s face it, emails are so last decade! With real-time messaging and easy file sharing, Slack keeps teams seamlessly connected and its collaboration tools are magnifique! 🤌🤌

SnackNation Score: 4.7
Slack Reviews & Testimonials

Gartner - 4.6 out of 5

GetApp - 4.7 out of 5

Capterra - 4.7 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about Slack:

  • “Clever and intuitive, allows me to engage with team members with a friendly experience.”
  • “We implement slack for inter-office communications. Slack made the communication possible and managing workflows was a lot easier. We often use slack for real-time messaging not, particularly for archives. Overall, slack has enhanced our business productivity, collaboration between project teams, and managed to provide streamlined communication.”

👉 See Slack in action!

Honestly, Slack could easily be the main communication tool for any size company. There may be a bit of a learning curve based on how many employees will be using it but isn’t that the case with any employee engagement program?


👉 See Slack in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Connectivity — Jump into a Slack huddle for a quick meeting or launch a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call straight from your Slack chat without having to switch platforms.
  • Internal/External — While Slack is ideal for internal employee communication, it also allows you to connect with clients, vendors, and valuable contacts outside of your organization. Again… without having to switch platforms.😎
  • Audio/Video Clips — Sometimes, the message deserves more than just flat text on a screen so users can exchange audio/video clips to share their message more clearly and personally.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • Participation — If employees view Slack as yet another way to communicate, it can be tough to convince them to stop using their go-to and get on board with something new.
  • Channel Confusion — Depending on the size of the organization and how many channels are created, the dashboard can become a bit confusing. This can also lead to employees sharing certain information in the wrong spaces, with the wrong audiences.🫢
  • Notification Overload — Some users reported having to shut down the Slack platform completely when on calls or in meetings because the notifications just keep-a-coming and can be a bit disruptive.


After Slack’s FREE 7-day trial, you’re offered 50% off the first three months of the Pro version – instead of paying $8.75 per employee each month, you’ll only pay $4.38 (or $87 for a year).

Slack Pro is perfect for small teams but if your organization is a bit larger, its Business plan costs $150 per employee, per year, or $15.00 per employee monthly ($180/year). Of course, there’s a customized quote option for larger corporations and enterprises as well.

Notable companies that use Slack:

  • NASA
  • Capital One
  • Verizon

Dianne Martin Velez

Community member Dianne Martin Velez’s experience:

I love slack. DND is a godsend when you need to focus. Remind me later is amazing. My biggest point of advice is update your status often! I use it to set up expectations. Back at 3p. Heads down, delayed. At lunch. Etc.

👉 See Slack in Action!


Best employee engagement software for establishing workplace wellness programs


Why I picked WorkTango: WorkTango made the list for workplace wellness because it goes beyond just checking boxes – it listens to employees’ needs and feedback. Plus, its personalized approach and user-friendly tools make promoting a healthier, happier workplace simple.

SnackNation Score: 4.8
WorkTango Reviews & Testimonials

Gartner - 4.6 out of 5

GetApp - 4.9 out of 5

G2 - 4.6 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about WorkTango:

  • “We've been using WorkTango for the past 6 months and the ROI that we've seen has been astronomical. The tool not only allows us to engage with our employees and gain a deeper understanding of what's working and not but allows us to measure our improvement (or decreased performance) over time. Thanks to WorkTango, we've received actionable data around 1 of our teams and the fact that they all feel underpaid. Another team wasn't getting feedback from their managers. Some of our employees in another country didn't fully understand our vision. The list of examples goes on and on. By using WorkTango, we are not only able to see these issues but are then able to put steps in place to improve and can measure how we're doing.”
  • “​​WorkTango is great for employee recognition and engagement! It was easy to implement and the look/feel of the system is similar to a social media platform which makes it fun for our staff to use.”

👉 See WorkTango in action!

Unhealthy habits and behaviors don’t just affect your employees’ personal lives. When you need an ally on “the inside” to help elevate the office vibe and lay out the best wellness programs for your workforce, WorkTango is the final stop on the software tour.


👉 See WorkTango in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Customized Incentives — Create your own incentives or choose from WorkTango’s 50+ templates to get your employees motivated and engaged in their own wellness plans.
  • A+ Reporting — WorkTango’s reporting and metrics offer a ton of specific data and actionable insights to help you effectively monitor all your employee engagement programs.
  • Anonymity — Because WorkTango emphasizes confidentiality throughout its platform, users (aka, employees) tend to be more honest and transparent with their input, making the software even more effective and engaging.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • Workflow Limitations — Some users reported that WorkTango wasn’t able to accommodate more complex workflows, which could cause bottlenecks and employee frustration.
  • Not for HR Management — While WorkTango is great for employee wellness and dolling out recognition and rewards, it doesn’t integrate with HRIS or offer any performance management tools.
  • Glitchy — Not a lot of details available, but there’s an undertone of technical difficulties when using WorkTango, with a side dish of slow response from tech support.


As with most of the other employee engagement systems on this list, WorkTango’s cost depends on the number of employees you have. They do offer three tiers of pricing depending on how many features you’ll need, but all are customizable based on the size of your workforce. Book a short demo to learn more about pricing for your organization.

Notable companies that use WorkTango:

  • Company 1
  • Rexall
  • LogicMonitor

Amy WHere is what one G2 reviewer had to say:

“This is a great platform to give shout outs and encouragement to teammates! Very easy to use. You can set up incentives that employees can accomplish to earn more points. Lots of ways to redeem your points in all different denominations. Set up so that all our employees have access to give and receive points. Every employee is given 2000 points to give out each quarter.”

👉 See WorkTango in Action!


Best employee engagement software for remote teams


Why I picked Cooleaf: Cooleaf made the cut for remote employees because of its emphasis on keeping teams connected and engaged, no matter where they are in the world. Its focus on building community makes working remotely feel less isolated and more like a team sport.

SnackNation Score: 4.85
Cooleaf Reviews & Testimonials

G2 - 4.9 out of 5

GetApp - 4.9 out of 5

Software Advice - 4.9 out of 5

Here is what customers have to say about Cooleaf:

  • “The benefits overall are cohesion, employees coming together to do on the spot recognition and some other fun activities to stay engaged while doing our jobs.”
  • “Its a great way to connect with your whole company in a fun environment and receive rewards for actual gifts/gift cards and increase employee engagement and production.”

👉 See Cooleaf in action!

Using Cooleaf to keep your remote employees connected is like giving them a dedicated space where team bonding just comes naturally. It bridges the miles between off-site workers, creating happier remote teams, and encouraging a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, no matter the distance.


👉 See Cooleaf in Action!

✅ Pros and standout features I found during my research:

  • Human Experience Formula — Cooleaf recognizes that people are people and designed their software to address the softer sides of bonding with them, with a focus on emotional and philosophical connections.
  • Incentive Programs — Employees can earn points to spend on company-branded swag, redeem gift cards from a healthy menu of major brands, and even donate to their favorite charities.
  • Pulse Surveys — As your workforce dynamics evolve, you can stay in tune with the mindset of your employees, and maybe even be a little more predictive of your teams’ needs.

❗️ Cons and challenges I found during my research: 

  • App Navigation — Users have reported some issues navigating Cooleaf’s mobile app or stated that it’s inconsistent compared to the desktop version.
  • Potentially Costly — Despite not finding any specific pricing information, several reviews noted that Cooleaf may be a bit costly for start-ups or smaller companies.


All potential customers simply receive a personalized quote. Click here to learn more about Cooleaf’s pricing options.

Notable companies that use Cooleaf:

  • Bark
  • Shipt
  • American Home Shield

Aracely RHere is what one G2 reviewer had to say:

“I enjoy the number of features like personalizing our profiles, joining community groups, weekly activities to encourage engagement, recognizing peers for their kindness, and all while getting to earn rewards. I frequently use this app and is fairly easy to use. Not only does Cooleaf implement new features and rewards, but it allows us to take part in the app and that keeps me coming back.”

👉 See Cooleaf in Action!



Trust me when I say that there’s a lot of information to sort through when it comes to the value of these tools. Here are a few extra nuggets I uncovered during my research to help you evaluate the best employee engagement software for your company.

How to choose the right employee engagement tool for your organization

Always start by assessing your organization’s needs and goals, then look for a tool that offers features like employee feedback, recognition programs, and performance analytics.

Don’t forget to consider factors like ease of use, integration with existing systems, and of course, the mighty bottom line.

Take your time to explore your options and find the tool that best aligns with your company culture and objectives.

How to choose the right employee engagement platform for your organization

  • What do you need? Start by identifying the specific areas where your organization needs improvement in employee engagement. Whether it’s better communication, employee recognition, or continuous feedback, understanding your areas of weakness will help you narrow down your platform options.
  • What do you already use? Look for a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and tools, like your HR software or communication platforms. This ensures smooth data flow and avoids duplication of efforts, making it easier for your team to get on board.
  • Who is using it? Opt for a platform that is intuitive and easy to use for both admins and employees. A user-friendly interface encourages participation and ensures that everyone can make the most out of the platform without extensive training or cumbersome clicking.
  • Who are you? Every organization has its unique culture and requirements, so choose a platform that offers customization options. Whether it’s branding elements, recognition programs, or survey templates, the ability to tailor the platform to fit your company’s needs is key to its success.
  • What will you track? Select a platform that provides robust analytics and insights into employee engagement metrics. The ability to track key performance indicators, measure the impact of initiatives, and identify areas for improvement is crucial for driving continuous growth and development.

A few challenges and mistakes to avoid when evaluating employee engagement software

Rushing the Decision

Jumping the gun and picking the first employee engagement company that catches your eye is not the way to go. Take your time to thoroughly evaluate your options and consider how each platform aligns with your organization’s needs and culture.

Ignoring Employee Input

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the people who will actually be using the software – your employees! Get their input early on in the evaluation process to understand their preferences, pain points, and must-have features. After all, they’re the ones who will ultimately determine the success of the platform and whether employee engagement levels will increase.

Forgetting About Scalability

Don’t forget to think long-term. Sure, software might meet your needs now, but will it still be a good fit as your organization grows and evolves? Look for a solution that is scalable and adaptable to accommodate future changes and challenges.

Frequently asked questions I found during my research

Q: How do I measure the effectiveness of employee engagement software tools?

  • A: You can measure the effectiveness of employee engagement software platforms through metrics like employee satisfaction surveys, participation rates in employee recognition programs, performance indicators, and employee turnover rates.

Q: How does employee engagement software benefit my business?

  • A: Employee engagement software boosts employee morale, engagement, and productivity by providing a universal and structured platform for rewarding their efforts. It also helps foster a positive work culture, improve retention rates, and enhance overall employee satisfaction.

Q: What features should I look for when onboarding an employee engagement software?

  • A: Look for features such as customizable recognition programs, peer-to-peer recognition capabilities, performance analytics, integration with HRIS, reward and incentive management, and mobile accessibility.

Q: How does employee engagement software impact employee happiness?

  • A: Employee engagement software positively impacts employee happiness by fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition from within the organization. It strengthens the connection between the employees and the company, leading to higher motivation, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

Q: How customizable is employee engagement management software?

  • A: Employee engagement management software is typically highly customizable to align with the unique culture and objectives of each organization. You can tweak employee recognition programs, rewards, branding elements, and reporting features to best represent your company’s image, values and goals.

Q: What ROI can I expect from implementing employee engagement software?

  • A: The ROI (Return on Investment) of employee engagement tools includes improved employee performance, reduced turnover costs, increased productivity, and a healthier, happier company culture. While the exact payback varies depending on how you use it, most businesses see serious profitability over time.


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