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16 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms For High Performing Teams In 2021 [HR Approved]

By May 11, 2021 September 28th, 2021 3 Comments

16 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms For High Performing Teams In 2021 [HR Approved]Employee engagement is the level of involvement, passion, joy, and commitment employees feel towards the company they work for. You’re likely aware of how important employee engagement is for the emotional well-being of the individuals on your team, but putting real effort into it is even a demonstrably wise business investment.

Promoting a positive company culture not only makes the workplace more enjoyable — it also impacts the bottom line, leading to lower turnover, organic recruitment, and greater profitability.

Yes, you read that correctly! But don’t just take our word for it.

According to a Gallup’s employee engagement survey, highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable than disengaged teams, which cost U.S. companies $550 billion per year. As it turns out, even the data shows that one of the smartest investments a company can make is in the happiness and well-being of their employees. When employees feel cared about by their employer, the connection helps them return the love and boost their productivity. Engaged employees actively look for ways to make the company more efficient and profitable.

Here’s the thing though, employee engagement is an ongoing process for employers. It starts from day one to wherever your business journey takes you.

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” — Simon Sinek

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” — Simon Sinek Click To Tweet

To help you cultivate a fun, happy, and safe company culture, we’ve spoken with our trusted human resources specialists and tested a wide range of employee engagement software platforms. In the end, we’ve narrowed down our list to the 16 best employee engagement software platforms for you to check out!

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What Is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software is a type of application that companies use to improve talent retention and job satisfaction. The objective is to leverage the power of technology to boost productivity and efficiency in a quantifiable way.

Employee engagement software should include training tools, recognition and incentives for employees, surveys and feedback, a notification system, a performance evaluation system, and system integration with the appropriate business tools such as HR tools, email marketing, and customer relation software.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Software

  • Increased retention — Employees are more likely to stay because they feel emotionally invested in the company
  • Stronger company culture — The team remains in sync and grows closer
  • Increased communication — Employees are able to communicate more effectively even across departments
  • Easier to get employee feedback — Built-in feedback features allow the employer to put their finger on the pulse of the company
  • Increased productivity — With better incentives, communication, and overall company culture, employees will take initiative and look for better practices

Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms

Employee engagement shows up in all aspects of a business — for better or worse. Whether you are in an office or working on a remote team, there are a variety of areas of work that involve an engaged team to succeed. Each employee recognition software has particular strengths, so now it’s just a matter of figuring out which one best suits the needs of your company.

Employee Engagement Software For Recognition

1) Nectar

Nectar is a cost-effective employee engagement and recognition platform that helps drive connections across your workforce to make employees feel like family. Streamlined rewards include digital gift cards and on-demand swag. Here’s the cherry on top: With Nectar, organizations only pay for ACTIVE users and aren’t locked into any type of contract. We recommend this employee engagement software for medium to large-sized companies in that 50-1500 employee sweet spot.

3 Features We Love From Nectar:

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition — It’s one thing to hear it from management, but we love that employees can also reward each other for their hard work in this employee engagement software platform
  • Wellness Challenges — Create wellness challenges and instantly reward employees that participate
  • On-Demand Swag — Swag used to require upfront costs, a storage closet, and shipping. Nectar gives you an on-demand swag storefront that ships branded items directly to employees as soon as they order it

Price: Companies only pay when their employees actually use it, so it’s never an unused, wasted expense. Nectar is contract-free and doesn’t cost a penny to implement. There’s a free version to get started and the Standard plan is $3.50 per active user per month. See the pricing plan here.


2) Bonusly


Bonusly is a fun way to keep employees on their toes and improve retention and productivity throughout your company. This peer-to-peer recognition platform allows everyone in the company to reward each other. Over time, the small bonuses on this reward gateway add up into meaningful, connection-forming rewards, actionable insights, and employee communication.

3 Features We Love About Bonusly:

  • Data and Analytics — Provides metrics on everything from the amount of rewards each department has given out to the amount of recognition employees earned
  • Rewards Catalogue — This feature lets employees redeem their bonus points for rewards like gift cards and branded backpacks
  • Hashtags — Hashtags, gifs, and memes give the platform a social media feel as well to put the fun in the workplace

Price: Bonusly pricing starts at $3 per month for each user. They don’t have a free version, but they do offer free trials.


3) Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle

Vantage Circle is an all-in-one employee engagement platform that combines four powerful AI and SaaS-based solutions to help companies engage their people in a meaningful way. With features like an employee  rewards system, feed engagement score, on-spot recognition, social recognition feed, and more- Vantage Circle is designed to meet the complete engagement needs of diverse companies.

3 Features We Love About Vantage Circle:

  • Deep Analytics — Real-time admin and manager dashboards help track employee trends, behaviors, and engagement metrics.
  • Intelligent Frameworks — While the Standard of Living Index framework enables equal and instant rewarding of global employees, the AIRe framework combines Appreciation(A), Incentivization(I), and Reinforcement(R) to deliver more impactful recognition.
  • Built For Teams — Peer-to-peer recognition, cross-channel integrations, and multi-device accessibility make it easier than ever for even remote teams to engage and appreciate one another.

Price: Vantage Circle pricing begins at $3 per month for each user and comes with a free trial.


4) Assembly

Assembly provides companies a virtual community in which they can offer perks and social recognition to enhance and improve their company culture. Your employees will be giddily hopping onto this platform to see whose attention their work has caught!

3 Features We Love From Assembly:

  • Calendar — Public anniversary, birthday, and holiday notifications make every day a celebration
  • Reward System — Employees can earn a wide variety of rewards, such as expense covered classes, lunch with the CEO, giftcards, or branded swag to get them extra excited about coming to work
  • Core Values Sidebar — The sidebar lets employees know what the most in-demand skills are within the company, so they can game plan accordingly

Price: You can start off on a free trial (no credit card required). Plus, it’s free for unlimited users! For premium features, the pricing is based on cost per employee, which is about the price of a bottle of water for each employee ($0-$3 per user each month).


5) Fond

Fond is an especially great option for companies that have an international workforce due to its multilingual capabilities. Additionally, Fond’s customizability allows companies to incentivize employees in pretty much any way they can dream up.

3 (+1) Features We Love From Fond:

  • Employee Recognition — Gives this software a social media feel, making it easy to generate buzz
  • Family Sharing — Provides the employees a way to share perks with the people they care about even outside of the company
  • Multiple Languages — This feature sets Fond apart in the sense that employees can go across apartments and communicate overseas and in other languages
  • Custom Rewards — Curate a catalog that fits your culture with options like branded swag, unique experiences, and charitable donations

Price: While Fond doesn’t offer free subscriptions, it does offer free demos so you can hit the ground running! Request a quote here.


Employee Engagement Software For Team Building

6) Outback Team Building

Outlook Team Building provides managed activities and training modules to amplify positive culture. Whether you want team building activities, group training, development solutions, or consulting solutions, Outback has it all.

3 Features We Love From Outback Team Building:

  • Immersive Experiences — These team-building activities bring employees closer than ever by solving unique challenges together
  • Professional Event Coordination — The app actually provides event coordinators to ensure that you get the most out of each planned activity
  • Location Independence — The app is designed to encourage participation from employees regardless of location

Price: With events that range from $8 – $40 per person, Outback Team Building will do everything in their power to plan a memorable virtual team building activity for your group. Request a quote here.


7) The Go Game

The Go Game Team Building Activity For Work

The Go Game is fully customizable and perfect for remote workers. It’s designed for anything from groups of 1,000 attendees to small teams. With a suite of fun games, video and chat components, shared experiences, and much more rolled into a dynamic all-in-one platform, The Go Game is sure to increase employee engagement, satisfaction, wellness and retention.

3 Features We Love From Outback Team Building:

  • Hosts and Planners — Outback provides highly-trained hosts and planners for events
  • Video Conferencing — It’s incredible video-conferencing supports large scale events
  • Team Building Sessions — These sessions boost creativity and problem-solving for your team members

Price: Request a quote here. They don’t offer free trials, but they do offer free demos.


8) QuizBreaker


This scheduled virtual team building quiz gets delivered straight to your employees’ inboxes. In the same way that video games have taken over the world, to stay competitive as an employer you have to gamify the workplace. Well, that’s exactly what QuizBreaker does.

3 Features We Love From QuizBreaker:

  • Short Quizzes — These 3-minute sharable, customizable quizzes are fast, interesting, and designed to keep employees sharp and engaged
  • Gamification — The notifications and attention grabbing functionality ratchets up the competition and gives employees that dopamine hit
  • Automation — The scheduling functionality gets everyone on your team into a rhythm and gives them something to look forward to throughout the week

Price: Free trial? Yes, get started here.


Employee Engagement Software For Collaboration

9) is an uber powerful resource management software for executing and planning projects. What makes crucial for team success is the visibility into workflows and analytics and real-time insights for key projects. Plus, this enps-boosting talent management platform consistently produces new integrations and updates.

3 Features We Love From

  • Time Tracking — Allows team members to see how much time has been spent on various aspects of projects
  • Timeline Views and Integrations — There’s no better way to keep the team in sync and accountable than tight coordination, which is exactly what you get through this feature
  • Automated Notifications — The notifications can be used as reminders to reduce time and errors and the color coordinated design of the platform ensures your employees will actually use it

Price: $8-16+ per user per month. View pricing details. Free trial? Yes. Get started here.


10) Slack


Slack is among the most popular employee engagement software for good reason. The easy-to-navigate interface allows team members to create channels and stay up to speed at all times. These separate channels make it incredibly simple to hop from one department to another and get in touch with anyone from the graphic designers to the social media specialists. Plus, Slack can be used as a mobile app.

3 Features We Love About Slack:

  • Instant Messaging — Users can instant message each other, which is vital in the fast-pace modern work environment
  • File Upload — Team members can upload images and other files straight to the platform
  • App Integration — With an app browser, team members can go through and add more than a dozen apps into their workflow, such as, Asana, Google Drive, and Trello

Price: Slack has free options, as well as, two tiers of paid plans: Standard and Plus. Standard costs $8 per person per month, or a few cents more than $80 per person annually. Plus costs $15 per user per month or $150 per person annually.


Bonus: SalesScreen

SalesScreen Employee Engagement Software

SalesScreen turns selling into a team effort through motivational tools and templates. Now usually when you think competition, you don’t necessarily think collaboration, but that’s exactly how SalesScreen works. Employees compete against each other in a way that benefits the whole and at the end of the day, iron sharpens iron. SalesScreen is great from the on-boarding process through the entire employee lifecycle. In the end, the competition aspect will also benefit the customer experience and get employees ready for the sales frontlines.

3 Features We Love About SalesScreen:

  • CRM Integration — Integrates with relationship managers, which is a particularly useful feature for salespeople
  • Competitions — Sets up amazing competitions, challenging teams and their members against each other
  • Leaderboards — Measures the performance of the employees and the teams

Price: The trial is free, however, for additional pricing info, request a quote here.


Employee Engagement Software For Feedback

11) Culture Amp


Culture Amp is an elite culture building platform that helps companies amp up their employee retention, pride, commitment, and performance. One of the chief elements Culture Amp has in its favor is that its design is conducive for positive, constructive feedback, so employees always have an idea of what they’re doing excellently and what they could improve upon — and employers can keep their finger on the employee pulse.

3 Features We Love About Culture Amp:

  • Negative Feedback Management — This feature helps employers be aware of their level of positivity and constructive feedback versus negative
  • Performance Management — Helps employees self-manage and report to their teammates
  • Benchmarking — The reporting and management features let employees and the employer alike know exactly how the work is coming along

Price: Starting from $3,300 per year, pricing plans are three-tiered: Self-starter for organizations with 50-200 employees; Standard for organizations with 200-2,000 employees; and Enterprise for larger organizations with more than 2,000 employees. See pricing plans here.


12) TinyPulse

TinyPulse employee engagement software

TinyPulse was created because its founders heard from businesses that there was a need traditional engagement tools weren’t meeting. Other survey tools were too complex and actually slowed things down between gathering and taking action on employee feedback, which could take anywhere from months to an entire year. Fortunately, this intranet-based employee engagement tool succeeds in their mission of getting actionable information with survey questions. With this HR software, employers can read employee thoughts and feedback in real time.

3 Features We Love About TinyPulse:

  • Rapid Surveys — Lets you send a quick, one-question pulse survey to your employees each week on whatever platform they are working
  • One-on-one Coaching — Offers employees one-on-one coaching
  • Anonymous Suggestions — Enables employees to offer anonymous suggestions, which is ultimately how you’ll receive the most truthful and best feedback

Price: Pricing for TinyPulse begins at $3 per month for each user for existing customers and $5 per month per user for standalone customers. TinyPulse is the best bang for your buck compared to qualtrics, peakon, officevibe, and other platforms.


13) Kudos


Kudos is another remarkable employee engagement platform with real-time feedback, rewards, recognition, a social hub, seamless integrations, and much more. While there’s a heavy emphasis on peer-to-peer, there are also ways within the platform for the employer and management to encourage employees and treat them with perks. This virtual HR department is sure to improve employee performance and workplace culture.

3 Features We Love About Kudos:

  • Social Hub — This is the virtual water cooler where all the talk happens
  • Coaching and Manager Reports — Instead of employees being left in the dark, they’ll know what’s going on in real time so they can pivot and adjust accordingly based on real-time performance reviews and check-ins
  • Analytics — This includes leader reports and deeper insights

Price: Free trial? Yes, and for $3 per month for each user, companies can get subscriptions set up. The Basic, Plus, and Enterprise plans are priced at $3 and $5 respectively, while Enterprise varies depending on the size of the company.


Employee Engagement Software For Time Management

14) Toggl Plan


Are you looking for a better workflow management? Is the mundane job of scheduling and managing tasks frustrating you? With Toggl Plan, project management is easier and more fun than ever. This employee engagement solution helps employees seamlessly plan projects, estimate timelines, assign tasks, insert milestones, and even provide feedback for new hires and vets alike. Toggl Plan enables teamwork with a set of easy-to-use project management tools to improve the employee experience. Without the need to watch long tutorials, employees can instantly start using this convenient platform. This practical visual planning tool is best for small and medium businesses and takes a major workload off your HR team.

3 Features We Love About Toggl Plan:

  • Colorful Interface – Tasks can be set and scheduled by creating a neat color-coded timeline of the work to be completed which keeps employees motivated
  • Drag-and-Drop Boards – The drag -and- drop interface makes planning flexible by easily editing task positions and length, adding notes and much more that can be seamlessly shared with colleagues
  • Chrome Extension – Makes it easy to add tasks to Toggl Plan from any website you might be currently working in

Price: With the pay per user system, Toggl Plan’s pricing ranges from a free personal plan without premium features to $8 per person for monthly billing for premium features and larger teams. Toggl Plan offers a two-week-free trial of premium features which is initiated by default with account creation.


15) employee engagement software 2020 is the enterprise-ready artificial intelligence SaaS to boost collaboration and internal communication by generating notes for interviews, meetings, and presentations. Otter will save your team time by allowing its members to focus on the conversations and other tasks instead of note taking.

3 Features We Love From

  • Speech Transcription — Saves your team time by masterfully transcribing meetings and other conversations
  • Zoom Integration — The software integrates seamlessly with Zoom, allowing participants on the call to have their words transcribed as if a professional note-taker is sitting in the room
  • Otter for Teams — They offer various tools, but this one is designed for multiple users

Price: Otter for teams costs $12.50 per month. Check here for pricing.


16) Asana


Asana delivers schedules, assigns tasks to collaborators and colleagues and has a web app that allows users to attach files as well as create tasks for team members. Through this employee engagement software, users can also design workspaces and assign, arrange, accompany, and schedule the details of a project. Asana has a reputation for massively boosting employee satisfaction.

3 Features We Love From Asana:

  • Tasks — Team members can reply to the tasks with a CTA
  • Portfolios — Allow you to monitor the progress of tasks in real time
  • Workload — Gives you an idea of how much work teams have across departments

Price: Asana is free for up to 15 people. However, Premium and Business cost $10 and $24 per member each month respectively. Check pricing here.

People Also Ask These Questions About Employee Engagement Software

Q: What are the best software platforms for employee engagement in 2021?

  • A: The best software platforms for employee engagement increase retention, productivity, and efficiency through accountability, rewards, and social recognition. Some of the most successful employee engagement software includes peer-to-peer gifting, feedback tools, and features that enhance communication among team members. Here are some of the best rated ones out there.

Q: Is there free employee engagement software that I can try out?

  • A: Most of the employee engagement software on this list and elsewhere offers a free trial, so companies can see if the platform serves their needs before subscribing.

Q: What tools do I need for my employee engagement program?

  • A: For the best results for employee engagement programs, it’s wise to invest in a software that includes: instant messaging, a safe way for employees to offer feedback, recognition for rewards, and a social aspect to improve company culture and build relationships across departments.

Q: What software tools can I use to engage my remote employees?

  • A: Some of the most engaging software tools for remote employees possess features that make them feel included in the office. One of the most important elements for their engagement is that they know how important they are and are able to give and receive feedback and other communication.

Q: What makes a great employee engagement software?

  • A: Great employee engagement software promotes a positive company culture, where every employee has a voice, a platform to provide feedback to the employer, and feels their input is respected.


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