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75 Seriously Awesome Gifts For Coworkers & Colleagues To Show Your Appreciation In 2024 🎁

By February 6, 2024 May 24th, 2024 One Comment

41 Seriously Awesome Gifts For Coworkers In 2020 (Check Out #4)

Colleague gifts are important because they mean A LOT to your coworkers, whether you’re offering something practical, something personalized, or something edible.

Gifts for coworkers are the physical mechanisms through which you deliver appreciation, admiration, and heartfelt gratitude for the collaborations and friendships your colleagues provide.

A good colleague present can enhance coworker connections, boost morale, and, simply put, make people happy. (There’s a good reason spending on coworker gifts has remained steady since the early 2000s.)

Want to hear one secret to finding excellent gifts for coworkers?

Enjoy your shopping experience! Treat your gifting as an obligation and it will show; have fun and the joy will shine through.

Dive into this list of colleague present ideas below to have fun while shopping for coworker gifts.

Bulk Gifts For Coworkers

1) Buy Them Lunch Card

  • What is it? A customizable virtual gift card that can be sent out to your coworkers to order some delicious lunch or dinner on the company’s dime!
  • Why your coworker will love it: With multiple food delivery options available via Hoppier, they will love searching through all the options to find that perfect entree.
  • Price: Set your custom company credit card with your desired amount
  • Customizable? Yes 


2) Ember 14oz Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Mug

  • What is it? A handy little gadget that will help to keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love feeling constantly refreshed with a warm beverage that will help them push through a busy day at work.
  • Price: Starting at $161.41 per mug
  • Customizable? Yes


3) Build Your Own Custom Collection


  • What is it? A customizable gift shop for your employees!
  • Why your coworker will love it: With a huge catalog of premium gifts and digital rewards — this custom collection will make it easy to send coworkers something special in just a few clicks.
  • Price: Starts at $5 for gift cards and $25 for physical gifts from their collection
  • Customizable? Yes 


4) Keto-Friendly Snack Box



  • What is it? A beautifully packaged snack box that supports small healthy snack brands for keto and low-carb diets. This coworker gift focuses on healthy packaged snacks that are perfect for staying energized during a busy day at work.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Nothing beats a winning combo of guilt-free treats AND the sensation of supporting small-batch snack brands.
  • Price: Starting at $50
  • Customizable? Yes


5) Koozie Collapsible Picnic Basket

Koozie Collapsible Picnic Basket

  • What is it? This branded picnic basket lets your coworkers easily access chilled drinks, snacks, and food at a picnic, beach day, or party.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It is a crowd-pleaser. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for colleagues, you can send each employee one of these picnic baskets and they are sure to use it! It can also be filled with other items if you are looking to build your own gift box.
  • Price: $62
  • Customizable? Yes


6) Mindfulness Box

Restful Night Mini Gift Box

  • What is it? The Mindfulness Box provides a nice mix of goodies and drinks for enjoying with others or as a snack for the road — a perfect blend of convenience and pleasure.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Your coworkers will practice journaling while exploring the many tastes of the nutritious foods this box offers.
  • Price: $55
  • Customizable? Yes


7) Baby Groot Desk Flower Pot


  • What is it? An attractive echeveria succulent that comes in a planter, ready for display and admiration.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love looking at these delicately colorful leaves every day and feeling all your “thank-you” vibes again and again.
  • Price: $15.80
  • Customizable? Yes


8) Recipient Choice – “Let Them Choose”


  • What is it? This coworker-minded option is a thoughtful gift for colleagues who like to shop around and find that perfect item!
  • Why your coworkers will love it: Recipeint Choice is a new way to approach coworker gifting since it utilizes an updating library of corporate gifts to select that special one in just a few clicks.
  • Customizable? Yes


9) Sherpa Blanket

  • What is it? A cozy customized throw blanket made of mostly recycled materials.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love enjoying the luxurious feel of this throw as they run their hands over monograms knit directly into the fabric.
  • Price: $41.81
  • Customizable? Yes


10) BTL SVC Gift Card

  • What is it? The BTL SVC Family of Cocktails are a symbol of craftsmanship and passion. Made with only the finest ingredients, each one is as unique as the individual who drinks it. And, for those who can’t make up their mind as to which of these award-winning, perfectly balanced cocktails to choose from, the BTL SVC Gift Card is a perfect option.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Who doesn’t love to choose for themselves? This gift will allow your coworkers to choose from a wide variety of their ready to serve cocktails.
  • Price: Gift card values range from $10-$500
  • Customizable? Yes


11) Notebook Bundle Set

Rocketbook Core Director Notebook Bundle Set

  • What is it? A notebook bundle that is perfect for writing lists, journaling, jotting down notes and ideas, and keeping life organized.
  • Why your coworker will love it: While your employees may not be a fan of writing, they will find that putting your ideas to paper can really help to evaluate problems, projects, and tasks in a new way.
  • Price: $45.19
  • Customizable? Yes


12) Cozy Night In

Caroo Gifts

  • What is it? The Cozy Night In makes a great gift for your hard-working coworkers who deserve a little pampering.
  • Why your coworkers will love it: The gifting platfom includes everything your colleagues need for a blissful evening in, including gift boxes, wellness items, delicious treats and so much more. It’s the perfect way to show your appreciation and let them know that you’re thinking of them after hours.
  • Customizable? Yes


13) Virtual Group eCard


  • What is it? A personalized ecard from the entire team to send your departing coworker with heartfelt messages all wrapped up in a beautiful digital bundle.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This isn’t just your average greeting card. You can add memorable photos of your coworker’s time at your organization along with a word cloud, emoji, and more!
  • Price: FREE
  • Customizable? Yes


14) Destination


  • What is it? A garment bag and a duffle, all in one.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They will never arrive with a wrinkled suit again. With this nifty garment duffle, your stylish coworker can place their formal clothing in the garment compartment, roll it into its duffle shape, and zip it up with whatever else they need inside.
  • Price: Starting at $30
  • Customizable? No


15) Puffy Blanket


  • What is it? An extra-warm puffy blanket that they can use anywhere to warm up on a chilly night. 
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love the versatility of this blanket, since it can be used just as easily at home on the couch as it can be used at a campsite or backyard.
  • Customizable? No
  • Price: $125


16) Bottomless Mimosa Candle

  • What is it? A scrumptiously scented candle that brings a tranquil atmosphere to any room or home office. (Plus, it includes a variety of blends of blood orange, grapefruit and bergamot to keep you calm.)
  • Why your coworker will love it: This candle will help them get through a particularly stressful day and brighten up their workspace.
  • Price: $12
  • Customizable? Yes


17) Personalized Leather Duffel Bag


  • What is it? A vintage-look duffel bag that’s practical and stylish, perfect for a trip to the gym or a weekend getaway.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This birthday gift for coworkers is spacious yet stylish, allowing them to pack and tote everything they need and still carry a sleek bag free of lumps and bulges.
  • Price: $152.99
  • Customizable? Yes


18) Modern Sprout Herb Kit


  • What is it? An herb kit with everything anyone (even people without a green thumb) needs to grow edible herbs without a full garden.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love easily growing herbs to enhance all their home-cooking adventures to gourmet status.
  • Price: $25.08 to $66.26
  • Customizable? Yes


Unique Office Gifts For Coworkers

19) Turned Yellow

  • What is it? A personalized digital print of your coworker cartoonified into a favorite animated television show family. Choose your background, send in your photos, and watch your cartoon character come to life.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Whether they are a television fanatic or not, they’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture and own their next piece of artwork!
  • Price: Starting at $40
  • Customizable? Yes


20) Custom Fruit Infuser Bottle


  • What is it? A glass infuser with the ability to transform average water and cold drinks into flavor sensations.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This durable water bottle is tough and attractive enough for everyday use, even on long commutes.
  • Price: $16.59 to $52.43
  • Customizable? Yes


21) Tech Lovers Box

Tech Swag Box

  • What is it? The Tech Lovers Box is the ideal gift for helping your coworkers stay connected and insanely productive.
  • Why your coworkers will love it: Your colleagues will be thrilled to open up these must-have items like blue light glasses, a Tile tracker, and a portable charger that will make their workdays easier.
  • Customizable? Yes


22) Omorpho

  • What is it? Omorpho is one of our favorite new products of the year. Each individual garment uses patented MicroLoad technology that provides targeted compression and loading to help improve athletic performance and recovery.
  • Why your coworker will love it: The MicroLoad compression gear is designed to make workouts more efficient. Wearing Omorpho enhances strength, speed, endurance, and recovery. The science-backed technology will help any fitness-focused coworker reach their goals.
  • Price: Starting at $89
  • Customizable? Yes (size, color, etc…)


23) Happy Pawlidays Care Package

  • What is it? A purr-friendly gift box full of goodies for man’s best friend complete with a water bowl + water bottle combo, plush blanket, mini treats for dogs and cats, and a large pet bandana.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love opening up each item and seeing the joy it brings to their pet this holiday season
  • Price: Pricing based on the size and scope of the order
  • Customizable? Yes


Personalized Gifts For Coworkers

24) Handcrafted Valet Tray


  • What is it? A high-quality wooden desk tray that makes the most boring office supplies look interesting and maybe even artistic.
  • Why your coworker will love it: A little desk accessory could be just what your coworker needs to maintain some desk order while working hard.
  • Price: $30.37
  • Customizable? Yes


25) Cinema Box


  • What is it? A customizable light box inspired by old-fashioned movie theater marquees. Coworkers can use it to display messages that match the day and their mood.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love displaying “good morning” one day and then “go away” or simply “no” the next day. (Plus, this cinema box makes any average work space more interesting.
  • Price: $25.87
  • Customizable? Yes


26) Yeti Rambler  Tumbler

  • What is it? Any tumbler that’s coming along for the ride needs to be tough enough to keep up. The Yeti Rambler 20 oz tumbler is made from durable stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to protect your hot or cold beverage at all costs!
  • Why your coworker will love it: This coworker gift idea is the perfect gift for a coworker who needs to have their coffee at the right temperature all day long.
  • Price: From $37.50 to $50.99
  • Customizable? Yes


27) VIP Treatment Box

  • What is it? This coworker thank you gift is a sure-fire way to show your coworkers they’re total rockstars.
  • Why your coworker will love it: With a wireless speaker, a portable charger, a heated mug, a water bottle, a weekender duffel bag, and much more, the VIP Treatment Box will make anyone feel like the red carpet’s been rolled out.
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Fully Custom Scarf


  • What is it? A classic cozy scarf you can fully customize to achieve the precise look and message you want.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love busting out this totally unique conversation piece year after year when the cold winds start to blow.
  • Price: From $12.90 to $16.90
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Custom Steel Lined Wine Tumbler


  • What is it? A stainless steel wine tumbler with a smooth exterior that looks delightfully modern in your hand.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Anyone who loves drinking wine will love drinking it from this epic, spill-free tumbler even more.
  • Price: From $24.62 per item
  • Customizable? Yes


Thank You Gifts For Coworkers

28) Gifts of Gratitude Box

  • What is it? A perfect gift box for those ride or die teammates who deserve an extra dose of appreciation.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This box bursts with inspiration in the form of a fragrant candle and matches, a cute succulent, a Republic of Tea Sampler tea set, handcrafted soap, a stone paper journal, and other productivity-boosting surprises.
  • Customizable? Yes


29) The Eco-Friendly Box

  • What is it? This unique coworker gift comes packed with eco-friendly products that will impress any recipient and each purchase supports the environment!
  • Why your coworker will love it: This highly functional gift will delight your coworkers and also helps to reduce plastic in the ocean.
  • Price: Start building your box to receive custom pricing
  • Customizable? Yes


30) The Plant Club


  • What is it? A subscription box filled with pots, plants, and tools that make it easy to become a house-plant master.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It makes building and maintaining a thriving indoor house plant-family as easy as pie.
  • Price: $23.33 a month
  • Customizable? No


Gifts For Coworkers Working Remotely

31) Snacks + Coffee Box


  • What is it? The Snacks + Coffee Box delivers stimulating coffee and comfort food for a sense of well-being and a major energy boost for that person on their special day. Whether they are working down the hall or from home, they’ll love the thoughtful birthday gift showing up for them to unbox.
  • Why your coworkers will love it: A daily snack and cup of coffee are indispensable. This health package provides workers with the yummiest, most original versions of their everyday favorite snacks.
  • Price: Starting at $50
  • Customizable? Yes


32) Happy Hour Pack


  • What is it? The Happy Hour Swag Pack is full of delightful treats that deliver the ultimate satisfaction.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This curated box includes a cocktail set, nuts, a tumbler and everything needed to get the party started.
  • Price: Contact for pricing details
  • Customizable? Yes


33) Van Gogh Sunflowers Mug

  • What is it? The Van Gogh Sunflowers Mug is an artsy coffee cup crafted specially to add sunshine to your coworkers’ morning routines.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This somewhat customizable coffee mug brings the flair of Van Gogh to your coworkers’ home office and daily routine. The bold yellows of the petals and red of the irises contrast perfectly with the turquoise background of this remastered sunflower painting!
  • Price: $11+
  • Customizable? Yes


34) Unplugged Box


  • What is it? This yummy and relaxing gift box will have your coworkers feeling rejuvenated after a hard day’s work.
  • Why your coworker will love it: With all the screen time your coworkers are putting in, they’ll appreciate a gift that reminds them to unplug and practice self care.
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? No


35) Resistance Band Set


  • What is it? Designed to meet all of your needs and challenge your muscles equally, the set includes 5 bands — each band color has a different resistance weight.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Stackable resistance bands adjust to your co-workers ability levels and let them workout every area of their body on their schedule. They could do arms, legs and glutes while on a call, or get a core workout in while hitting a deadline.
  • Price: $29.99
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Serene House Diffuser


  • What is it? A sleek diffuser that surrounds you with the fragrances of your favorite essential oils.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love feeling completely surrounded by diffused essential oil blends that sooth, invigorate, and uplift.
  • Price: $30.83 to $36.34
  • Customizable? Yes


Birthday Gifts For Coworkers

36) Outdoor Event Chair

  • What is it? A foldable, take-anywhere  chair that will become your coworker’s favorite throne away from home.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love unfolding it and having not only a comfortable seat, but also handy pouches for beverages, electronics, keys, and accessories.
  • Price: From $25.19 to $70.03
  • Customizable? Yes


37) BTL SVC – Premium Handcrafted 6 Cocktails Box

  • What is it? A box full of 6 craft cocktails of your choice. (This makes the perfect gift exchange or secret Santa gift idea for coworkers!)
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love getting a depth of flavor from these pre-bottled cocktails and skipping a run to the local bar.
  • Price: $110
  • Customizable? Yes


38) Custom Wireless Charging Journal with Built-In Power Bank

Charging Journal

  • What is it? A refillable journal with a built-in 5,000 mAh power bank to wirelessly charge their mobile devices.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This multi-tasker birthday gift is sleek, stylish and provides mobile power on the go!
  • Price: $69.29
  • Customizable? Yes


39) Cactus Stoneware Planter


  • What is it? A beyond adorable and perfectly sized stoneware pot that is perfect to pair with a cactus, succulent, or small plant for a memorable desktop display.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It provides an effortless way to elevate desktop decor.
  • Price: $46.82
  • Customizable? Yes


Bonus: Virtual Clue Murder Mystery


  • What is it? This unique online coworker experience is the gift that will have them channel their inner detective to solve the mysterious murder of billionaire Neil Davidson before the clock expires.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It provides them an opportunity to spend time with other coworkers in a fun and engaging remote Crime Junkie experience that can be shared together online.
  • Price: Starts at $8 per person
  • Customizable? Yes


Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

40) Fun & Festive Coworker Mug Gifts

  • What is it? Do you have a coworker who is always coffee-fueled and on the go? If yes, then a mug will be their new favorite gift. A mug is a great way to show your appreciation for all that your coworkers do – plus, it’ll make their morning cup of joe that much better.
  • Why your coworkers will love it: A good quality and personalized mug can be a great way to show your coworker that you’re thinking of them. If you know their favorite type of coffee or tea, get them a mug that matches. If they have a favorite saying, get them a mug with that saying on it. You can also find mugs with hilarious sayings or jokes on them. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a mug that your coworker will actually use and enjoy.
  • Price: Varies by mug
  • Customizable? Yes


41) Treat Your (S)elf

  • What is it? Tis’ the season of giving and joy! The Treat yourself is the perfect festive gift for your teammates this winter. Your coworkers will swear that this coworker gift idea was crafted by one of Santa’s elves!
  • Why your coworkers will love it: Help your coworkers get in touch with their senses this holiday season as they stock up on awesome holiday goodies. This bundle includes an elegant wireless charger, as well as other swag like artisanal candles, and a popcorn popper.
  • Customizable? No


42) The Holiday Bundle

  • What is it? The Holiday Bundle is the perfect icebreaker idea for keeping friends, families, coworkers, and employees entertained. These 4 thoughtfully designed PDFs can help you spice up Zoom meetings or be used in just about any situation where you want people to get to know each other better! Also perfect as holiday party games for your workplace with the dual function of serving as insanely fun team building activities.
  • Why your coworker will love it: You’ll have a blast playing these festive games that are sure to bring out everyone’s competitive side while also helping them get to know one another on a more personal level. It will give everyone something new and exciting to talk about at work during their next break time or lunch hour.
  • Price: $9.95
  • Customizable? Yes


43) Wooden Cornhole Game Set


  • What is it? A solid wood cornhole set perfect as a colleague present for someone who loves to relax in the backyard with friends or tailgate the big game.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Built-in handles will make transportation a lot easier and the high-quality design will mean they can enoy them for many summers to come.
  • Price: $89
  • Customizable? Yes


44) Shippable Coworker Experiences


  • What is it? Shippable Coworker Experiences are highly-customizable virtual experiences that make perfect gifts for your favorite coworkers. From team building activities to gift boxes full of fun items, you’re sure to find something your coworkers will like.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Whether your coworker is into art, gaming, cooking, or just needs a little relaxation, there is a shippable coworker experience out there that will suit their needs. So next time you’re stumped on what to get your coworker, think outside the box and give them an experience they’ll never forget.
  • Price: Pricing varies depending on which kit you select
  • Customizable? Yes


45) The California Wine Mixer Flight

The California Wine Mixer Flight-In-Good-Taste

  • What is it? Filled with 8 incredible wines (all in mini bottles), The California Wine Mixer tasting flight will take them on a tour of sun-drenched coasts and golden vineyards. From whites to reds, and the rosé in between, In Good Taste found eight gems and bottled them by the glass, highlighting the low-key, bold, and glamorous tastes of the Golden State.
  • Why your coworker will love it: The flight is perfect for anyone looking to discover new wines, wanting to relax with just a glass or 2, or looking to participate in a fun virtual tasting event.
  • Price: $65
  • Customizable? No


46) Holiday Cheer Box

  • What is it? The Holiday Cheer Box is a sentimental gift for adding extra joy to the workplace.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This gift for features a holiday candle, gourmet coffee, seasonal snacks, a coffee mug, and other yummy treats to spoil your coworkers during the most wonderful time of the year!
  • Customizable? No


47) Amazon Echo Studio


  • What is it? A genuine Amazon Echo Plus with your company logo or artwork.
  • Why your coworkers will love it: They’ll own one of the most sought out smart tech devices on the market.
  • Price: From $242.49
  • Customizable? Yes


48) 1,000 Piece Custom Puzzle


  • Why your coworker will love it: Your coworker will love piecing together a fully custom puzzle no one has ever solved before.
  • Price: $53.12
  • Customizable? Yes


Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

49) Mind Trap 3D Puzzle


  • What is it? A classic wooden puzzle to keep any curious mind busy for hours.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It adds character to any desk space while also providing the perfect excuse to take a quick and enriching break.
  • Price: $15
  • Customizable? No


50) Customizable Script Pennant Flag


  • What is it? An old-school felt pennant just like the ones you used to get for the teams you love to watch or play on.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It adds a playful character to a cubicle or home office.
  • Price: $25.00
  • Customizable? Yes


51) Sips + Snacks Box

  • What is it? A gift box that brings the wine bar experience to anyone’s home which even includes charcuterie-inspired snacks.
  • Why your coworkers will love it: They’ll love wine-ding down with a bottle of vino paired with healthy snacks. Now that’s what we call balance.
  • Price: Starting at $25 + Free Shipping
  • Customizable? No


52) Wooden Wayfarer Sunglasses


  • What is it? The perfect coworker gift idea for a sunny day, this pair of always-classic wayfarer sunglasses looks fantastic on practically everyone.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love having a customized pair of their all-time favorite shades.
  • Price: $73.86
  • Customizable? Yes


53) 3-in-1 Charging Cable

3-in-1 Black Nylon Braided Charging Cable

  • What is it? A 3-in-1 set of chargers that will charge your phone up quickly with a flexible elastic length to adjust the distance of charging for ease.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love having all the charging cables they could possibly need at their fingertips. Perfect as a desk gadget for the executive assistant or office manager at your company.
  • Price: $4.99
  • Customizable? Yes


54) Tri-Blend Unisex Crew


  • What is it? A butter-soft unisex crewneck t shirt made of sustainable materials — it uses an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This soft, goes-with-anything t shirt will quickly become the first thing your work-from-home coworkers grab when they need to throw something on.
  • Price: $13.20
  • Customizable? Yes


55) Gustav Klimt “Medicine” iPhone Case

  • What is it? The Gustav Klimt “Medicine” iPhone Case is a custom art iPhone case featuring one of the famed Dutch artist Gustav Klimt’s most stunning paintings.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This vibrant red case is accentuated with Klimt’s signature golden octopus-like patterns. The woman pictured is the mythological daughter of God and medicine, Hygeia. The “Medicine” iPhone Case is the perfect way to wish your coworkers good health!
  • Price: $15.50
  • Customizable? Yes


Food Gifts For Coworkers

56) 12 Piece Truffle Box


  • What is it? 12 perfect pieces of chocolatey goodness any coworker with a sweet tooth will enjoy, all presented in a beautiful gift box.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Featuring flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, raspberry, and tiramisu, these chocolate truffles pack a lot of sweet indulgence into 12 rich pieces.
  • Price: $36.95
  • Customizable? Yes


57) Grill Masters Club

  • What is it? Does one of your co-workers boast about their BBQ and squeal about their smoked briskets? Then a subscription to Grill Master’s Club will be the perfect way to say thank you, you’re appreciated or that you simply want an invite to their BBQ party.
  • Why your coworker will love it: If they’re into BBQ then they’ll love this hand selected collection of BBQ goods and supplies hand selected from a certified PitMaster.
  • Price: $24.99
  • Customizable? No


58) Workday Wellness Pack


  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love having items they need to stay well and even feel better.
  • Price: From $70.29
  • Customizable? Yes


59) Boozy Popcorn


  • What is it? Gourmet popcorn in the mind-blowing flavor themes of champagne, amaretto, and bourbon.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love this totally new, grown-up way to enjoy their favorite comforting snack.
  • Price: From $6.83 to $10.23
  • Customizable? Yes


60) Saltwater Taffy Jar


  • What is it? A classic candy jar filled with the fresh-from-the-beach flavors of saltwater taffy.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love escaping to the sun-drenched seashore with every tangy, chewy bite of the same classic taffy from their childhood vacations.
  • Price: From $12.68 to $15.68
  • Customizable? Yes


61) Olive Box


  • What is it? A subscription gift set filled with the big, bold culinary flavors of gourmet olive oil and zippy balsamic vinegar.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Oil and vinegar pair up to create time-tested flavor sensations to enhance salad dressings, pasta dishes, and so much more.
  • Price: $40 a month
  • Customizable? No


Funny Gifts For Coworkers

Need more ideas? Check out these funny gifts for coworkers!

62) Custom Magnets


  • What is it? A classic magnet you can have printed with hilarious and/or awkward pictures of your coworker, manager, or your entire team.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love getting a good nostalgic chuckle each time they visit the fridge.
  • Price: From $0.59 to $0.91
  • Customizable? Yes


63) Season of the Stitch


  • What is it? A delivery of cross-stitch patterns all themed around a different holiday each month.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It’s everything they need to craft and laugh in one handy box.
  • Price: $25 a month
  • Customizable? No


64) Quirky Crate


  • What is it? A box full of 100% silly, quirky goodies, including stationary, socks, and accessories.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll have no idea what’s coming in the next box, but they’ll be beyond excited to find out.
  • Price: $35.83 a month
  • Customizable? No


65) Unicorn Dream Box


  • What is it? A box of all things unicorn—everything your grown-up coworkers need to channel their magical inner child.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love rekindling their childhood love of unicorns while scoring some ironic desk accessories.
  • Price: $38.00 a month
  • Customizable? No


66) Enamel Lapel Pins


  • What is it? A gorgeous, shiny pin that adds the perfect bit of flare to lapels, bags, jackets, and so much more.
  • Why your coworker will love it: This great gift adds an extra kick of character to any outfit.
  • Price: From $1.85 to $6.19
  • Customizable? Yes

Sentimental Gifts For Coworkers

67) Glass Desk Frame


  • What is it? A minimalist frame that’s ready to display your best group photo, maybe from your last team-building event or company retreat.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Its 100% transparent design will blend in with your coworker’s existing decor, no matter what room they choose to display it in. It can also be used as a thoughtful going away gift if your coworker is moving on to a new opportunity and you want to leave them with something to remember the team.
  • Price: From $14.25 to $31.17
  • Customizable? Yes


68) Creativity, Inc., by Ed Catmull


  • What is it? An inspirational book about teams and creativity, dreamed up by the leaders at groundbreaking Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love getting words of inspiration and also practical takeaways that apply to any and all industries.
  • Price: From $28.14 to $45.13
  • Customizable? Yes

Pro-Tip: Many of the items in this post can be bundled together for new employees joining your team. Gifting a new coworker a welcome kit can start their time with your business on a positive note while making that first week a bit less stressful.


69) A New Experience


  • What is it? An experience-based gift that sends your coworker on a new relaxing getaway to enjoy some much-needed time off. The experts at Stadium maintain a catalog of experiences for your coworker to choose their next adventure!
  • Why your coworkers will love it: It will give them the flexibility to plan their experience for whatever suits them. They can go on an exciting adventure, relax during a wellness-inspired retreat, or enjoy their favorite hobby on the team’s dime.
  • Customizable? Yes


70) Mickey Monthly


  • What is it? A box packed with Disney nostalgia and sentimental childhood dreams.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Each box conjures tons of memories; your coworkers will love reconnecting and refocusing on dreams they forgot they had.
  • Price: $10 – $20
  • Customizable? No


71) Purple Vertigo Candle Club

  • What is it? Purple Vertigo Candles is a monthly candle subscription that sends your co-worker a carefully curated collection of seasonally scented candles to help them relax, de-stress and find their zen after work.
  • Why your coworker will love it: We all need some relaxation and these soothing scented candles are the perfect way to help your co-worker take some down time. Each month they’ll be excited to smell the new seasonal scents delivered to their door step in a nicely-packaged thank you gift.
  • Price: $28.33
  • Customizable? No


72) Haus Sampler Kit


  • What is it? This customizable kit lets you sip your way through four natural apéritif flavors of your choosing. Each 200ml bottle is perfectly sized for 2-3 drinks. Just pour on the rocks, or make a cocktail with sparkling water, tonic, or prosecco.
  • Why your coworker will love it: Haus is all about more hangouts and less hangovers, especially during the work week. Its line of apéritifs (low-ABV spirits made popular in Europe) are made with clean ingredients, zero artificial stuff, and minimal sugar, so your coworker can feel good about drinking.
  • Price: $50
  • Customizable? Yes (Choose from a variety of flavors. If you can’t decide between flavors, you can always give them a gift card, too!)


73) The Adults & Crafts Crate

  • What is it? Do you have a co-worker, boss or office buddy that is stressed and needs some relief? A subscription to Adults and Crafts delivers a new crafting project from wood burning to engraving each month. It’ll be the nice break from the stress of work and life to help them relax and release their creative side.
  • Why your coworker will love it: It’s nice to step away from a computer and go back to working and creating with our hands. This fun crafting subscription for adults will give your co-worker some much needed non-work time to rediscover what it’s like to no longer be in front of a screen.
  • Price: $30
  • Customizable? No


74) The Mental Wealth Box

The Mental Wealth Box

  • What is it? A box filled with thoughtful art and mindfulness and compassion prompts to help anyone find or enrich the meaning in their life.
  • Why your coworker will love it: They’ll love the regular reminders to take some time to reflect and refocus their vision and empathy.
  • Price: $44.95
  • Customizable? No


75) Ohza Canned Mimosas & Sangria

OHZA img 1

  • What is it? These bubbly bevs are the ideal gift for the coworker who loves the company happy hour or simply enjoys a glass of sparkling wine after a long day in the office.
  • Why your coworkers will love it: With 80% less sugar and 60% fewer calories than a mimosa or sangria mixed at home or bought out at the bar, these cocktails offer a classic taste without the guilt or sugary hangover.
  • Price: 12-Packs starting at $49 + Free Shipping, and for a limited time receive a FREE 4-pack with any order!
  • Customizable? Yes – mix and match between 6 flavors of mimosa and 2 flavors of sangria

People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Coworkers

Q: What are gifts for coworkers?

  • A: Gifts for coworkers are the physical mechanisms through which you deliver appreciation, admiration, and heartfelt gratitude to the people you work with.

Q: Why are gifts for coworkers important in 2024?

  • A: Gifts for coworkers are important in 2024 because the remote work culture requires us to find meaningful ways to bond and connect. While often taken for granted, daily interactions of people working in the same office produce an intangible sense of connection. These gifts for coworkers will help keep that sense of connection strong across any distance.

Q: What are the benefits of giving gifts to coworkers?

  • A: The benefits of giving gifts to coworkers include solidifying bonds, creating new friendships, spreading goodwill, and enhancing feelings of appreciation.

Q: What are the best gifts for coworkers?

  • A: The best gifts for coworkers include perfectly sized plants, comfy work-from-home clothes, and statement accessories. Choose the best gift for your specific coworker from the selection of ideas in this post.

Q: How do I give a good gift to a coworker working from home?

  • A: Give a good gift to a coworker working from home by considering what might help them work better and more happily throughout the day. Personalization and sentimental value also enhance gifts for colleagues you rarely get to see.

Q: What are some creative gifts for coworkers?

  • A: Some creative gifts for coworkers include a fully customized puzzle, a custom-printed scarf, and a needlepoint DIY subscription box. Find even more gift ideas, including gifts you can make uniquely creative through personalization, in this post.

Q: Are there ways to send a personalized gift to a coworker?

  • A: There are easy ways to send a personalized gift to a coworker. offers a variety of items, from clothing to home office supplies, most of which allow you to customize designs and colors to create a personalized treasure. This list includes personalized gift ideas for any coworker.

Q: What are some thoughtful gifts for coworkers?

  • A: Some thoughtful gifts for coworkers include picture frames, meaningful books, and absolutely anything personalized. Search this guide to find more gift ideas you can make even more thoughtful through personalization features.

Q: What makes a good holiday gift for a coworker?

  • A: A good holiday gift for a coworker should be festive and celebratory enough to commemorate an entire year of fruitful collaborations. These gifts can be practical, but they should have a little extra something, such as sentimental value or humor, that make them stand out from gifts for other occasions.

Q: When should I send a gift to my coworker?

  • A: You should send a gift to your coworker for any event or sentiment you want to acknowledge and celebrate in style. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries are all wonderful events to commemorate with a gift. Find gift ideas for a variety of different people in this post.

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