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3 Ways an Office Snack Delivery Service Will Improve Your Company

By August 19, 2014 April 17th, 2024 One Comment

More than 130 million Americans are employed across the United States every year making workplace wellness an integral component to the wellness of the population as a whole. My guess—a majority of employees feel like Milton Adams, a disgruntled employee with a beloved red stapler depicted in the movie “Office Space.”


Milton Adams from Office Space

Gallup’s 2013 State of the Global Workplace Report found that fewer than 1 in 3 American workers feels engaged at work. Whether this is a result of the work itself, the work environment and/or a multitude of reasons is harder to decipher, but one thing’s for sure: employee wellness is key to a business’s culture, morale & profitability.

I think it’s important to discuss how workplace wellness initiatives can enable and encourage healthful employee behaviors and why that’s a smart business move.

There are three key reasons that corporate wellness programs centered on office snack delivery service (or healthful food procurement in general) can improve company productivity and wellness:

1. Office Managers Save Time & Hassle with an Office Snack Delivery Service

How long does it take an office manager to go to the store, choose the right snacks and bring them back to the office? For many office managers, choosing snacks for the office is a tiresome and time-wasting task.

With SnackNation (, office managers don’t have to worry about sourcing snacks for the office. If you’d like to hear from office managers who have traded up from Costco-trips to SnackNation’s office snack delivery service, we’ve provided two video case studies below.

SnackNation Case Studies:

Tiny Rebellion is an award-winning advertising agency in Santa Monica, CA where SnackNation has made an impression on its office manager and staff. Click below to watch the short inside scoop on why this busy agency made subscribing to an office snack delivery service a priority:

To recap, the top four reasons Tiny Rebellion’s office manager is a proud member of SnackNation:

  1. SnackNation boosts employee morale. “[My colleagues] work very hard and it’s something very simple, but it brings joy.”
  2. SnackNation sparks a transition to healthful food choices. “We made the transition [but] no one has to eat them. But we provide it, they try it and they like it. It’s about initializing the change.”
  3. SnackNation boosts B2B relationships. “One of our clients came in and was amazed and delighted by the snacks that we were providing and they asked where we got the snacks and we told them we got them from SnackNation.”
  4. It saves time & hassle. “It saves me time; I don’t have to go on Amazon and find the correct snacks. Also, it helps me have less stress.” is a Hollywood, CA-based ticketing company now using to fuel its beloved staff. Click below to hear from the office’s manager, CEO and staff on why they love SnackNation:

To recap, here are three reasons is now embracing SnackNation’s office snack delivery service:

  1. Variety. “From a financial perspective, we couldn’t find that range of options—buying them retail—that SnackNation provides.”
  2. It saves time for Rebecca, their office manager. Rebecca saves time and money and was even publicly thanked by the CEO of the company for making the office a more healthful place to work.
  3. Employees love it. “If you walk around, you see everyone hoards their favorite snacks at their desk,” said one employee. “It helps my energy and productivity,” said another employee specifically about her favorite product, IPS All-Natural Chips.


2. A Healthy Office Snack Delivery Service Can Decrease Absenteeism

A recent article published in Nutrition Reviews takes a comprehensive look at the changing landscape of companies’ food procurement policies to improve the food and beverage environment in workplace settings and illustrates the importance of having healthy foods onsite. From the article:

“The importance of creating healthier work environments by providing healthy foods and beverages in worksite cafeterias, in on-site vending machines, and at meetings and conferences is drawing increasing attention. Large employers, federal and state governments, and hospital systems are significant purchasers and providers of food and beverages. The American Heart Association, federal government, and other organizations have created procurement standards to guide healthy purchasing by these entities.”

The research advises: “Improved employee health can benefit the employer through, for example, decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, and lower healthcare costs. Thus, promoting a healthy workplace food environment is not only appropriate and important but also has the potential to be a sound business practice.

In order to beneficially impact cardiovascular health and obesity, employers developing and implementing food procurement policies should make it easier for their employees to access a healthy diet. Generally, the more comprehensive a set of standards, the greater potential they have to promote health; however, there are some key focus areas that could particularly affect population dietary intake, including reducing the intake of sugar- sweetened beverages and sodium and increasing fruit and vegetable intake” [see here for the full study].

3. An Office Snack Delivery Service Can Boost Morale & Culture

A strong and vibrant company culture is one of the most important indicators of a company’s current and future success. In the 2012 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, “Challenges Facing HR Over the Next 10 Years,” the number one concern listed (60 percent of respondents) was “retaining and rewarding the best employees.” Reward is a part of a strong culture and retention is a result of how well that culture is built.

Companies that want to emulate top employers like Google and Facebook can take a page from their culture handbook by offering healthful snack options onsite, such as an office snack delivery service.

In an article in BBC, Lucas Donat, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Tiny Rebellion (SnackNation subscriber!), discussed a study where doctors were incentivized to solve a challenge. He tells us: “Consider the 1995 study of interning doctors who were asked to figure out a medical problem, with one half of the group promised candy when they finished. Yes, you guessed it: the doctors who had sweets waiting for them performed twice as fast — not just because of the reward but because it made them happier to know they had a treat coming.”

While the study is old, it’s a tale as old as time. Incentives work, but they have to be the right ones and they have to be consistent with the office culture.

If you work at an office—would you benefit from having an office snack delivery service onsite? If you work as an office or HR manager, would an office snack delivery service make your life easier?

Want to get started with happier & more productive employees? Get started with your first order of SnackNation’s office snack delivery service HERE or get a free snack sample box by clicking HERE.

One Comment

  • Kate Hansen says:

    Making sure I have enough food to get me through a full work day is always difficult. If I worked for a company that delivered snacks to the offices, I would feel much more satisfied in my own job. I also like how you mention that a health office snack delivery service can decrease absenteeism and motivate employees to show up if they know they are receiving snacks that day.

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