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20+ Latinx-Founded, Women-Founded, And BIPOC-Founded Snack Brands That Are Changing The World

By August 28, 2020 April 17th, 2024

Amplify-Blog-Header-LatinxWhen it comes to curating the delicious snacks, premium coffee and more in our SnackNation boxes, there’s one thing we’ve always been passionate about…

Giving up-and-coming healthier brands the spotlight they deserve and helping you discover exciting new snacks from around the world!

At SnackNation, we’re committed to amplifying diverse voices through our curations. That’s why we launched our Amplify Snack Box to help our Members across the country delight their teams and discover delicious snacks from today’s most innovative Black-founded, women-founded and people of color-founded snack brands.

And with every box delivered, we donate proceeds to community nonprofits plus one meal to Feeding America.

Read on to learn more about the incredible brands featured in our Amplify Snack Box!

Latinx-Founded Snack Brands We Love

1) Ekoa

EkoaCourtesy of Ekoa

Alejandro Restrepo founded Ekoa with one simple tagline – discover simple. Their line of all-natural dried fruit bars quickly became such a hit in their home country of Brazil that they are now found and loved all over the US.


2) Ines Rosales

InesRosalesCourtesy of Inés Rosales

In 1910, Inés Rosales Cabello recovered an old family recipe, the recipe for the Olive Oil Torta. Since then, the company has been carrying on the tradition of hand-crafting each and every torta, following the original recipe.


3) Craize


Courtesy of Craize

Founder Leo Cotter, an Architect by training, traded in his sketchpad for an apron, driven by the dream of bringing his favorite Venezuelan dishes to the masses. He reinvented and modernized the food that’s culturally significant to his heritage in Craize’s line of delicious snacks.


4) Rip Van Wafels


Courtesy of Rip Van Wafels

Cofounder Abhishek (Rip) Pruisken was raised between India and Amsterdam, where he was inspired to improve the Netherlands’ traditional Stroopwafel. After meeting his Brazilian-Dominican cofounder, Marco De Leon, at a college party, the two decided to shake up the snack world with their new take on a classic treat. Rip Van has been certified as a Minority business enterprise (MBE) by the state of Rhode Island, New York and Canada and their sweet treats can now be found in over 12,000 retail locations across the US and Canada.


5) Jana Banana

janabananaCourtesy of Jana Banana

Founder Jana Lopes grew up in Brazil, surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables. After coming to the United States, Jana’s passion for healthy real food led her to create her own filling, nutritious snacks and JanaBanana was born!




Courtesy of IOTA

Founded by skiing gold medalist Jonny Moseley, his wife Malia and Johanna Creighton, Iota started with a dream to create highly nutritious bars rich in protein and fiber without a bunch of unnecessary sugar. They discovered the mighty sunflower seed and the rest is history!


Black-Founded Snack Brands We Love

7) PipsnacksPipcorn

Courtesy of Pipsnacks

In 2012, Jeff Martin was helping his sister, Jen move apartments. When the only food left to eat was a bag of tiny heirloom popcorn kernels – it was the best popcorn they’d ever had so they tracked down the Indiana farmer who grew it from his family’s heirloom stock and started Pipsnacks.


8) Partake FoodsPartake

Courtesy of Partake Foods

Denise Woodard founded Parktake Foods when her daughter, Vivienne, developed food allergies and she couldn’t find allergen-free snacks for her family. Partake’s snacks are deliciously made for just about everyone – from those with restrictions to those who simply want to eat more healthfully.


9) Cleverly

CleverlyCourtesy of Cleverly

Founder Keesha D. Waits has 2 main passions: fitness & baking. After battling with rheumatoid arthritis and finding her way to a grain-free lifestyle, she started Cleverly, creating grain-free snacks and granola.


Women-Founded Snack Brands We Love

10) The Good Bean

TheGoodBeanCourtesy of The Good Bean

Sarah Wallace & Suzanne Slatcher founded The Good Bean in 2010 in Berkeley, California. Their goal was to provide better, healthier snacks for everybody and to support women-led businesses, responsible agriculture, and domestic small farms.


11) Cooper Street

Cooper Street

Courtesy of Cooper Street

When Cooper Street founder and Michigan mom Elaine Surnow found herself unsatisfied with big-company, junk-filled cookie brands, she turned her family’s generations-old cookie recipe into a nationwide hit of delicious nut-free, dairy-free cookies and granola bakes perfect for all.


12) Perfection Snacks

Perfection Snacks

Courtesy of Perfection Snacks

Founder and mompreneur Amy Holyk found her passion for gluten-free snacking after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. Now she creates gluten-free snacks with zero artificial ingredients designed to help everyone feel good and live healthier.


13) Spudsy

spudsyCourtesy of Spudsy

A serial entrepreneur, founder Ashley Rogers first launched the protein-centric food brand Buff Bake in 2014. Now she’s at it again creating delicious sweet potato-based snacks that help save food waste one crispy puff at a time.


14) The Perfect Granola

Perfect Granola

Courtesy of The Perfect Granola

After volunteering at her local food pantry, founder Michele Liddle set out on a mission to create a food company that gave back to those in need. Today, The Perfect Granola creates pure, nourishing snacks while donating 5% of profits to shelters, outreach centers and food banks.


Indigenous & People of Color-Founded Snack Brands We Love

15) Karma Nuts


Courtesy of Karma Nuts

Karma Nuts was founded by Ganesh Nair, who married his Masters from MIT, 10+ years of diabetes care, and his family’s deep legacy in the cashew business. After watching the proliferation of sugary snacks and fried junk food, he saw an opportunity to develop a line of minimally-processed “wrapped” cashews.


16) Dang Foods


Courtesy of Dang Foods

Vincent Kitirattragarn and his brother grew up eating differently, spending their childhoods split between NYC and Bangkok. They created Dang, named after their mom, to share the uniquely Asian-American snacks and flavors they love.


17) Laiki Rice Crackers


Courtesy of Laiki Rice Crackers

Pradeep Akkunoor founded Laiki with one simple mission. To create a cracker as iconic as Triscuits and Bugles without the junk. Their crackers are all about simplicity and innovation with just rice, oil, salt….and nothing else!


18) Fusion Gourmet (Dolcetto)

Fusion Gourmet (Dolcetto)

Courtesy of Fusion Gourmet

Annie Chu, founder of Fusion Gourmet, was driven by passion to continue her grandfather’s legacy of quality foods crafted from rich, local ingredients. 20 years later, Fusion Gourmet continues to source indigenous ingredients from around the world to create the finest confections and snacks.


19) Ocean’s Halo


Courtesy of Ocean’s Halo

Ocean Halo’s story starts with 4 dads – 2 who grew up on potato chips and 2 who grew up on seaweed. In 2011, they created seaweed snacks that were both tasty and good for you at the same time. In the years since, they’ve created a whole ocean of feel good, do good snacks with none of the bad stuff.


20) Harvest Snaps


Courtesy of Harvest Snaps

Harvest Snaps is owned by Calbee International, the largest and most respected snack company in Japan. Calbee International was developed with the intention to harvest the power of nature into everyday snacks by creating tasty food from top quality and natural ingredients.


21) Kibo Foods


Courtesy of Kibo Foods

Rafael Henao founded Kibo Foods in Austin, Texas with the commitment to finding innovative and delicious snacks to utilize nutrition-packed ingredients. They use plant-based ingredients that use less water and contribute to creating a better food future for everyone.


22) Country Archer


Courtesy of Country Archer

Eugene Kang founded Country Archer in 2011 while on a road trip to the Grand Canyon with his aunt. After discovering a small jerky brand and falling in love with their small-batch, grass-fed jerky, Kang dropped out of school at just 21 years old, bought the business from its founder Celestino Mirarchi and learned how to make jerky as his apprentice.


23) Bohana

BohanaCourtesy of Bohana

Cofounder Priyal Bhartia went back to her Indian roots and rediscovered her favorite childhood snack – Popped Water Lily seeds. When Priyal introduced this puffed super snack to fellow cofounder Nadine Habayeb, she was hooked and made it her go-to snack too! The two never looked back and vowed to bring this ancient super snack to free spirit snackers everywhere.


24) Taali Foods

taaliCourtesy of Taali Foods

Husband-and-wife team Aarti and Aditya fell in love with water lily pops in college. After researching and examining numerous flavors and grades of water lily seeds, they finally created five delicious flavors and the best-quality ingredients that worked, and Taali was born.


Any brands we missed? Share your favorite Latinx-Founded, Women-Founded, and BIPOC-Founded Snack Brands in the comments…

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