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Snacks and Workouts for Your Best Body Ever

By March 22, 2018 April 16th, 2024 4 Comments



Do you know why tons of fitness goals fail?


You get stuck in a rut, doing the same tired exercises. Before long, tomorrow always seems like a better day to hit the gym. But guess what? You can bring some excitement back into your fitness routine.

We’ve pulled together a list of heart-pumping, fun fitness activities to help you kick boredom to the curb. Even better—we’ve paired each workout with a healthy snack that provides your body (and your brain) with a satisfying reward.

Try these pairings and you’ll be craving that workout sweat before you even have time to say, “one thousand burpees.”


Snack & Sculpt #1: Popchips Nutter Puffs + Running Bootcamp

If your regular jog is leaving you more excited for Netflix & PJs than Sweating & Sneakers, then it might be time for a challenge. For this, we give you the “running bootcamp.”

Here’s how to get started:

  • Grab some friends. (They bring the fun… and some accountability.)
  • Pick a mileage goal. (Who wants to train for Tough Mudder?)
  • Plan your training program. Start small, adding a few more miles each week until you reach your mileage goal.
  • Buy a whistle. This is mandatory.
  • Start running.

The Snack: Popchips Nutter Puffs


Running bootcamp works up an appetite, but unless you’re a teenage boy, you probably shouldn’t go crazy on french fries or pizza. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself with something that feels like an indulgence (but really isn’t). In fact, we have the perfect sweet, salty, and crispy treat in mind: Popchips Nutter Puffs.

This new offering from the never-disappointing, ever-satisfying Popchips brand packs peanut butter into a convenient, snackable puff. That’s right—you don’t have to eat your peanut butter straight off the spoon anymore. One serving of the flavorful puffs has 130 calories and 5 grams of protein, making it an ideal après-workout treat.

Now you just have to stop blowing that whistle long enough to get some crunching in.


Snack & Sculpt #2: Cello Whisps Cheese Crisps + Crossfit

The adrenaline jolt you get from Crossfit will keep you coming back for more, leaving absolutely no room for something as boring as…boredom.

Crossfit incorporates perpetual motion and intensity. Summary: It’s one of the most stimulating and invigorating workouts you’ll ever try. And if you’re intimidated by some of the jacked Crossfit bros (and ladies) you’ve seen bursting from their muscle tees, don’t be! The program is scalable, meaning you can start in your comfort zone and work you way to fitness nirvana.

The Snack: Cello Whisps Parmesan Cheese and Cello Whisps Cheddar Cheese


You are going to crave salt after that depleting Crossfit workout. That doesn’t mean you have to turn to fried chicken. Just grab a convenient pouch of Cello Whisps. These healthy snacks are salty, satisfying, and clean—they’re made with real wholesome cheese and nothing else.

And while these crisps are super light, they will fill you up with loads of protein and a generous dose of calcium. Your tingling muscles will sigh with pleasure when you take the first bite.


Snack & Sculpt #3: Safe + Fair’s Chocolate Chip Abby’s Cookies + Aerial Fitness

A fitness activity that helps you get a fabulous workout while making memories, aerial fitness will literally lift you out of a streak of workout monotony.

Aerial fitness involves balancing in a luxurious hammock while performing a series of graceful full-body exercises reminiscent of pilates, yoga, and ballet. The moves you’ll practice will make your posture dancer-straight and your core rock hard. Plus, aerial fitness is so much fun, you’ll forget you’re even satisfying your goal of working out.

The Snack: Safe + Fair’s Chocolate Chip Abby’s Cookies


A workout as playful as aerial fitness deserves an equally playful snack. How ’bout a chocolate chip cookie?

No, we’re not crazy! Safe + Fair actually makes a healthy cookie you don’t have to feel bad about eating. Their Chocolate Chip Abby’s Cookies are made from whole wheat flour and non-GMO ingredients. The cookies don’t have nasty trans fats, and a serving has only 120 calories.


Snack & Sculpt #4: Fruit Candies + Spinning

If you’re feeling bored with your workout, just tell your perky spinning instructor. She’ll fix your problem stat.

Spinning is great for mixing up your fitness routine. You get to enjoy upbeat music, constant movement, and the energy of a class full of motivated people. Spinning captures all the childhood fun of riding a bike, but it will also make you sweat like the badass adult you are.

The Snack: Torie & Howard Assorted Flavors Hard Candies and Pomegranate & Nectarine Chewie Fruities


Made using organic sweeteners and wholesome ingredients like beetroot juice and blackcurrant, Torie & Howard’s delightful fruit candies make refreshing rewards for any sweaty spinning session. The candies have no artificial dyes, GMOs, or corn syrup, but they deliver enough fruity flavor to keep your post-workout cravings for sweets at bay. They also provide a healthy dose of vitamin C.


Snack & Sculpt #5: Rise Buddy Sour Cream & Onion Crisps + Paddle-Boarding Yoga

Keep your yoga routine exciting by taking it to the waterfront. Paddle-boarding yoga brings an extra balance challenge to any yoga routine. It requires intense focus to stay on the board, so there’s zero room for complacency. Each awkward splash will motivate you to get back on up and try again.

The Snack: Rise Buddy Sour Cream & Onion Crisps


Don’t weigh down your chakras with heavy junk food. Try light and wholesome Rise Buddy Sour Cream & Onion Crisps instead. These crisps have all the flavor of any greasy potato chip, but they’ll leave you feeling way better. The crisps are baked without trans fats, and they’re gluten-free and absolutely delicious.


Snack & Sculpt #6: Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Puffs + Zumba

If you like dancing even a little bit, then Zumba is the workout for you. Zumba will teach you moves you’ve never seen in your regular aerobics class. The invigorating, uninhibited routines will open your body and your mind to new experiences. Plus, the accompanying music will pump you up. You might even be sad when the workout is over.

The Snack: Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Puffs


Your new Zumba booty deserves a wholesome snack of Pirate’s Booty. These light-as-air cheddar puffs are made from healthy rice and corn, plus real aged white cheddar. That means you can get all the flavor of an entire wheel of cheese without actually eating one. The snacks are gluten-free and contain no artificial colors or preservatives. Plus, the snacks are as light as you’d guess, with only 140 calories per serving. You could totally eat some and go for a second round of Zumba.


Snack & Sculpt #7: Second Nature Dark Chocolate Wholesome Medley + Barre

Channel your inner ballerina while getting into amazing shape with barre. This workout is like a cross between your pilates class and that ballet lesson you took (or meant to take) when you were 8 years old. The moves require balance, coordination, and strength, and as you build your barre muscles, your limbs will start to feel graceful and weightless. You might just develop the desire to shamelessly wear that leotard everywhere. (You earned it!)

The Snack: Second Nature Dark Chocolate Wholesome Medley


A lightly sweet, deeply nutritious snack mix is exactly what your body will be craving after a low-impact bar session. Second Nature’s wholesome medley features protein-packed peanuts and almonds, rich dark chocolate, and tart dried cranberries. The mix delivers protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied until your next meal.


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