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37 Cool Office Supplies For 2024 + Bonus Office Must Haves For Work

By January 6, 2024 April 17th, 2024 164 Comments

fun and cool office supplies

Unique and cool office supplies address many common workplace doldrums.

Our Favorite Cool Office Supplies And Gadgets: 

From grey walls to blandly colored carpets, a pop of color or a splash of humor can help liven up an otherwise dull office.

After all, a bad case of the Mondays can’t get you down when you pull your tape out of a smiling otter tape dispenser or scope out the cool new office wall art.

So if you don’t have the time, money, or energy to face a complete office remodel (or if you just want to make buying cool office stuff a little bit more fun), try investing in some unique office supplies to brighten things up instead.

From cute and quirky to funny and novelty, here’s a list of 37 unique office supplies that’ll liven up your office!

(Note: we’ve included the price of each item and will update pricing as often as possible)


1. Outlet Tower (Recommended by The Assist)

Outlet Tower

This Outlet Tower came highly recommended from The Assist (a free email newsletter for modern professionals) that proves to be a complete game changer for your work space. Whether you’re at home or in the office, the Outlet Tower is a must-have for anyone who needs to keep their devices charged and ready to go.  

Price: $29.99


2. Work From Anywhere Essentials Kit

This Work from Anywhere Kit is a curation of office supply products that help you stay productive and get things done no matter where you are. Whether you’re working from home or your favorite cafe, this kit will help you to work harder and smarter – wherever you are. 

Price: $35


3. Function101 ELEVATE Macbook and iPad Stand by Goody

Function101 ELEVATE Macbook and iPad Stand

Want to look good on camera and feel 100% comfortable when you’re working on your laptop? Look no further than this elegant, minimalistic, yet high-functioning laptop stand designed for Macbooks and iPads.

Set it up in any of four different practical positions so you can find the most ergonomic position for work and video calls. The stand is slim and foldable, so you can tuck it away when you don’t need it. Drop damage is also a thing of the past with this stand because it’s made from lightweight, ultra-durable plastic with rubberized edging. Need we say more?

Price: $50


4. CableCatch Cable Organizer

CableCatch Cable Organizer

Tired of constantly untangling earphones and decluttering cord chaos? This cable organizer is your ticket to your own personal tidy tech haven! All you have to do is stick the CableCatch cable organizer to the side of our desk or side table and place your cables and cords between the soft silicone notches. As simple as that!

Use this tool to organize up to 4 cables/headphones/mouse or keyboard cables and instantly declutter your life!

Price: $12.23


5. Vansuny LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Vansuny LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Illuminate your work space without wearing out your eyes with this eye-caring LED desk lamp.

Its eye-care LED beads give off a soft, flicker-free, anti-glare light that doesn’t fatigue or damage your eyes. It has tempered mood lighting to suit the occasion – whether you’re reading, studying, writing or relaxing. A USB charger is included for added convenience.

Its best feature is that you can expect it to last as long as 21 years with just four hours of daily use!

Price: $24.97


6. MoonPod

Revitalize your workforce with an office gadget that is both functional and relaxing. Melt away in the MoonPod while you send emails or Zoom calls with the team. There is no better way to work in the modern workplace.

Price: $299 and up 


7. Zen in a Package

Zen might just be the most valuable office resource you could ask for. This customizable set cultivates calm with geometric zen designs you get to color in.

Price: $13.55 and up


8. An Otter Tape Dispenser

Just look at this little critter:

otter tape dispenser

Here’s what one person had to say after they bought their otter tape dispenser:


If you’re frantically tossing a presentation together for an emergency meeting and feeling just a little frantic, this little guy should put things in perspective.

Price: $15.79


9. Remote-Controlled Vehicles

Tired of emails? Clip your memos onto an RC vehicle for an epic delivery to Dave down the hall. You could even take a cue from these McClaren employees and host a Friday afternoon grand prix made from an office-supply track.


Prices Vary


10. Healthy Snacks

Think snacks don’t qualify as a supply you need for your office? A recent survey found that while only 16% of offices offer free snacks for their employees, 67% of employees with access to free food reported being “very” or “extremely” happy with their current job.

How many post-it notes have you met that can make employees happy, healthier, and more productive?

Since we know healthy snacks supply your office with a lot of joy, we put them on this list.

Prices Vary


11. Pens That Nobody Will Want to Borrow

Don’t you love it when you let your coworkers borrow your pens only to realize that you have none left?

These pens by PaperJunkie promote some hilariously named businesses:

funny pens

They’re guaranteed to provide a couple of laughs and make you the least popular person from whom to borrow pens.

Price: $6.99


12. Motivational Posters

cool motivational poster for office

Motivational posters for the workplace can be a great idea. You could take the funny route or check out Brit + Co’s list of 21 motivational posters you’ll actually want in your office for some great options.

Price: Starting at $1.98


13. An Extra Hand

Featured on this blogger’s favorite things list, sometimes you just need an extra hand on your desk to help hold your other supplies on your desk:

fist pen holder

If disembodied hands freak you out, any pencil holder can do the same job.

Price: $17.99


14. Carrara Desktop Set

This handy set comes loaded with supplies (including a note pad and a pen cup) and offers an elegant style. The marble design elevates the aesthetic of any office space, and as if that weren’t enough, you can get to print a custom design on the supplies.

Carrara Desktop Set

Price: $13.27 and up 


15. DIY Zen Gardens

Take an afternoon to have a DIY zen garden workshop for your employees. Tons of bloggers have easy instructions for personalized zen gardens—like this colorful one from Dream a Little Bigger:

zen garden

Price: ~$20


16. Awesome Wall Calendars

If you work in an office, knowing the date is usually a good idea. You need to date your documents, countdown to vacation, and keep track of the next holiday on the horizon.

But if you work in an office, you also know how hard it can be to keep track of the date. Here are some DIY wall calendar ideas that will make life just a little easier.

fun office supplies, calendar

Photo belongs to purplevintagespaceprincess via Flikr

Prices Vary


17. Peel and Stick Googly Eyes

googly eyes on keyboard

Just wait until Bill walks into his office and finds his computer staring at him—then you’ll see why peel and stick googly eyes make it onto this list!

Since we’re human, we frequently assign human attributes to inanimate objects…it just feels good! Why not give that natural tendency a helping hand? This site has the perfect sticker packs for a completely silly face.

Price: $4.95


18. A Dammit Doll

Have you ever felt so frustrated at work that you wanted to just throw something against the wall? Of course not, neither have we…

In case you do ever fall victim to that type of frustration, a better outlet might be the Dammit Doll. Grab one of these dolls, and hurl it around to relieve workplace stress. Hey, that’s what they’re made for!

Price: $18.87


19. A Dinosaur Desk Organizer

dinosaur desk organizer

5 stars and 290 reviews (at the time of this writing) makes the dinosaur desk organizer a must-have office supply.

Price: $12.99


Bonus: Emoji stickers

Help your team express themselves with our most beloved universal communications symbol – emoji stickers.

Price: $12.00


20. Tomato Timers

tomato timer

This handy little tool typically found in a kitchen can help you transform that boring little task you’ve been dreading into a game.

Can you finish up before the timer rings?

It could also provide a fun way to make good on your resolution to practice the Pomodoro technique once and for all.

Price: $3.59


21. A Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

solar powered rainbow-maker

A rainbow is one fail-proof way to make the dreariest office more fun. People sing about them, chase them, taste them, and more. To summarize, they make people happy.

Check out the solar-powered rainbow maker here.

Price: $31.99


22. A Posture Monitor

Our friends over at Lumo created a device called Lumo Lift.

You simply place a small sensor on your shirt that gently vibrated when you begin to slouch in your chair. They also have an app that tracks your posture, steps taken, and distance traveled over the course of a day.



Pretty sweet if you ask us!

Price: $79.99


23. A Vinyl Portfolio

Even if you don’t have anything to put in this portfolio yet, it will look professional and sophisticated resting on your desk or tucked under your arm. You can even get to deboss or screenprint this folio with your own custom design. 


Price: $17.79 and up


24. Kind Pencils

recycled pencils

It’s pretty cool to know that your products are better for the environment. That’s why every major brand has been racing to offer “greener” and more environmentally friendly versions of their goods.

These recycled products are not only a modern office supply, they also save trees in the process and cut back on deforestation. Check them out!

Price: $6.00


25. A Supply of Stability Balls and Resistance Bands

fun office supplies stability ball

Employees want more options to improve their health and lifestyle. Keeping some stability balls and resistance bands are a low-budget way of providing just that.

Your team will love getting some extra movement in…and they’ll enjoy some serious health benefits. Check out this combo pack listed on Amazon.

Price: $25.88


26. Color-Coordinated Office Supplies

colorful office supplies

Need one quick rule to make ordinary office supplies more fun? Try bright colors.

These cool office accessories from Poppin in shades like orange, pink, and lime green.

Prices Vary


27. Undercover Games

Not quite as frivolous as a regular table tennis set, these notebooks become paddles and a net whenever the time for a game is right.

Finally, you can have a heart-pumping game of table tennis…and still take notes diligently when the boss walks in.

fun office supplies, table tennis

Price: $20.00


28. Plants

plants for office

This is less of an office supply and more of a necessity for a cool office.

While this office decoration may require a bit of upkeep, it will be completely worth it once you see how much nicer your work area has become. The folks at SnackNation understand the wellness benefits of plants, which means our office is filled with greenery.

While not every plant may be the best choice based on price and required care, a bit of research can help you find the right choice for your desk or work area. You can also take a quick trip to your local garden center to ask a professional.

For more reasons to get your first office plant, check out this list of office plant benefits on the CIPHR blog (Hint: it includes reduced stress, greater productivity, and even softened ambient noise).

Prices Vary


29. Legos

fun office supplies, lego

Since they open the mind to creativity, building blocks have a place in every office. If you wait long enough you might even be able to buy The Office themed Legos. Toys don’t get more office-appropriate than that.

Prices Vary


30. Personalized Anything

Business cards, mugs, post-its…if you can name it, you can personalize it on What’s a more unique office supply that are special for each person?

Deck out your office and boost employee morale with office supplies that scream your company culture.

Prices Vary


31. Computer Sitters

computer sitter

These guys keep you company all day long. And if anyone asks, you can say they’re helping you be more productive… definitely not toys.

Price: $15.00 and up


32. A Palm-Sized Portable Speaker

Toss it, share it, and take it with you everywhere. The latest models of tiny portable speakers can make any office space more fun.

Jam out on Friday afternoons, lighten up a morning meeting, or even enjoy some easy classical listening during your afternoon coffee break.

Price: $29.00 and up


33. Pens That Scan Things

Don’t you sometimes wish you had a magic wand that could transform hard copies into digital files? Would you settle for a pen instead?

This model scans physical items like pictures and text blocks—then makes them digital on a USB!

Price: $49.95


34. These Super Mario Bros Wall Decals

super mario wall graphics

Stick these on any wall of the office for a pop of nostalgia.

Price: $75.00


35. Surface Skins From Blik

desk skin

What’s just as important as office supplies? The tables you put your office supplies on when you’re ready to do some amazing work.

Brand new office tables can run up a pretty penny, but these surface skins will rejuvenate any boring office surfaces for a remarkable price.

Price: $42.00 and up


36. Books

fun office supplies, books

Find books that relate to your company mission, that develop specific skills, or encourage creative thinking. Nothing else can offer so many educational and inspirational things in one small package!

You could even start a tiny library in your office where employees can share books that inspire them.

Prices Vary


37Patterned Wall Tiles From Blik

wall tiles

Just like the surface skins in #31, these patterned wall tiles make it easy to add pops of color and interest to your office without the investment or struggle of paint and wallpaper.

Price: $24.00 and up


38. Roller Notes

roller notes

Roller notes could be the most fun way to leave someone a note…ever.

Price: $10.00


39. Cool Trash Cans

Trash cans are a necessary part of office life, and really, life in general. Since you need them, why not make the ones you stock in your office awesome?

This list of the 10 coolest cans from Oddee should give you the perfect start. These models expand, they contract, they even open via infrared sensors. These are not your father’s trash cans.

Prices Vary


40. Vintage Fountain Pens

fun office supplies, fountain pens

Transport employees to a simpler time of briefcases, typewriters, and of course, ridiculously fancy pens. These pens make the office fun, even if you only use them for show!

Price: $24.00


Bonus: A Desktop Party Pack

desktop party pack

A handy party pack will make sure you never be caught without the ingredients for an impromptu office party again. It’s good to know you always have the tools to make employees feel special…right in your desk drawer!

Price: $8.99

So as you can see, cool office supplies really can make an office shine!

What unique office supplies do you use to perk up your office? Comment below to add your ideas to our list!

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  • Michelle Thomas says:

    In our office, we have these awesome game boards that are also used as functioning art. They look really neat hanging up and can be taken down when you want to play a game. They make the office fun and the colors are so vibrant that it adds a touch of our personalities as well.

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Michelle, this sounds awesome! Could you email me (emils[at] pictures of these at your office? We’d be interested in adding it to the post.

  • Morgan says:

    We have little succulent plants around the office. They are very cute and bring good color into the space. Plus they are small enough to fit on desks and take very little effort to keep alive.

  • Wes says:

    These are some really cool gadgets! I definitely need the posture monitor for myself. I’m definitely going to steal a few of these ideas, thank you!

  • Heidi says:

    The Lumo Lift would be great for our Digital Marketing office where everyone is on the computer, all day long! We have ping-pong set up for our staff, but I really like the idea of adding board games, puzzles and coloring books to give everyone a variety of choices.

    • Emil Shour says:

      Heidi, I’m sure your office would appreciate what you’re planning 🙂 Let us know if you start using the Lumo Lift.

  • Christy says:

    The posture tracker is amazing. I struggle with posture and sitting at a desk all day does not do me any favors. I plan on looking into the tracker. That could help with a lot of back issues. I am happy to have learned about it here!

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Christy, sure thing! Would love to hear your thoughts on the posture tracker if you end up purchasing.

  • Hannah says:

    Love the idea of the table skins, and the cute usb vac. Some really adorable stuff.

  • DeAnn says:

    Love the skins. What a great idea to personalize your work space.

  • Jessica says:

    We use some of these in the office. The Dammit Doll is a favorite right along snack nation!

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Jessica, thanks for the feedback! Cool to hear about offices using some of the stuff mentioned on this list 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    I have that sea otter tape holder on my desk and it makes me so happy every time I see the little guy! I love the ideas in this blog, especially the puzzle table with some adult coloring books available. We also want to have a lego wall (base plates glued to the wall like wall paper and then a big bin of legos for people to build on the wall). Can’t wait to get it set up and see what people create.

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Michelle, please send over pics when you get that lego wall made. I’d love to see how it turns out.

  • Rochelle says:

    I love the dinosaur desk organizer! It can also double as a form of entertainment for when someone has to bring their kid to the office and you have nothing for them to play with 😉

  • Rebecca says:

    An otter tape dispenser! Because, why not? Love it.

  • Chloe says:

    I love decorating my desk with fun flare, and I encourage others in the office to do so as well (especially if they are new!). It’s a great conversation starter when people pass by desks. I can’t wait to go to Japan in a couple weeks and bring back all kinds of fun desk flare for the office (also gives others an excuse to stop by and chat and say “WHAT is that?”).

    ALSO! I made a “bouquet” of flowers which are just fake flowers with sharpies taped to them. People compliment them all the time and then I go “well…. they’re not real- they’re sharpies!”.

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Chloe, thanks for sharing some of the other cool desk supplies you use to give your desk some extra flare! I’m sure you’re going to find some really fun stuff in Japan.

  • Christi Grider says:

    That USB vac is PRECIOUS!!! I am going to purchase one for a coworker who is obsessed with canned air and cleaning her work surface. I shared the Bilk patterned wall tiles and the surface skins with my coworkers – they are (commercial) interior designers.

  • Heidi Sundeen says:

    I love these ideas- I want the mini vacuum and solar-powered rainbow maker right now. It always makes for a brighter day when you can have a little fun at work!

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Heidi, totally agree. We spend the majority of our waking day at the office, so why not make it a more fun environment?

  • Heidi says:

    We already have a lot of these things in our office, but some new great ideas! Always looking for ways to “fun the place up” a bit. I must say though, those pens that “no one wants to steal” would be gone in a heartbeat around here!

  • Jess says:

    Love the affirmation cards! I am printing and passing to staff today 🙂 I love finding little ways to make people smile. I go online as well and find funny sayings, and drop them in people’s offices…it keeps working here fun and upbeat. The world simply needs more laughter to make it a little brighter.

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hi Jess, happy to hear you were able to bring one of the items on this list into your office! And you’re right – laughter belongs in the office.

  • Armand says:

    I would be happy with a standing desk at our office… that and stability ball.

  • Kelley says:

    Love the little dinosaur organizer! It would be perfect for my desk! 🙂

  • I love the idea of the desk skins. It gives people the chance to decorate their workspace without taking up valuable space.

    I had trouble keeping pens at the reception area so I taped daisies to the base of the pens. People love signing or leaving a note for someone with them and they brighten the space.

  • Valerie says:

    Love the little otter! What a cutie!

    We already have a lot of these things in our office but I’m always looking for new ideas! I’m currently searching for easy to maintain low light plants. We have some sunlights throughout office but we’re in an old industrial building that has been converted into office spaces so lighting and direct sunlight are a challenge. Plus, I don’t have much of a green thumb. :/

  • Shelly Doine says:

    I love the desktop sitters. I don’t have much luck with live plants and we currently don’t have any in the office, but I like the idea of some small succulents to add to our work space.

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hi Shelly, see the link in my response to Valerie above. It has some great recommendations on low maintenance plants you can keep at the office.

  • Karen Lujan says:

    Always some great ideas! I think I’ll bring some legos to my office!

  • Aleeza says:

    Awesome ideas! Wish we had some of these!

  • Laurie says:

    There are so many fun ideas here for an office space. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  • Chantelle Chase says:

    Can I have all these? I mostly could use that tiny vacuum 🙂

  • Giulianna says:

    OMG!! Can I please have one of each??

  • TJ says:

    Definitely looking into a few of these. We want to get an “office-warming” gift for each person’s desk when we move into our next office!

  • Sara Caban says:

    We also have a lot of books relating to our field around our office. Some of these ideas are really cute.

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Sara, great to hear your office stocks up on books. I think it’s so valuable for companies to encourage continued learning with things like that.

  • Katie De Matthew says:

    I’m definitely bookmarking the Poppins page with the color coordinated office supplies, we love to incorporate our company’s lime green all over the office. While I love the content in these articles, the comments usual prove to be another great source of inspiration. I love reading everyone else’s ideas too!

    • Emil Shour says:

      Me too, Katie! Our community here is awesome and they always have some great ideas/insights to add to our blog posts.

  • Jeanne says:

    These are great! I’ll need to get some for my co-workers.

  • Rachel says:

    Love these!! I think my favorite is the rainbow maker!

  • Lauren says:

    I love these ideas!! My desk once got raided by one of my friends…googley eyes galore! I left them up though because it was so funny.

  • Sophia says:

    Very cool DIY Zen Garden tutorial!

  • Kelly says:

    I was gifted a dammit doll a loooong time ago, and while at first I thought it was silly, having something to toss and bang around actually relived my frustrations! I could easily see those being a hit in the office too 🙂

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hey Kelly,

      I had never heard about the dammit doll until this post, but I think they’re hilarious. Cool to hear that you found them useful for relieving stress.

  • Darlene H says:

    I just immediately purchased coloring books and colored pencils/sharpeners for my office just now. I have no idea if folks will be into it, but it can’t hurt to drop a few in the common areas and see if there are any takers! Thank you for the idea!

  • leelee says:

    love these!

  • Erin B. says:

    I’ve long been a proponent of plants being beneficial in an office for many reasons, so was excited to see the list of benefits here that I can share – finally, validation! Also, I must have the Roller Notes – so cool! Lastly, my IT team will be stoked to see a few sets of Legos in their collaboration room – thanks for the great ideas!

  • Chelsey says:

    I want the solar-powered rainbow maker so much and am trying to figure out how to budget it for the office. I think the addition of rainbows on sunny days would be a wonderful boost for my teams. Great find!

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hi Chelsey,

      It’s really cool, right? Ashley found some amazing ideas to include in this list. I had never even heard of 75% of these!

  • Alice says:

    The coloring books and puzzles station is an awesome idea. I also really like the stretchers/ yoga ball room idea. I have plans in place to set those up immediately! Thanks for the great ideas.

  • Stacey says:

    Love the Lumo Lift! We already have a few people interested in ordering them.

    • Emil Shour says:

      That’s great, Stacey! The wearable technology that’s been released lately is astonishing. It’s great to see the movement to improve our health in the office.

  • Laura Stevens says:

    I have visited this page a couple of times… so many great ideas! I have brought smiles to the office from the Knock Knock products and the Pens No One Wants!

    I also took up the plant challenge and added low light plants and they really light up the office and clean out the toxins!

    So many great ideas! Thank you!

  • Chantal D says:

    This gives me some ideas for our office! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  • Shelley says:

    We just started snacking with SnackNation last week (HUGE hit!), but I’ve been doing motivational signs on my door for some time now. I like to mix up the motivationals such as “If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” with some de-motivators to make people laugh (a favorite is, “Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all the unhappy people”). It keeps the office engaged and results in communication that works. I need to add stuff from Knock Knock and the pens no one will want to borrow to my repertoire!

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hi Shelley,

      Great to hear that SnackNation has been well received in your office 🙂 It really brightens our team’s day when we get feedback like that.

      And your de-motivational signs are hilarious!

  • Anita Maasen says:

    Ha, there are a few people in our office who could use the posture notifier (including me!) for sure. We have a bucket of soft/friendly toys like those rubber squishy balls that folks can throw or squeeze when needed. I am going to have to order those pens for the guy who sits across from me and gets a kick out of stealing pens with my name on them – that’ll teach him!

    • Emil Shour says:

      Hi Anita, thanks for the additional office supply idea. I’m sure those toys help people destress.

  • Dawn Glinn says:

    Would love to get the USB vacuum for the office

  • Shaneka says:

    Really love this list and can’t wait to get my hands on some computer sitters. I wonder if they have USB fans instead of vacuums, since summer is just around the corner! 🙂

  • Katie V says:

    Love the USB vacuum!! I have a gold frenchie tape dispenser on my desk from target…. get compliments all the time 😉

  • Joy Smith says:

    Some of the fun things we have done to add a cool factor to the office is themed conference rooms. Ex: One office is set up with wall decals of old nintendo games and the entire room is decorated around that. One wall is the Mario Brothers game. PacMan is another wall. Another room is our social media room with #chalkboards and posters of the popular media sites. Our next venture is going to be trying out the standing desks.

  • Kate says:

    Kikkerland has a really cool concrete planter for succulents that also works as a pen holder.

  • Lisa says:

    Those pens would either make you the least popular person to borrow pens from, or the most popular depending on your office’s sense of humor 🙂

  • Hannah says:

    Super fun ideas! I think plants are a huge part of making a workplace happier and brighter as well.

  • Kaleb says:

    This is a great, unique list. I’ve never seen the vacuum before. At trade shows, #20 “Kind Pens” and #27 “Computer Sitting” have become really popular giveaway items.

  • Mary says:

    These are really cool ideas. Our desks just have all the standard stuff, but a few of the walls in our open area have painted wall murals. These seem to jazz up the area and our conversation starters for new clients and vendors.

  • rachel says:

    our office loves the perk of snacks and healthy snacks makes our owners very happy!

  • Lisa says:

    Fantastic ideas! As a marketer, I can’t help but point out the typo in the headline for the pens – “burrow” should be “borrow.”

  • Rebecca says:

    Great ideas that make the workplace fun!!

  • Kellyn says:

    Our office is pretty strict on what we can and can not have. Unfortunately none of these fun supplies would be allowed. We are a fun office but when we moved to a new location all the fun unique supplies were switched to a uniform.

  • Mika says:

    We’ve got a ping pong table, and some white boards that double for business and fun, but I see lots of things here that would be great to add! Very excited to browse through everything.

  • Ben McNabb says:

    Great article! Anything that brings joy to employees is a great idea in my book. The dinosaur desk organizer is really fun!

  • Sarah Stinchfield says:

    Such cute ideas! I really love all the love you give to other companies providing awesome tools for offices. Always good to spread it around. 🙂

  • Chelsey says:

    Love the table covers! Great idea!!

  • Andile says:

    I love this article. Can’t wait to try all these new gadgets.

  • John says:

    Loving the idea Lumo Lift is professing. We recently began ordering exercise balls for our office to use as chairs, and those paired with a Lumo could create positive strides for anyone’s posture/core.

  • Christina says:

    The plants really “spruce”d up our office 😉

    We also went to ikea and bought small desk plants for our employees.

  • Desiree says:

    We did Poppin accessories for all of our staff and it was a hit (everyone got to pick their own colors).

    Another item that went over super well were customized SkullCandy headphones. Each employee got a branded set as part of their onboarding.

  • Dawn says:

    Surface Skins from Blik – What a great idea! Most office furniture (desks) are so plain 🙂 here’s to a bit more expression in the work place!

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m visiting the Knock Knock site now!!!

  • Ana says:

    I want ALL of these! Great way to add some spunk to my cubicle 🙂

  • Stacey says:

    These are so cute and fun!

  • Faylinn says:

    I’m about to start my first full-time job and so I want to get really cool supplies for my office. I especially like the idea of getting computer sitters and might try and see if there are any that I would particularly like. However, I also like the idea of getting Legos that I could use to help me think better whenever I get into a rut.

  • Sherry M says:

    Honestly, I would just need a much larger desk and I would be happy, but once that happens, I am definitely gonna cover it in Pusheen goodies.

  • Lindsay says:

    I love the DIY Zen Garden. That would really help the folks here including myself relax during a stressful day. Also, love the pens with the funny sayings. My pens are always disappearing and that would hopefully make it stop 🙂

  • Brett says:

    We offered stability balls to employees. They love them. The resistance bands are intriguing and something we will have to investigate.

  • Anna says:

    We have a few hoola hoops, mini corn-hole boards, and a golf putting strip to encourage employees to take short breaks throughout the day.

    I love the idea of stability balls, and have been looking into offering coloring books/supplies as our phone reps can get quite stressed! I had never heard of the posture gadget – might have to get one of those for myself!

  • Donna says:

    #3 is my favorite!

  • Kathy Boykoff says:

    I literally laughed out loud reading the pens! Too funny! I do love the idea for the adult coloring books and puzzles, I think it would be a great addition to our little office nook 🙂

  • Denali Swisher says:

    Love the patterned walls – how fun! I’m in the midst of sprucing up my own work space and may consider this.

  • Maris says:

    Love the USB vacuum and exercise balls! We are a team that loves cleanliness and fitness. They’d be perfect.

  • Jess says:

    I put a Buddha Board in our office for our creative folks to express their inner artist…and I also received the hilarious pens that were mentioned below and put them at a table near my desk. A few have disappeared so I’m sure someone is getting a laugh at the “Verdant Fields Nudist Camp” pen they ended up with 🙂

  • Judi Fixler says:

    Just subscribed to “Office Playground”. Thanks!

  • Stephanny Morales says:

    I love all these ideas adult coloring books??!! Trying some of these for sure.

  • Ashley Goodwin says:

    These are great ideas! I have a flower tape dispenser that really brightens my day but I would love one of the computer sitters in my area!

  • Josh says:

    Who doesn’t love super mario?

  • Hi Ashley,

    This was a very fun read, indeed. I especially liked the pens that nobody will want to borrow; so funny. If it were me, I would borrow one of those pens, but do what I needed to do right in front of the lender and give the pen right back. Lol! Anyway, when it comes to work, we do not usually think of fun and clever ways of doing things, so this is what makes your post an even better read. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas.

  • Susan Gustafson says:

    Cool stuff – can see many of the younglings liking this.

  • Christina Swords says:

    I need that mini USB vacuum, my desk gets so messy from dirt and crumbs, that would be so handy! Also, those funny pens are too great, employees are constantly grabbing pens from my pencil cup and forget to (or purposely don’t) return them. Besides, I would just have fun on my own reading the pens. These are definitely on my list.

  • Emer says:


  • Sharon says:


  • Jennifer says:

    Some of these are so fun! We are still in start up phase, but I love these ideas as ways to spice up the office!

  • Cindy says:

    Some fun ideas! I wish we had stability balls in our office…that would be a nice office supply to have.

  • Justin Jones says:

    Another cool office supply idea is the kinkajou bottle cutter. Makes make your own desktop pen holders.

  • Jackie Schroeder says:

    I am currently looking for an awesome pencil cup, and love the one above! I also am all for the roller sticky notes 🙂

  • Raquel says:

    Love the skins and succulent plants! Great ideas

  • Elb says:

    Sweet! Thanks.

  • Lawrence says:

    Offices can be pretty dull when you don’t have the tools to spice them up. These are all great things to help you make your office life a little more interesting. I really liked the motivational posters and having the rc cars in the office. I have never heard of a mini usb vacuum but it looked funny. I’m sure many people would love to have something like that. Thanks for sharing these cool ideas!

  • Melissa says:

    #19 was pretty funny! Would definitely like to try some of these at my office!

  • Marina Morales says:

    I love the adult coloring book idea. We currently have games and a mini golf option but may need to add the coloring book to the mix.

  • melissa says:

    I am doing the pen for my call center – thank you for the idea 🙂

  • Brendan whalen says:

    I will admit to using the pens nobody want to steal. Haven’t lost them in a while. Also love the undercover game ping pony idea!

  • Jake Smith says:

    I love how some of these can be considered unnecessary, yet they can bring a lot of happiness to the workplace!

  • Kevin Li says:

    These are all great ideas! Would love to give them out as gifts at the office.

  • John Krause says:

    I really do want all of these. Would be awesome little gifts at the office.

  • Aeon Nexus says:

    Awesome, super inspiring!

  • Luke Yancey says:

    These are such cool items! I like that they are available for such a cheap price too! I think my favorite was the Yoda figurine that sits on top of your computer. It would brighten my day every day while working. Thanks for the cool ideas.

  • Mecham says:

    Truly great ideas to help make the office fun!

  • Waqar Tariq says:

    Amazing! This is really a helpful list of gadgets for my daily routine task.

  • Great ideas in the post. This may sound boring but my favourite is the plants suggestion. It brings a natural feel to the office, allowing for the outdoors to be felt inside, and it helps with refreshing the oxygen within the office space. Definitely my fav I think! 🙂

  • Scott Adams says:

    I like how you said that fountain pens make the office fun. I have been buying new office supplies, and I’ve been looking for something fun to add. I can see how a fountain pen would accomplish this. Thanks for the tip!

  • Hayden says:

    I can’t get over the computer sitters and super mario wall decals!

    Awesome ideas here.

  • What a nice way to revitalize the office workspace. You can even make your working comfortable by using Tablet Holder,Projector Mounts /Ceiling mounts and many more.

  • Mike Desouza says:

    I absolutely love the Super Mario Bros wall decals. It actually looks like you are inside the game! Being 7 years old when the original NES came out they bring my favorite childhood fantasies to life!

  • Angela Hall says:

    I liked Patterned Wall Tiles from Blik from your blog the most. BDW what’s computer sitters??

  • Kathy says:

    Super inspiring! Really helpful list of gadgets. Thanks for your idea.

  • When we buy used furniture we should take care about some deeply aspects. sometime due to little bit knowledge about relevant facts people buy low quality furniture. you are really helping people by providing the information that which things are necessary to be cared while buying used furniture.

  • Dina Patel says:

    Great post!
    Access Control Systems are pretty awesome, they not only incorporate technology and innovation but also enhance the security of your workplace.

  • Laura says:

    GREAT ideas! Maybe even some of the office curmudgeons will smile 🙂
    PS I wasn’t able to download the PDF. I tried in Explorer and Chrome.

  • Rusty Schwab says:

    Im searching for an Item I have seen before I think its called an activity wheel it was small sits on your desk and it was made of brass you spin the wheel and the arrow points to different things like ,,eat,,sleep,,break,,clean desk,, any one know where I can find this I saw one before but cant remember where,,is there another web sight I can go to,,that would have it,,

  • Kids Care says:

    Thanks for your perfect article. This will help. This was a life saver for me

  • Healfit Shop says:

    We also have a lot of books relating to our field around our office. Some of these ideas are really cute.

  • Great Ideas and Perfect Article and check with us for the amazing desk accessories

  • This is really a Awesome wall calendars. We currently don’t have any calendar in our office. we are interested in it.

  • Stephen says:

    Awesome ideas! These are some really cool gadgets!

  • This is such a great list. I was really drawn to that cute computer sitter and as a Star Wars fan, I am buying one now! I only discovered something like this today lol

  • Fenella says:

    Great list! I actually use the mini USB vacuum! would definitely recommend it.

  • I’m in love with your list and am eager to obtain some pc sitters. Summer is almost here, so I wonder if they have USB fans instead of vacuums!

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