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SnackNation’s Top 10 CPG Trends of 2018

By December 7, 2018 July 22nd, 2021 No Comments

2018 cpg trends

From the Keto explosion to allergy-free food tech, 2018 has been a year of disruptive CPG trends. Our snack experts have been keeping a pulse on it all, scouring Expo floors and tracking our Members’ favorites. Plus, our acquisition of Love With Food and its data insights platform EdgiLife gives us an even deeper look at what our Members love.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 CPG trends that dominated 2018 and are expected to drive the new wave of 2019 innovations.


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Seaweed Makes Waves  

2018 cpg trends

Consumer demand for the salty, vitamin-packed macroalgae has urged brands to develop different formulations – Think tempura seaweed snacks and seaweed rice bites.

SN Favorite: Nora Snacks


Say Cheese

2018 cpg trends

Cheese has never been so snackable. Brands have unlocked the key to delivering 100% cheese in packable form: as a solo snack, a wine’s partner in crime, or a dip’s favorite chip.

SN Favorite: Parm Crisps


The Dark Side

2018 cpg trends

A complete 180 from 2017’s unicorn colored everything, black-hued foods have made their mark. From activated charcoal in lemonade to vegetable ash covered goat cheese, black is the new black.

SN Favorite: Eden Foods


Eating Your Collagen

2018 cpg trends

Brands are taking collagen supplements off the shelves and putting them in jerkies, bars and bites, delivering the same high quality snacks with even more health benefits.

SN Favorite: Country Archer Jerky Bars with Poultry Collagen  


A New Way to Wrap

2018 cpg trends

Brands have listened to the masses and are ditching the carbs and gluten for sandwich and wrap alternatives, winning the hearts of Paleo and Keto tribes in the process.

SN Favorite: Sunfood SUPERFOODS Raw Organic Coconut Wraps


Grain-Free For All

2018 cpg trends

No longer reserved for the gluten intolerant, some Millennial consumers are choosing gluten-free and even nixing all grains from their diet. Cue brands bringing their best grain-free puffs, bars, granolas, and more to market aisles.

SN Favorite: Jackson’s Honest Grain-Free Puffs


Grab a Bite

2018 cpg trends

While the snack bar is still tried and true, brands are having fun playing with different formulations that take on the shape of bites and balls.

SN Favorite: TCHO Bites


Hello Keto

2018 cpg trends

The high fat, low carb diet has officially arrived. While it’s been around for years, CPG brands are now speaking directly to the tribe with ‘Keto-friendly’ callouts on product packaging.

SN Favorite: Bhu Fit Foods


Bold, Beautiful Packaging

2018 cpg trends

Gone are the days of heavy text and neutral colors. Brands, whether emerging or recently rebranded, are coming in strong with bright colors, bold fonts and white space.

SN Favorite: SmartSweets


Turmeric to the Rescue

2018 cpg trends

The vibrant orange powder has become a household name for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Now get the good mood fix can be found in your cereal or mid-day shake.

SN Favorite: Nature’s Path Organic Golden Turmeric Cereal


What were your favorite CPG trends of 2018? We want to know! Let us know in the comments below. 

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