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45 Memorable Farewell & Going Away Gifts To Send Off Your Coworker In Style! 🎁

By February 6, 2024 March 26th, 2024

Saying goodbye never gets easier, does it?

When you care about someone, the idea of a final farewell weighs heavy on the heart. While both of you are left with memories, you can turn it into a bittersweet occasion by sending them off with a going away gift to help them remember how missed they are and will always be.

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” — J.M. Barrie

It’s human nature to want to know that we’re loved and will be remembered. This is the chance to celebrate your time together.

Farewell And Going Away Gifts

We’ve carefully curated a list of the most memorable going away gifts so that neither of you will be forgetting the good times.

Without further ado, check out these bucket-list-worthy options for send off and farewell gifts for your colleagues!

Farewell & Going Away Gifts For Coworkers

1. Plan a Going Away Lunch with Hoppier


What it is: Instead of focusing on the ordering, wrapping, and physical gifting for your departing employee, try sending them off with a team celebration lunch! With an experience-based gift, your colleague will be inspired by their new life change and be able to enjoy one last party with their colleagues.

Why we love it: Your party planner can work with Hoppier to order pizza, use a lunch delivery service, or purchase a few alcoholic beverages to get your going away party going!

Price: Talk to Hoppier to set up custom pricing for your going away party

Where to Get it: Hoppier


2. Succulent Gift Box

Succulent Gift Box

What it is: Everyone’s favorite houseplant arrives in style! The Succulent Gift Box is the perfect housewarming gift or chance to leave your coworker with a feel-good gift for their next big step in life!

Why we love it: In addition to a personalized retirement wish, your coworker, friend, or employee will be delighted to open up a scented candle, sugar scrub, and a succulent.

Price: $16.49+

Where to Get it: Succulent Gift Box


3. The Dundie Award

What it is: The Dundie Award is The Office-themed gift specially created to celebrate the life and achievements of your coworkers.

Why we love it: You can customize the Dundie Award with any message you’d like! This lets you celebrate your departing coworker in a silly way like “Best Sandwich Eater” or in a serious way like an award for the “Best Coworker That Ever Left.”

Price: $16.99

Where to Get it: The Dundie Award


4. Let Them Choose!


What it is: A vast catalog of employee gifts available on the Stadium platform that the departing employee can explore and choose the gift that best suits them. Take the guesswork out of gifting while still honoring your colleague with a little something from the team.

Why we love it: It is a great way to celebrate them by ensuring that your coworker chooses a going away gift that will be memorable.

Price: Starting at $25

Where to Get it: Let Them Choose!


5. GroupTogether Card & AnyCard

What it is: GroupTogether lets the whole team chip in for a gift and sign the card remotely. Then choose from 150+ eGift Cards, or give the AnyCard and let them choose.

Why we love it: The whole thing is so easy to organize, it’s all done online in 2 mins and you can print or send the gift digitally. The card with messages and pics from the team looks incredible!

Price: Free to use

Where to Get it: Group Together


6. Signature Guestbook

Signature Guestbook

What it is: Remember at the end of every school year how kids would go around signing each other’s yearbooks? The Signature Guestbook replicates that feeling — you know, the kind where people tell you how they really feel about you and vice-versa?

Why we love it: This personalized farewell gift gives everyone an opportunity to write a special message to the boss, coworker, or employee heading off into their next role or opportunity.

Price: $12.92

Where to Get it: Signature Guestbook


7. AAPI-Owned Gift Box


What it is: The easiest way to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month this May is to make purchases that support it. That’s why this gift box idea from Goody is an extra smart decision because it rallies behind women-founded, Latino-founded, BIPOC-founded, and AAPI-owned brands.

Why we love it: Choose from an ever-expanding catalog of gifts and premium items that support small business owners. Additionally, you can even donate a portion of your gifting budget to a charity or nonprofit like Black Girls Code.

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to Get it: AAPI-Owned Gift Box


8. Personalized Notebook

Personalized Notebook

What it is: The Personalized Notebook is a great going away gift for bosses and coworkers alike because it looks and feels like it was made just for them!

Why we love it: This custom engraved leather journal is elegant, chic, and comes in a variety of purchasing options.

Price: $9.50+

Where to Get it: Personalized Notebook


9. CareCards


What it is: CareCards is a FREE group Ecard tool that lets distributed teams celebrate their departing coworker with a personalized going away present from the entire team!

Why we love it: It is super easy to set up and can be personalized for each employee you send it to! Plus, the team at Caroo makes it easy to attach a gift card or going away gift via their gifting catalog!

Price: FREE

Where to Get it: CareCards

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10. Custom Artwork – Cartoon Edition

What it is: A piece of personalized artwork to send them on their next opportunity with a memorable keepsake that doubles as a cool new addition to their workspace. Available as a digital print or a framed print to adorn any office wall!

Why we love it: The artwork is not only iconic but perfect to spice up their next workstation. Also, isn’t it everyone’s secret wish to be a cartoon character?!

Price: $40

Where to Get it: Custom Artwork – Cartoon Edition


11. Dear Traitor Mug

What it is: This funny going away gift for coworkers teases about their imminent farewell with a tongue-in-cheek message “Dear Traitor, good luck finding better coworkers than us. — your not heartbroken friend.”

Why we love it: The Dear Traitors Mug will let your coworker drink coffee — and perhaps the bittersweet tears of you and their other work best friends. Besides that, it’s a funny way of saying, “I’m going to miss you…a lot.”

Price: $12.50

Where to Get it: Dear Traitor Mug


12. City Brew Tours Beer Club

Brews Less Traveled web image

What it is: The City Brew Tours Beer Club is a beer box membership that delivers 8-16 delicious craft brews from a new American craft beer scene every month.

Why we love it: It is a gift that keeps on giving! Simply sign them up and your beer-loving coworker will be able to enjoy new breweries via a convenient beer kit shipped right to their doorstep.

Price: $69.99 / month and up

Where to Get it: City Brew Tours Beer Club


13. Wine Barrel Hanging Bar

What it is: The Personalized Wine Barrel Hanging Bar is a unique and stylish way to commemorate someone’s time with your company. Plus, it can be used as a functional bar in their home.

Why we love it: The recipient can choose to add their name and special date on it, which will be stamped onto the wood in an old-world style font. It’s sure to become a keepsake that they’ll cherish for years to come!

Price: $250

Where to Get it: Wine Barrel Hanging Bar


14. Send A Digital Reward!

Caroo Gift Cards

What it is: An easy-to-use gifting platform that allows you to send scalable digital gift to departing employees. With access to Amazon’s product catalog and an entire library of gifting options — there is something for everyone!

Why we love it: You no longer have to worry about searching, selecting, and ordering the right gift. This service will simply notify them to wish them luck and choose the right vendor to buy them something nice!

Price: Starting at $5

Where to Get it: Check out the gift catalog!


15. Legend Mug

What it is: Legend Mug is the perfect leaving job present and gag gift for its playful message — I used to work with legends. This ceramic white mug is double-sided with words printed on the front and the backside of the cup. There is also a T-Shirt version that can be found here.

Why we love it: This dishwasher and microwave-safe mug is individually pressed so the letters never peel off and the high-gloss ceramic material lends to its durability.

Price: $12.50+

Where to Get it: Legend Mug


16. Beer & Cheese Experience

Beer & Cheese web image

What it is: Celebrate your departing colleague with a party that will bring everyone together to sip some craft beer, try artisan cheeses, and snacks and learn the ins and outs of beer tasting in a lively virtual setting.

Why we love it: It not only gifts your team members a fully loaded beer box packed with new beers to try but this brew kit also gets everyone together to send off your coworker the right way!

Price: Click here for a quote

Where to Get it: Beer & Cheese Experience


Farewell & Going Away Gifts For Boss

17. Personalized Poster

Personalized Poster

What it is: The Personalized Poster is a customizable poster that you can order for your soon-to-be-gone coworker as a metal print, canvas print, or photographic paper print.

Why we love it: This canopy of bold colors forms a spectacular tree, which has a quote about mentorship below. The Personalized Poster is ideal for that coworker or boss who really gave you great advice and helped improve your life and career.

Price: $28+

Where to Get it: Personalized Poster


18. Wild Child Wines

What it is: A curated wine box of eight mini-bottles for your departing employee to try out some new varietals. This collection of Italinan, Spanish, And Portuguese wines will transport them to the Old World as they get to try not one, not two, but eight different wines that arrive right at your doorstep.

Why we love it: The Wild Child Wines box comes with a booklet with tasting notes and food pairing options. Perfect for wine tasting night at home or on vacation!

Price: $65

Where to Get it: Wild Child Wines


19. Personalized Golf Bag Towel

Personalized Golf Bag TowelWhat it is: Personalized Golf Bag Towel is a lightweight, monogrammed hand towel with golf clubs, golf ball and tee, and your departing co-workers name on it!

Why we love it: The towel comes with a hook and grommet attached to the top. Now your golf loving coworker will have all the time in the world to hit the greens and make good use of their custom gift.

Price: $20+

Where to Get it: Personalized Gold Bag Towel


20. Holiday Cocktail Kit


What it is: Instead of giving your coworker a gift card or another water bottle as a going away gift, why not give them a delicious cocktail experience to enjoy during the holidays?

Why we love it: This going away experience allows your coworkers to get together one last time while learning how to make two delicious winter-themed beverages. Whether they’re going to be riding off into the sunset in retirement or starting a new position after the New Year, this is one of the best going away gifts for the perfect send-off.

Price: $95 + Host fee

Where to Get it: Holiday Cocktail Kit


Farewell & Going Away Gifts for Employees

21. Success Crate

Success Crate

What it is: The Success Crate is the self-improvement farewell gift for people looking to live a life of learning! This personal development kit helps employees, entrepreneurs, and everyday folk become the best version of themselves by clarifying their vision, focus, and goals.

Why we love it: The Success Crate features books from New York Time Best Sellers, exclusive workouts, step-by-step activity sheets, personal development tools and accessories, seminars, and much, much more.

Price: $33.33/month

Where to Get it: Success Crate


22. Mini Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

What it is: Throw out the egg nog this holiday season, and bring in the vino. This advent calendar is unlike anything you’ve seen before with 24 premium wines in mini bottles to enjoy this year.

Why we love it: A kind of farewell gift that is not soon forgotten, your boss will sample their way through a new wine varietal each night.

Price: $135

Where to Get it: Mini Wine Bottle Advent Calendar


23. Book Club Box

Book Club Box

What it is: Book Club Box is the ultimate send-off gift for your coworkers, employees, or friends who love reading. Once Upon A Book Club is an interactive monthly book subscription that contains 3-5 wrapped books.

Why we love it: The books included in this book box are diverse and inclusive so nobody feels left out. Additionally, the box comes with custom gifts created especially for each story.

Price: $32.50 / mo

Where to Get it: Book Club Box


24. Remote Office Pack


What it is: Perhaps your coworker is going on a sabbatical, or maybe they’re ditching the office to live the remote work life. Either way, the Remote Office Pack is the functional backpack for citizens of the world!

Why we love it: This custom travel pack comes with a copper vacuum insulated mug, a plastic door hanger, and sock club knit socks in a custom mailer box.

Price: $47.87

Where to Get it: Remote Office Pack


25. Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience

What it is: This delicious going away gift delivers an expertly curated box of wines and gourmet snacks to pair.

Why we love it: The Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience includes live, virtual wine tasting education from an experienced and fun host. Your guest of honor gets to learn how to taste wine like an expert before pairing wines with cheeses and other elevated snacks.

Price: $115

Where to get it: Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience


Farewell & Going Away Gifts For Friends

26. Piranha Desk Plant

Piranha Desk Plant

What it is: The Piranha Desk Plant is the maintenance-free faux potted plant for those who don’t have the green thumb or for those who simply prefer the flora without the extra effort.

Why we love it: This nature-inspired aesthetic touch fits neatly on coffee tables, in-home offices, and on the dining room table.

Price: $14+

Where to Get it: Piranha Desk Plant


27. Shippable Going Away Experience


What it is: Whether you are looking for a fun way to say goodbye or a meaningful way to show your appreciation, a going away experience will show your coworker or employee how much they mean to you.

Why we love it: Not only will your coworker appreciate the gesture, but they’ll also be able to bond with their colleagues and build team morale. So when it’s time to say goodbye, you can rest assured that your coworker will have fond memories of their time at the company.

Price: Pricing varies depending on which kit you select

Where to Get it: For some more ideas, check out some shippable activities…


28. In Good Taste: Gift Card

In Good Taste Gift Card

What it is: The In Good Taste Gift Card is perfect for when you aren’t quite sure exactly what to get them — but you want to make sure the gift is given in good taste!

Why we love it: In Good Taste offers some of the finest options when it comes to wine, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that tastes less than extraordinary here.

Price: $25 to $200

Where to Get it: In Good Taste


29. The Weekender


What it is: The Weekender is a throwback to the era of masonry. This mason bag is durable, stylish, and customizable.

Why we love it: This heavy-duty, reinforced canvas bag is built-to-last, boasts a spacious interior with more than enough room for a laptop, and handles, and other ergonomic design elements.

Price: $30

Where to Get it: The Weekender


30. Here’s To You


What it is: Here’s To You is a variety pack of spa day gifts so your coworker or employee can enjoy a little R&R wherever life takes them next!

Why we love it: In addition to supporting women overcoming addiction and abuse, as well as catalyzing economic development in Africa and India, Here’s To You features a handcrafted soy lavender sprig candle, moisturizing all-natural lavender hand lotion, activated charcoal, and eucalyptus bar soap made with essential oils, and all-natural lip balm infused with mint and thyme.

Price: $55

Where to Get it: Here’s To You


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Personalized Farewell & Going Away Gifts

31. Penspiration & Planning

What it is: Penspiration & Planning is the stationery subscription box with themed stationery and planning products as well as unique themes to accompany every shipment.

Why we love it: Every product included in Penspiration & Planning is carefully curated and exclusive.

Price: $54.99/month

Where to Get it: Penspiration & Planning


32. Virtual Fiesta in Spain

What it is: A hysterical roller coaster ride of laughter to beautiful Barcelona – virtually of course, with Woyago!

Why we love it: This immersive adventure will whisk your team off to Spain in a playful storytelling experience all about Barcelona’s quirky and wacky culture. From dragons and sacrificial virgins to pooping Christmas logs (true story)- come on down for a virtual farewell happy hour in Spain! Why settle for saying goodbye when you can say hello to an experience that will last forever.

Price: $30

Where to Get it: Virtual Fiesta in Spain


33. Wooden Custom USB Module Music Box


What it is: A sleek-and-chic, customizable music box.

Why we love it: The simple and modern design makes it a perfect gift for men and women, and the ability to customize the song to match the person’s preferences makes it memorable to show you pay attention to them. Or you can choose from popular picks in the drop down list. Even better you can add a custom plaque to let the employee know you care.

Price: $98.99

Where to Get it: Music Box Attic


34. Unplugged Box


What it is: This going away gift for employees is masterfully curated to help your employees unplug and go screen-free for a bit!

Why we love it: This snack box comes with an enamel mug, a gradient puzzle, a deck of playing cards, super-healthy food snacks, and a coffee and cedarwood candle!

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to Get it: Unplugged Box


35. Italian Sorrento Inlaid White Rose Musical Jewelry Box

Custom Music Sound Module Italian Sorrento Inlaid White Rose Musical Jewelry Box

What it is: A customizable Italian Sorrento Inlaid White Rose Musical Jewelry Box

Why we love it: When making an impression counts, you cannot go wrong with this classic and timeless musical jewelry box. With the intricate design and detailing, your team members or boss will realize how much they mean to your teams and company. When they lift the lid and discover the customized engraving and music that you get to pick, you’ll be further solidifying their loyalty and showing you truly appreciate their contributions to your company.

Price: $344.99

Where to Get it: Music Box Attic


36. It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere


What it is: It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere is the ultimate farewell gift for anyone looking to relax. Whether your coworker is heading off into retirement, maternity leave, or just loves to kick back and unwind during their downtime, It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere helps them take that much-needed breather!

Why we love it: This party time going away gift is great for family gatherings, hosting coworker parties, or chilling out solo style. It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere includes a Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set, an all-natural cocktail mixers variety pack, insert cards, a reusable straw set, and a Sugarfina Small Candy Cube.

Price: $54.95

Where to Get it: It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere


Funny Farewell & Going Away Gifts


37. We Will Miss You Notebook

We Will Miss You

What it is: We Will Miss You Notebook is a heartfelt compliment and notebook rolled into one. Whether your coworker wants to use it for self-reflection or write down their grocery lists, We Will Miss You Notebook gives them plenty of options.

Why we love it: This 110-lined page notebook offers room for doodling, drawing, motivation, and to-do lists.

Price: $6.99

Where to Get it: We Will Miss You Notebook


38. So Long Wool Rug

So Long Wool Rug

What it is: So Long Wool Rug is a cute dachshund mat to welcome people into your coworker’s home. If you know they love dogs and have a playful style, this wool rug is the perfect accent for their front porch!

Why we love it: So Long Wool Rug is hand-hooked and handmade in India. Now your coworker and their guests can enjoy this farewell gift and be greeted at the door by their newest furry friend.

Price: $59.55

Where to Get it: So Long Wool Rug


39. Self Blossom Box


Self Blossom Box

What it is: Self Blossom Box takes your coworker on a self-care journey — or rather, it helps them through it!

Why we love it: This wellness subscription box features 6 to 8 products for self-care management. Self Blossom Box includes worksheets, books, fun activities, and other surprises. The best part is that this year-long emotional journey will be delivered straight to your friend’s door.

Price: $59/month

Where to Get it: Self Blossom Box


Inexpensive Farewell & Going Away Gifts

40. Fun Farewell Games Bundle

What it is: The Fun Farewell Games Bundle is an assortment of printable playable retirement game PDFs designed to excite, entertain, and enthrall guests during an employee’s or coworker’s going away tour!

Why we love it: Keep coworkers and employees engaged with this collection of easy-to-print games that include This or That?, Word Scramble, Retirement Feud, Who Knows The Retiree Best?, Has The Retiree Ever?, and Well Wishes For A Retiree. It’s as simple as download, print, and play!

Price: $13.99 – $9.79 (30% off for a limited time)

Where to Get it: Fun Farewell Games Bundle


41. Packing Cube

Packing Cube

What it is: The Packing Cube is a set of lightweight ripstop nylon packing cubes to help your coworker stay organized as they pack up for their next adventure!

Why we love it: Every cube has a built-in pouch for items to keep them straight and easy to find. Plus, the Packing Cube can be digitally imprinted with messages and custom branding.

Price: $10.77 to $20.65

Where to Get it: Packing Cube


42. Happy Notes

Happy Notes

What it is: Happy Notes is the full-colored 365-day boxed calendar designed to boost happiness and joy! Inspirational quotes and motivational notes, wise affirmations, and adorable illustrations, ensure your coworkers will head into the next stage of their journey armed with positivity and encouragement.

Why we love it: This desk calendar is ideal for visual people who enjoy being able to look at their affirmations, goals, and other notes on their wall or in their home office!

Price: $17.14

Where to Get it: Happy Notes


43. Personalized Celebrity Videos


What it is: Cameo allows you to book your coworker’s favorite celebrity and offer fun facts about their time while being employed by the company. The more facts you can add to the request form the better!

Why we love it: Cameo allows you access to celebrities who will record personalized messages for your coworker. It is a video they will save and revisit time and time again. This is a unique gift that will bring a smile to their face whenever they rewatch it.

Price: Depends on the talent – $10 – $2,000

Where to Get it: Personalized Celebrity Videos with Cameo


44. Happy Hour Box


What it is: The Happy Hour Box is the definition of sending your coworker out with a bang — or at least, a big cheer! This party-in-a-box is packed to the brim with lifestyle goods and entertainment gear.

Why we love it: The Happy Hour Box includes a party horn, a cocktail kit, a wine tumbler, and nutritious snacks from top health brands to balance out the alcohol-inspired fun!

Price: Starting at $24.95

Where to Get it: Happy Hour Box


45. Motivational Quote Wall Art

What it is: The Every Moment is A Fresh Beginning Quote Wall Art is the perfect message of hope, redemption, and encouragement your coworker going away will love to see at the start of each day.

Why we love it: This motivational quote is a daily reminder that each day is a blessing and an opportunity to write a fresh story.

Price: $5.50

Where to Get it: Motivational Quote Wall Art

People Also Ask These Questions About Going Away Gifts

Q: What is a going away gift?

  • A: A going away gift is a present you give to someone who is about to leave a job, a country, or a situation.

Q: What are the benefits of giving your coworker a farewell gift?

  • A: The benefits of giving your coworker a farewell gift include better rapport, leaving an impact, and potentially better recruitment going forward.

Q: What are some good send-off gift ideas?

  • A: Some good send-off gift ideas range from gift cards, wall art, and wine glasses to experiences. The most important factor is that your coworker, boss, friend, or family member just knows you care about them.

Q: How do I choose a unique farewell gift for my manager?

  • A: The best way to choose a unique farewell gift for your manager is to base your gift on their particular interests. The more niche their interest, the more unique the gift is likely to be.

Q: Are there any good going away gifts for colleagues?

  • A: Yes, there are many good going away gifts for colleagues. Some of the best going away gifting ideas for colleagues also make good Christmas gifts, retirement gifts, and keepsakes.

Q: How do I know if my coworker will like their going away gift?

  • A: Ideally, the thoughtful gift you’ve chosen for your coworker is based on their interests and hobbies. The best way to ensure they’ll like it is to know what they love doing in their free time.

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