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20 Best Gifts For Administrative Assistants They’ll Love In 2021

By April 20, 2021 No Comments

20 Best Gifts For Administrative Assistants They’ll Love In 2021Every team needs to be organized and to operate as a unit. Without the diligence, hustle, skill set, and thoughtfulness of the administrative assistant, most companies would wind up in complete disarray. And yet, administrative assistants are often the unsung heroes of the workplace.

That’s exactly why we scoured the internet and curated this list of incredible gifts for your office’s most valuable player. Now, it will be easier than ever to find just the right gift to show your administrative assistant how much you appreciate their energy, hard work, and everything else they do!

These gift ideas are ideal for the administrative assistant that deserves a great gift.

This post includes the following gifts for administrative assistants:

  • Personalized gifts
  • Self-care gifts
  • Fitness gifts
  • Crafts and home gifts
  • Subscription boxes
  • Gift baskets

Plus, a variety of other gifts that will make your administrative assistant’s life easier, more fun, or add an extra dose of joy to their year.

Let’s dive into the 20 best gifts for administrative assistants in 2021!

Who Would You Like To Give Gifts To?

Clients & Customers Employees

1. Buy Local Box

Buy Local Box

The Buy Local Box comes with a minimum of six self-care artisanal products that are purposefully selected to give the recipient emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. Each product is chosen from Vermont small local businesses.

Where to find it: Buy Local Box

This employee or coworker appreciation gift is ideal for people who care about the environment and supporting mom and pop companies. If your administrative assistant has ever mentioned going to the farmer’s market or craft shows on the weekends, this could be a big winner!

2. Executive Assistant Unicorn Mug

Executive Assistant Unicorn Mug

Is your executive assistant one of a kind? This Executive Assistant Unicorn Mug is a fun way of telling them you love their individuality and you don’t think there’s anyone who could do what they do.

Where to find it: Executive Assistant Unicorn Mug

This handmade ceramic mug keepsake also comes with a no-break shipping guarantee!

3. A Sweet Thanks

Does your hardworking admin have a sweet tooth? Look no further than A Sweet Thanks. This goldilocks level of just right perfection is a selection of handcrafted dipped pretzels, divine artisan caramels, delicious cookies, and all-natural granola.

Where to find it: A Sweet Thanks

One of the things recipients of this appreciation gift seem to enjoy the most is that there’s enough to share with friends and family or they can relish and delight in these goodies over time.

4. Sparkle Hustle Grow

Sparkle Hustle Grow

For boss babes and go-getters, you may have just stumbled on the coolest gift on this list! If your administrative assistant is the kind of person who listens to podcasts on the way to work, they will be thrilled to unwrap this employee appreciation gift.

Where to find it: Sparkle Hustle Grow

With monthly personal development and business books, office supplies, tech gizmos and gadgets, and business training from experts, your administrative assistant will get the edge they want in life with these excellent office gifts. After all, there’s a reason Forbes, POPSUGAR, and USA Today have featured the #BestBusinessExpenseEver!

5. Deluxe Spa Day

The Deluxe Spa Day is, well, like having a spa day in a gift box.

Where to find it: Deluxe Spa Day

This care package spa gift features naturally handcrafted bath salts infused with lavender essential oils, an eco-friendly mulberry silk eye mask, handcrafted signature flowery soy candles in a glass jar, and lavender serenity moisturizing hand lotion.

6. Dog Mom Box

Dog Mom Box

The Dog Mom Box is a special gift for dog loving administrative assistants. This first of its kind subscription box for dogs also contains 5-7 carefully selected items from local businesses.

Where to find it: Dog Mom Box

Your administrative assistant will love the dog mom gifts it comes with, while their forever puppy enjoys fun toys and tasty treats!

7. Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set


Sitting in a chair all day is not the best for your health. That’s why the Acupuncture Mat can go a long way towards helping your administrative assistant. If anything, their body will thank you. This dual acupressure mat and pillow set is therapeutic for muscle soreness, insomnia, pain, and stiffness.

Where to find it: Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set

With natural coconut fiber filling for full-body and neck support, your administrative assistant will be comfortable even as the plastic points target pressure points and rejuvenate the body.

8. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro are sweat and water resistant, cancel out noise for full sound immersion, are easily compatible with Apple devices, and come with a wireless charging case, which gives 24-hours of battery life! They can help them step up their work from home set up with a gift they will want to use every day.

Where to find it: Apple AirPods Pro

The chances are, your administrative assistant is on the go quite a bit, so this is something they will end up using every single day.

9. Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

Wineries are cool and all, but having a winery in your kitchen is even cooler. As it turns out, wine making is as simple as it is natural and its made easier with the Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit. Add yeast to grape juice and let it ferment in the right conditions and voila.

Where to find it: Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

This kit comes with every piece of equipment and the ingredients you need to make a gallon of full-bodied Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

10. Classic Slam Ball

Classic Slam Ball

For a total body workout, there’s no better item than the Classic Slam Ball. One of the best things about the ProsourceFit Slam Medicine Ball is that it’s compact, uncomplicated, and works well in any size apartment or home. Whether your administrative assistant wants to get a quick pump between a Zoom call or before morning coffee, the medicine ball gets the job done.

Where to find itClassic Slam Ball

Additionally, these weighted balls come in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 50 pounds so your administrative assistant can go lighter for more of a cardio workout or heavier to improve strength!

11. Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book

Out of all of the gifts on this list, the Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book is perhaps our favorite for administrative assistants with families. With stunning illustrations by Jennifer Dewing, their little one is sure to fall in love with this custom children’s book.

Where to find itPersonalized Goodnight Little Me Book

If the beautiful illustrations weren’t enough already, you can add their child’s name to the cover, throughout the story, and the illustrations. This lyrical story is designed to help them have the sweetest of dreams.

12. The Real Honey is Here Box

The Real Honey is Here Box features 3 seasonal bottles of seasonally rotating raw and unfiltered honey. In fact, honey of this quality is usually only found at local farmer’s markets, however, you can have it sent to your executive assistant’s front door through a monthly subscription!

Where to find it: The Real Honey is Here Box

This extra sweet coworker appreciation gift also happens to be healthy unlike those unnatural sugar candies.

13. Karma Scents

Karma Scents

The Karmabox is incredible for anyone wanting to protect their space and energy. These hand-rolled fragrances help foster relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness through proper stimulation.

Where to find it: Karma Scents

You can choose between the small, medium, or large Karmabox, which contains 10 brands of incense, 3 incense burners in various styles, and 5 other incense-related items each month. With the large package, your administrative assistant will receive at least 300 sticks!

14. Master Theorem Book of Puzzles

Does your admin love logic puzzles? Do they enjoy crossword and sudoku type challenges? If so, then this brain-busting book is an excellent gift that will leave them bewildered and perplexed.

Where to find it: Master Theorem Book of Puzzles

The Master Theorem Book of Puzzles contains 40 unique puzzles invented by the enigmatic figure known only as M. In fact, M is rumored to be a secret society of geniuses who mastered puzzles, cyphers, and code breaking. But perhaps, your administrative assistant will be the one to crack M’s true identity. Get back to us on that one!

15. Sixth Scents

These days, essential oils are popping off on social media and really all over the place. New studies are coming out regularly showing that it’s more than woo woo and pseudoscience — authentic oils have tangible benefits!

Where to find it: Sixth Scents

Each month, the recipient of this essential oil subscription will receive 100% paraben and sulfate-free pure oils. Sixth Scents are made in the USA with globally and sustainably sourced cruelty-free essential oils!

16. Personalized Marble iPhone Case

This Personalized Marble iPhone Case is like receiving a card just for you — except in a much nicer, more high quality form! The custom case can be altered by writing a name or particular word on it.

Where to find it: Personalized Marble iPhone Case

The pink and blue marble also gives it a chic aesthetic!

17. Multi-Grip Lite Pull-Up Bar

Multi- Grip Pull Up Bar

Does your administrative assistant enjoy working out? Well, one major addition to their home workout routine could be this super sturdy Multi-Grip Lite Pull-Up Bar. Built by ProsourceFit, this cushioned foam grip pull-up bar is designed to improve chest, back, shoulders, abs, and arm strength and fitness.

Where to find it: Multi-Grip Lite Pull-Up Bar

Your administrative assistant will relish in the fact that between calls and emails, they can do dips, pull-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, and other exercises on this easy-to-setup stainless steel home workout equipment. Plus, it attaches right onto their door frame!

18. Kombucha Brew Kit

 Kombucha Brew Kit

For the hipster or simply the lover of all things natural and holistic, the Kombucha Brew Kit is the perfect gift. This sweetened probiotic kombucha comes with a 1-gallon glass jar, black tea and cane sugar, and instructions for getting the drink ready for consumption in just two weeks.

Where to find it: Kombucha Brew Kit

Plus, once your administrative assistant understands how to brew kombucha, there’s no limit to how many batches they can do!

19. Memory Foam Chair Pillow

Memory Foam Chair Pillow

Administrative assistants are the backbone of a company. Unfortunately, this also means your admin’s actual backbone has a lot of pressure on it. That’s where the ergonomically-designed Memory Foam Chair Pillow comes into play. This gel cushion aids great posture and proper spinal alignment.

Where to find it: Memory Foam Chair Pillow

Whether your administrative assistant works remotely or comes into the office, the Memory Foam Chair Pillow is going to make them more comfortable and so much happier on a day-to-day basis!

20. Amazon Kindle


If your administrative assistant loves reading and good stories, the Amazon Kindle gives them a mobile library of books! The Amazon Kindle comes with a wireless charging dock, all-day battery life, and the ability to also enjoy apps like Hulu, Netflix, TikTok, Instagram, and much more.

Where to find it: Amazon Kindle


People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts for Administrative Assistants

Q: How much should I spend on an administrative assistant gift?

  • A: Considering that your administrative assistant is crucial for business operations, there isn’t really a set dollar amount on how much you spend on their gift. However, it’s important that they feel cared about, so whether the gift costs $50 or well into the $100+ range, it’s a wise investment back into human capital.

Q: What kind of gift should I get for Administrative Professionals’ Day?

  • A: The primary factor when it comes to purchasing a gift for Administrative Professionals’ Day is the individual’s personality and passions. While you could always give gift cards, basic coffee mugs, totes, sticky notes, mouse pads, or other desk accessories, you want to make sure that whatever you give them feels personalized.

Q: What is a unique gift for an administrative assistant?

  • A: A unique gift for an administrative assistant is something that feels just for them; a thoughtful gift, not a last minute checkout. Of course, the best way to achieve this is by gifting them a personalized employee appreciation gift.

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