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How Awesome is Your Office?

By March 12, 2016 January 11th, 2020

We’ve researched the most important factors that lead to happy, engaged, and productive teams. We took what we found and created a short assessment to help companies see where they stand and figure out how they can improve their culture.

Take our short assessment to find out how your office ranks on the Awesome Office Grader:

Everyone wants to wake up in the morning excited to go into work.

We want to walk into the office filled with purpose and fulfillment, and to be around like minded people who help us get better every day.

We call these unique places “Awesome Offices”.

So what makes an Awesome Office?

We’ve talked with dozens of amazing companies and company culture experts to help us find out what distinguishes an amazing place to work. Here’s a hint: it hardly has to do with how much you’re paying your team or how big your brand is.

cool office interior

So after you’re done taking this short assessment, our algorithm will find out where your company stands on the Awesome Office scale.

More importantly, you’ll receive our top tips to help make your office even more awesome.

Plus there’s an extra bonus at the end, so make sure you finish the entire quiz!

Start your assessment now:

How Awesome is Your Office?

Find out right now:






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