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Every Office Manager Meme You Ever Wanted For 2024

By September 22, 2018 May 31st, 2024 13 Comments


Office Managers (OMs) champion a positive work environment. They have all the answers, all the smiles…and all the office supplies.

But what happens when OMs feel less than thrilled about doing it all? On these rare occasions, they can count on Office Manager memes to lift their spirits.

Small “snacks” of humor and positivity, Office Manager memes can turn any situation into an LOL moment. Plus, they’re oh-so-fun to share. In fact, relatable office culture memes—and a robust sense of humor—might just be the key to smiling through any situation. (And we know Office Managers see it all!)

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Best places to find Office Manager memes

When you need a meme, you need it fast; you don’t have time to scour through all the junk you find after a simple internet search turns up too many options to count, some relevant…and others not so much. Memes should provide a quick laugh break; if you spend too long searching, you might have to get back to work before you’ve even had a satisfying giggle.

Here are some of our favorite places to find Office Manager memes. (Plus, you can also skip to our specific pre-selected Office Manager memes below if you know exactly what you’re looking for.)


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How to make your own Office Manager memes

office manager memes-0

When you need a good manager meme that’s super-specific, making your own might be the quickest and easiest option. Luckily, there’s no shortage of DIY meme websites and resources that make it fast and easy to create the perfect meme for even the most specialized circumstances.

You can find open-source images to suit your needs of course, but you can also step up your game by using images specific to your office or even pictures of your own co-workers. If you snap a picture of your co-worker giving the perfect side-eye or making the best overly perky Monday face, then save it for a meme. A personal touch can really take a meme from funny to hilarious. The same applies to the text; generic Monday and Friday memes get lots of laughs, but if you create one specifically about the nuances of the ancient refrigerator in your conference room, then you’ll have a “classic” on your hands. (It might even go office viral.)

DIY meme resources:


Memes to share with the entire workplace team

While Office Managers may want to keep some memes to themselves, there’s also a time and a place to send that “all-employees” email with some humor anyone, regardless of position or department, can enjoy. Plenty of memes have universal appeal; they can make anyone who works in an office smile.

Here’s a selection of memes for a variety of standard office scenarios.


Memes to send when there is food (or other delicious snacks) in the breakroom


When there’s something tasty (and free) in the kitchen, many people in the office turn into stampeding animals …or pillaging pirates in the first example below. Since everyone accepts this truth, and has probably lived through it on several occasions, memes about the great breakroom race are a safe bet to share since you know everyone will relate.

  • When your hear rumors that there are donuts in the breakroom… [Get the meme] Captain Jack Sparrow would definitely be “that guy” stuffing his pockets with more donuts than any human should eat ever.
  • Free food in the kitchen Every man for himself! [Get the meme] People in your office may not train like Spartans, but everyone’s inner warrior comes out when delicious snacks are in the offing.

Elegant tuesday meme work 1022 best Me images on Pinterest

  • If you have tacos I will find them, and I will eat them. [Get the meme] Our favorite Taken meme gets fresh play in the context of food.
  • Walking back to your deskWhen there’s free food in the breakroom. [Get the meme]
  • When someone says there’s free food in the staff kitchen… [Get the meme]


Memes to send when you need to remind everyone a long weekend is coming up. (As if they need the reminder!)

Even though you realize most people are counting down the days until the upcoming long weekend, it’s your job to make absolutely certain everyone knows. Make your obligatory email more fun with an appropriate meme.

  • Everybody gets a three-day weekend… [Get the meme] You can’t see Oprah’s enthusiasm and not smile.
  • I see it approaching… [Get the meme]


  • 3-day weekend? I haven’t had one of those in a long time… [Get the meme] Only a first-class actor like Sir Alec Guinness can capture, with just one facial expression, the longing that comes along with a three-day weekend.


Memes to use when you have to send a “friendly reminder” you know will annoy everyone


Emails you don’t necessarily love sending can benefit from a little meme humor. Here are some go-to memes to attach to emails that include your most painful reminders.

  • The perfect meme for timesheet reminders [Get the meme]
  • Let’s do this thing! [Get the meme] Make sure everyone knows you’re all in this thing together.
  • There she goes with another email reminder. [Get the meme]


Memes to send when you need to say thank you


  • You’re the best around. [Get the meme]
  • Thank you for being awesome. [Get the meme]
  • You nailed it. [Get the meme]


Office Manager Workload Memes


OMs typically have more work than they can ever dream of completing. When the work really piles up, stress doesn’t help and increased productivity doesn’t seem to make a dent, humor can be the key to making serious impact.


Teamwork Memes

Writing thoughtful emails takes time and effort. Sometimes, a good teamwork meme can go a long way to encourage your coworkers to work together or tell them how much you appreciate their partnerships.


Pro-Tip: For more teamwork memes aimed to get your employees excited and working together, check out SnackNation’s Fun Team Building Quotes, Memes & Jokes (Work Squad Approved) to find that perfect meme for your upcoming team building office event.


Office Duties Memes


Memes can even provide an extra kick of motivation you (or someone you know) needs in order to power through a list of tasks. Here are memes specially selected for many tasks OMs face on a daily basis.

Trying to be amazingly productive. Realign your intentions for ultimate productivity with motivational memes.

Planning meetings. Every meeting is different, but every meeting planning process has certain things in common. You can mine a great deal of humor from these manager meeting memes.

Ordering supplies. Yes, all offices have supplies, and all offices have someone who has to order them.



Memes when you need a boost of confidence


Keep these memes “in your back pocket” for those rare moments when you need an external reminder of how awesome you are. (They are also perfect when someone you know needs the same reminder.)


Memes for Monday morning

Mondays can get rough, but there’s really nothing you can’t meme through.



Memes for Friday afternoon

Increase the bliss of Fridays with memes that celebrate the fact that it’s Friday.



Memes for when you just can’t and you want to laugh about it


We all love our jobs, but there are times…You know the rest.

When those times creep up on you, don’t let them ruin your day. Laugh it off with these memes. Laughing feels good, so it makes sense to have a few chuckles when you’re feeling stressed. But as it turns out, laughter doesn’t just feel good, but it also provides quite a few notable health benefits. According to, an online mental health resource, laughter can:

  • Relax tension and muscles
  • Bolster your immune system
  • Release endorphins, a natural feel-good chemical in our brains
  • Boost heart-healthy blood flow
  • Burn calories

Start laughing with these memes:




The memeverse is practically limitless, and you can never have too many memes. Where do you find your memes? Let us know where we can find other hilarious office manager memes.

(PS – If you’re an Office Manager, join our private FB Group here. It’s a place to connect, collaborate, and share advice on how to overcome the wide spectrum of challenges you face in your role.)

Free Bonus: Get a PDF version of The 2018 State of The Office Manager Report. We surveyed 572 Office Managers to uncover 10 takeaways you can use to hit your goals and overcome challenges. Plus learn what other Office Managers are getting paid (and how you can earn more)!


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