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Other Titles for Office Managers: Tell the World What You Really Do

By March 16, 2018 December 29th, 2022 21 Comments


The powerhouses we call “Office Managers” tackle challenges that vary from day-to-day and company-to-company.

That’s why we think one blanket title is too vague to cover all the diverse roles and talents of motivated office managers.

When you tell people you’re an office manager, do you field questions like:

“So what exactly do you do?”

It’s questions like these that make it necessary for a better title for office managers.

Below, you’ll find other titles for office managers to help you answer that question…or really avoid it in the first place. No matter what your core responsibilities are, you’ll find a title to help you tell the world what you really do.

Many of these office manager job title alternatives came straight from our Facebook group of Office Managers! See what nuggets of wisdom our community has to offer and jump into the conversation. Join the group here.

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Title Idea: Vibe Manager

Core Responsibilities: Managing perks, planning events, and overseeing office design

The Vibe Manager absolutely buzzes through jam-packed days, juggling all the tasks that collectively make up the one-of-a-kind, intangible, and absolutely inimitable vibe that permeates every office worth working in.

She’ll probably be the first one in the office. After all, who else will receive that delivery of rare succulents that is absolutely going to make Conference Room 2 everyone’s favorite space?

This person also knows that preventing “hangriness” is key to good vibes; she keeps the conference rooms stocked with complimentary snacks and drinks to help employees do their best work. (It’s true—the Snack Fairy is a myth. But let’s face it, a Vibe Manager is better anyway.)


The Vibe Manager will spend her day juggling emails and calendars, fielding questions about 401Ks, sick leave, and tonight’s happy hour. And while she probably won’t make it to said happy hour until it’s halfway over, the party really won’t start until she arrives.


Title Idea: Tech Titan

Core Responsibilities: IT setup and troubleshooting

The Tech Titan knows the ins and outs of all company technology and doesn’t hesitate to tie on the superhero cape when a frantic employee calls with an IT emergency.

In less than 5 minutes, this person will correct that issue you’ve been struggling with for an hour. (Just try to be mad about it; we dare you!) Locked out of your computer? The Tech Titan has your back. Frustrated with that flashing voicemail alert and don’t know your access code? The Tech Titan can make all your troubles disappear.

Savvy and super-considerate, the Tech Titan will work late nights to make sure company-wide software launches are complete and operational before everyone comes back to work in the morning.

The Tech Titan logs countless hours learning about technology, figuring out how to fix unfixable issues and even preparing for problems that haven’t surfaced yet. The Tech Titan makes work flow, helping employees across the company do their jobs without throwing laptops from the windows.


Title Idea: Director of First Impressions

Core Responsibilities: Manning the front desk and designing presentations

The Director of First Impressions is both the face of the company and the unsung hero behind keynote presentations, client pitches and more. She smiles from her front-desk perch as clients, vendors, and visitors arrive.


She also works her magic on the presentations and reports of upper-level executives. Her amazing ideas regularly make it into the company’s most important, public-facing presentations.

The Director of First Impressions has the cleanest desk you’ve ever seen. Your department head begged her to teach a crash course in “Creating a More Organized Workplace.” You loved it.

With brains and a bright smile, the Director of First Impressions is often a key reason that deals are made and visitors come back for follow-up meetings.


Title Idea: Scheduling Wizard

Core Responsibilities: Managing executive calendars and coordinating office guests

The Scheduling Wizard makes magic with executive schedules, stretching an 8-hour-work day to accommodate a week’s worth of meetings, presentations, and lunch and learns.

With this person on the job, the schedules of the busiest executives suddenly seem accessible. They’re able to take meetings with a variety of requesters. They show up on time, and they rarely have to cancel.

The Scheduling Wizard makes life easier for both maxed-out executives and all the people who want to meet with them.


Title Idea: Office Queen/King

Core Responsibilities: All things administrative and operational

No two days look the same for an Office Queen/King. This indispensable position keeps things running, and after just a few encounters, many of their coworkers assume they know everything. And they kind of do.

The Office Queen/King fixes printers, negotiates with vendors, assigns parking spaces, makes office supplies appear by magic, and gets a service pro in-house ASAP to fix that leaky sink.

This is the person everyone goes to with their questions. You can’t even imagine your company without the Office Queen/King. The whole company relies on this person, and in no way is that depressing.


Title Idea: Jack/Jill of All Trades Manager

Core Responsibilities: Implementing IT solutions, stocking supplies, and supporting a variety of departments

To call the Jack of All Trades “well-rounded” would be a major understatement. This guy can do it all, and everyone knows it. He’s super busy, and he never has two days that look the same.

On Monday, he’ll shadow Rachel in Sales so he can help manage her reports and customers when she’s out of the office on maternity leave. On Wednesday, he helped organize a focus group for Marketing’s latest concept.

The infographic he emailed on Tuesday has everyone using their new cell phones correctly. Accessing voicemail used to be a mystery, but the Jack of All Trades made it simple with his expert communications skills.


Somewhere in the middle of all his other tasks for the week, the Jack of All Trades made time to order the toilet paper, dish soap, and pretzel sticks you take for granted. (But it’s okay; he really loves doing it.)

The Jack of All Trades seems to make supplies appear by magic. If he goes on vacation for a week, the office might look like it’s been through a Zombie apocalypse. (Make sure to thank him for his hard work when he gets back!)


Title Idea: Director of Happiness

Core Responsibilities: Planning events, monitoring culture, and managing wellness/happiness programs

She knows everyone’s birthday. She knows you’re allergic to cashews. She knows that most employees would love a free day to put in some community service hours, and she is making that happen. She knows how to improve morale across the team and reduce stress. In short, she’s an absolute champion. For sure, the most creative office manager title of the bunch.

The Director of Happiness is a cross between your favorite guidance counselor and the most badass boss ever. Not only is she an amazing listener, but she also takes what she hears and gets results.

When an overwhelming 90% of employees surveyed said they wanted an office compost bin, she didn’t bat an eye on doing the research and getting that sustainably savvy solution in place.

She has endless pools of energy, which she uses to plan company-wide events that employees actually like. No one groans about mandatory team building when this gal’s on the job.

She administers surveys and does extensive research on all the latest employee happiness and wellness trends. The Director of Happiness makes employees feel loved, creating a family-style culture people never want to leave.


Title Idea: Head of Office Operations

Core Responsibilities: Managing vendors, events, office layout, and repairs

When the Head of Office Operations describes her day, you assume she’s describing an entire week—a busy one.

She starts her mornings in the early hours before everyone else starts trickling in. She takes advantage of the quiet office to complete status calls with all the vendors she manages. After she finishes all those vendor calls, she grabs some coffee and gets ready for the next item on her packed agenda: office events.

She’ll spend the next few hours pouring over the latest company survey. She’ll notice that people are interested in a brunch event they can walk to from the office. She buckles down for research.

While she was knee-deep in research, she received an email about the leaky roof. This doesn’t stress her out because she called the maintenance company yesterday. She’s set to welcome the service professional in approximately 15 minutes.

She might wrap up her day pouring over the latest office design research. Half of the employees want a more open space. The other half wants more privacy. She leaves work giddy because she’s figured out how to deliver both.


Title Idea: The Boss

Core Responsibilities: Communicating, fielding phone calls, emails, and so much more

The Boss is a master communicator with natural leadership skills. In fact, she probably attends conferences designed to enhance her innate communicating prowess. If you were looking for an alternate title for an office manager who gets things done, this is it.

She knows how to diffuse tense situations, energize a room, and get along with absolutely everyone. (You might be tempted to ask this person to email Bob in accounting on your behalf, checking on the report due to you three days ago.)


The Boss is an absolute asset to any company. With her skills for conflict resolution, crisis communications, and working with a measured sense of urgency, this superstar achieves results. Behind closed doors, compose executives seek her advice on communicating with teams, and we’re all the happier for it.

This gem will inevitably be nominated to serve as the voice of her company. She answers phone calls naturally, composes the warmest emails, and introduces team meetings with energizing aplomb that everyone is impressed and jealous of.


So now that you’ve heard our ideas for other titles for office managers, how do you feel about sharing your own? We’d love to hear another name for office managers. (We know you’re holding onto some boss ideas!)

Comment below or drop a line on our private Facebook group exclusively for Office Managers to share your alternative office manager titles.

Free Bonus: Get a PDF version of The 2018 State of The Office Manager Report. We surveyed 572 Office Managers to uncover 10 takeaways you can use to hit your goals and overcome challenges. Plus learn what other Office Managers are getting paid (and how you can earn more)!


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