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Top 10 Best-Selling Snacks for the Office in 2021

By July 21, 2014 August 25th, 2021 2 Comments

Every office is filled with different types of snackers—from the person who won’t eat anything with ingredients she can’t pronounce to the person who believes bacon is its own food group. At SnackNation’s office snack delivery headquarters, we have our own eclectic mix of snackers. We’ve pulled together our top 10 best-selling snacks for the office that will please every office snacker.

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The protein tracker is the person who MUST have protein in anything they consume. They meticulously track their GPPD (grams of protein per dollar) down to the very penny. When they want a crunchy snack that doesn’t sacrifice protein content, they reach for ips chips. ips are made with egg white and whey protein and pack 6g per bag.


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The Do-Gooder loves a snack with a strong social tie. When they’re hungry, they grab a snack like This Bar Saves Lives. For every bar sold, This Bar Saves Lives gives a packet of life-saving food to a child in need.


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The Food Purist pours over the nutrition label and refuses to eat anything with artificial ingredients or chemicals. They only want snacks that boast real, whole foods. A snack like Bare Apple Chips is exactly what this office snacker is looking for. The only ingredient in this snack is… apples!



The Energy Drink Aficionado lives from energy drink to energy drink. They need it to get through their afternoon crash (which may have been caused by their morning energy drink). The smarter Energy Drink Aficionado drinks something like Runa. Runa is organic and uses guayusa leaves for energy, a much better alternative from the chemicals you’ll find in a Monster or Red Bull.


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The Health Nut is always at the forefront of all the latest healthy foods. Kale? Chia seeds?? The Health Nut knew about those years ago. One of their favorite snacks would be something like Smooch – a fruit blended smoothie in a pouch (fortified with superfoods, chia seeds & acerola).


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The Salty Snack Lover adds a “dash” of salt to just about anything. Savory is a flavor they just can’t get enough of. This snacker can often be found eating something like Sea Snax – an organic, roasted seaweed snack.


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Rip Van Waffles are more of a dessert than a snack, but we think they’re a great transition item for people who have a sweet tooth and are skeptical of healthier snacks for the office. The low down: With two flavors—Traditional Amsterdam Waffle and Coca-Filled Amsterdam Waffle—each 1-cookie package has 150 calories, 6g fat, 44-55mg sodium, 22-24g carbs, 0-1g fiber, 8-14g sugars and 1-2g protein. Also applies to: the Health-Food Skeptic.


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The Health Food Skeptic is constantly comparing healthy food to what they consider “the real stuff”. If the snack tastes even semi-healthy it won’t make the cut. Luckily, emerging healthy brands have caught on to this and are able to make healthy snacks taste even better than traditional junk food. This snacker loves the Complete Protein Cookie. Tastes the same, better for your body.


The Lover of Unique Flavor. This snacker is a scientist. Constantly experimenting with flavors. Whether it’s thai curry with lime, buffalo ranch, or lemon basil, this snacker is down for just about anything. This consummate explorer of snack flavors can be found mixing and matching Buffalo Kettle chips with wasabi covered almonds. Afraid of no combination.


The Gluten Eschewer. This snacker has no time for gluten. If gluten asked to take them out and pay for dinner, they’d still say no. Luckily, there’s no gluten needed to make these Barnana banana bites taste delicious.

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Expert Tips for Choosing Healthy Snacks

How do you know the snack you’re eating is well, actually healthy? Don’t fret – we’ve already done the hard work for you by speaking with nutritionists who know a thing or two about healthy snacking.

sarah-kay-hoffman-lgFor Sarah Hoffman, the entrepreneur and founder behind A Loving Spoon, her snacking habits have evolved for the better over the years. Though she has traded in the candy bars and soda, she can still find great-tasting snacks that are “…quick n easy, portable and contain minimal, quality ingredients.

When determining if a snack is healthy, she also asks herself if she can pronounce all of the ingredients or if a Webster’s Dictionary is needed to decipher them: “real food and real snacks are made from – you guessed it – real ingredients.”

80s-Run-Home-Large1Likewise, Melissa Burton, R.D., the blogger behind The Valentine RD, does her best to stay away from things that are too processed. Melissa looks at a snack’s nutritional profile before consuming to make sure it meets her requirements: less than 250 mg and less than 30% fat.

Swap Out the Junk, Trade in the Best Office Snacks

So now that you know your over-processed protein bar isn’t the best option for healthy snacking, why not trade in those other bland snacks for these office snacks you’ve never heard of? And with Dollar Snack Club you will get to try 6 new and delicious healthy snack brands for only $1 per month and see what you like.  As snack experts, we’ve compiled a variety of the best office snacks that are convenient and give you the right amount of energy to push through your work day:


A Loving Spoon Nut Butter: “I bring a jar of the Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter and banana with me everywhere,” says Sarah Hoffman. Bonus: The nut butter line is 100% portable sans squeeze-pack.

Coconut Chips

Dang Foods’ Toasted Coconut Chips, Caramel Sea Salt. If you love coconut and chips as much as Sarah  Hoffman, this is the snack for you! Not only do they taste amazing, but they are packed with nutrition and lack “junk” ingredients. Made with 100% coconut sugar and copra (meat of the coconut), this fiber-packed snack will leave you full and satisfied.


Emmy’s Organics Chai Spice Who doesn’t love Macaroons – especially ones that are vegan, gluten-free and raw so that you get the benefit of antioxidants.

green maaagic

Mamma Chia’s Squeeze Packs: Chia Squeeze is perfect for people on the go! At only 70-80 calories, each pouch is loaded with fiber and essential Omega-3s! Our personal favorites? Green Magic and Apple Cinnamon.


Nibmor’s Daily Dose of Chocolate: Looking for something to satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth?  Try Nibmor’s Daily Dose of Chocolate square. Nibmor uses only the most delicious, organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade and gluten-free ingredients.

Perky-Jerky-Truck-Driver-Snack 2Perky Jerky’s Jerky: Looking to snack with a purpose? This lean, high-protein, snack that is free of nitrites, preservatives and MSG is not only ideal for active consumers, but also for those who want to give back. A portion of all Perky Jerky proceeds go to support the causes of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Down Syndrome.

pmx-varietybs12Promax’s Original Bars
Promax Original bars are vegetarian and free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, maltitol and gelatin. In other words, this high-protein bar (most are around 20 grams) is made with real food and also suitable for those with gluten allergies.

Quest’s Protein Bars: Close Raspberryyour eyes, imagine biting into real cookie crumbles and delicious cream with absolutely no guilt. Now open your eyes and take a look at the nutritional  profile of the Cookies & Cream Quest Protein Bar. With 21 grams of protein, 17 grams fiber and no sugar added, you’ll have to eat it to believe it! Our other personal favorites? White Chocolate Raspberry and Double Chocolate Chunk.

pure coconut cashew

Pure Bar’s Cashew Coconut Bar: This heavenly bar uses an innovative protein source, Sacha Inchi, which is a seed that provides complete vegan protein and omega 3 healthy fats.


This Bar Saves Lives: What if we told you snacking on a bars packed with with farm fresh and fair trade ingredients would actually help save a child’s life? It’s simple: for every bar you buy, This Bar saves lives give a packet of life-saving food to a child in need. Leave your taste buds (and conscience) satisfied.

Which office snacker are you? Did we miss any “type” of snacker?

If you’d like to try these amazing snacks for the office, check out our office snack delivery service.



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