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20+ Sugar-Free Snacks That Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

By December 13, 2021 April 17th, 2024

sugar free snacks

Delicious sugar-free snacks give anyone with a sweet tooth the power to do the impossible: Eat less sugar while still satisfying pesky cravings.

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Consider this list a resource for anyone who…

A) Wants to find smarter choices to replace some sugar in their sweet treats


B) Has to steer clear of sugar for their health

Please note that when we say sugar-free throughout this post, we’re talking about snacks that don’t have any traditional table sugar or cane sugar—the white crystals found in processed sweets. Many of these snacks contain other kinds of sugar from sugar alcohols, natural fruit, and more.

Sugar-Free Snacks and Your Health

Sugar tastes delicious, and it’s also nostalgic! Most can remember having sugar-filled treats on holidays, birthdays and special occasions. 

Sugar-free snacks help you avoid eating too much sugar

Unfortunately, enjoying sweet treats every day or with every meal might contribute to some health problems:

How to Eat Less Sugar

Sugar may be unhealthy for you in excess, but some people find it so delicious that the consequences don’t seem to matter. The good news is that many people struggle to keep their sugar consumption in check…which means there’s plenty of advice from experts on reducing the amount of sugar you eat.

Read labels to find sugar-free snacks

The American Heart Association recommends:

  • Sweetening your treats, breakfasts, and baked goods with fruit instead of sugar
  • Using spices and flavor extracts to add interest, instead of sugar, to foods
  • Adding only some of the sugar recipes recommend
  • Diligently checking labels for “added sugars”

You can also target areas of your lifestyle you think have nothing to do with your diet. Getting plenty of sleep may help you control your sugar intake, as studies suggest a lack of sleep may stimulate cravings for rich foods.

When in doubt, you can take some decision burden off yourself by following the U.S. government’s recommended dietary guidelines.

Tip! Think about other areas of your life where you exercise restraint and control. Let’s use money as an example. Most people find it easy not to spend money they don’t have. It’s just not there.

Channel this discipline by budgeting your sugar intake. You can even make it tangible with fake currency.  

  • Establish your “sugar budget.” (Most experts recommend 6 teaspoons per day for women and 9 teaspoons per day for men.)
  • Know your conversions. Most food labels list sugar in grams. One teaspoon equals about 4 grams of sugar. So your practical sugar budget is about 24 grams per day for women and 36 grams per day for men.)
  • Make sugar currency. Cut coins or bills from paper and label them in teaspoons or grams.
  • As you eat, put some of your currency in a jar or just throw it away.
  • When you run out of sugar currency, you’re done eating sugar for the day.

Get Your Free Healthy Snack Recipes Downloadable

The Sugar-Free Snacker’s Manifesto

If you love mantras, then a sugar-free mantra might help you focus your sugar reduction efforts. Try adapting one of these or one of your existing favorites.

For example:

“What can I do that adds to my life instead of just adding to my next 30 seconds?”

Say no to sugar with sugar-free snacks

When sugar cravings strike and you really want something sweet, experts agree fruit is your best option. Try dates, raisins, figs, berries, pears, and really any other delicious fruit. Fruit-based purees and jams and sauces, such as applesauce, with no added sugars can also bring a big sweet reward to your treats.

*This collection of snacks was designed to empower readers to choose the best snacks for their own personal goals and lifestyles. None of the information was provided or reviewed by health professionals and should not substitute for medical consultations and advice.SnackNation-Work-From-Home-Box

Grab-and-Go Sugar-Free Snacks

When you really need something sweet and you don’t have time to whip something up, grab-and-go snacks save the day.

grab-and-go sugar-free snacks


1. Rowdy Bar Sunflower Butter N Berries Energy Bar

  • Natural sugar content: 9 grams
  • Tasting notes: Rich, yet tart, with the perfect amount of sweetness
  • Replaces: Peanut butter cups

Berries and sunflower-seed butter provide that richness and sweetness you want in a dessert. Plus, you get nutrients along with this bar while other desserts might provide only emptiness.

2. OneBar Cherry Fruit Bar

  • Natural sugar content: 14 grams
  • Tasting notes: Fruity and sweet with a hint of chicory root
  • Replaces: Fruit pies and tarts

This bar tastes as good as cherry pie, but it has a fraction of the sugar. Grab one to bolster your willpower against sugary temptation.

3. Know Foods Chocolate Chip Better Cookies

  • Natural sugar content: 19 grams of allulose sugar
  • Tasting notes: Sweet wholesome homemade flavor
  • Replaces: Other chocolate chip cookies

This cookie features allulose instead of traditional sugar to reduce the net carbs in your cookie. Customers love the result. One reviewer even says these cookies are their “favorite sugar-free option that [they’ve] tried.”

4. Organic Gemini TigerNuts

  • Natural sugar content: 9 grams
  • Tasting notes: Lightly sweet with a hint of nuttiness
  • Replaces: Chocolate-covered nuts

Nature offered us a decadent gift in the form of nuts. Nuts have satisfying fat that stops cravings and helps us steer clear of sugar. These tigernuts (also known as nookon or chufa) have a rich flavor that will not disappoint.

sugar-free chocolate cereal

5. Dark Chocolate Catalina Crunch

  • Natural sugar content: 0 grams
  • Tasting notes: Deep, rich, and chocolatey
  • Replaces: Dark chocolates

Chocolate cereal without the sugary price tag may seem too good to be true, but this crunchy delight will make you a believer.

6. Suntella: Sugar-Free Chocolate Spread

  • Natural sugar content: 0 grams
  • Tasting notes: Smooth and hazelnutty
  • Replaces: Chocolate frosting

Chocolate and hazelnut flavors mingle in a spread that tastes beautiful on bananas and other fresh fruits.

7. Sejoyia Lemon-Pie Coco-Roons

  • Natural sugar content: 15 grams
  • Tasting notes: Light and lemony with a rich rush of coconut
  • Replaces: Lemon bars

The richness of coconut and cashews make this better-for-you dessert a satisfying feast for the senses.

8. Adonis Turmeric, Orange, and Brazil Nuts Bars

  • Natural sugar content: 2 grams
  • Tasting notes: Spicy, tart, and nutty
  • Replaces: Candy bars

Rich orange and spicy turmeric will keep your taste buds so busy they won’t even have time to demand sugar.

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9. Wildway Fruit & Nut Snack Mix Salted Chocolate Truffle

  • Natural sugar content: 11 grams
  • Tasting notes: Decadent truffle meets fresh and fruity
  • Replaces: Caramel truffles

When chocolate truffle flavors come mixed with good-for-you nuts and fruits, you don’t have to feel guilty about anything.

10. Go Raw Choco Chunk Coconut Crisps

  • Natural sugar content: 7 grams
  • Tasting notes: Sweet and creamy yet earthy and nourishing
  • Replaces: 7-Layer coconut bars  

The marriage of coconut and chocolate creates a rich combination that satisfies even the most demanding sweet tooth.

11. Voortman Sugar-Free Almonette Cookie

  • Natural sugar content: 0 grams
  • Tasting notes: Pure, simple, and sweet
  • Replaces: Shortbread

Real almonds give these sugar-free cookies the kind of flavor dessert connoisseurs crave.

12. Elan Snacks Sugar-Free Nut Granola

  • Natural sugar content: 0 grams
  • Tasting notes: Crunchy, clean, and just sweet enough
  • Replaces: Turtle candies

Sugar-free granola gives you a little bit of sweetness and provides plenty of nutrients. So you get a kick of pleasure while doing your body good.

13. Nush Banana Nut Cakes

  • Natural sugar content: 1 gram
  • Tasting notes: Lightened up banana bread
  • Replaces: Sweet breads and cakes

Unhealthy sweet breads, muffins, cakes, and breakfast pastries offer no temptation when you have one of these sugar-light cakes on hand.

Make-at-Home Sugar-Free Snacks

Make sugar-free snacks at home

Learn how to make sugar-free snacks at home to empower all your best dieting intentions. You might also alter your idea of what makes a dessert. (Hint: It’s not measuring cups full of butter and white sugar!)

14. Keto Chocolate Mug Cake from Green and Keto

  • Sweetened by: Erythritol
  • Replaces: Sugar-dense mug cakes

Keto cake you can make in a mug? Enough said!

15. Low-Carb Triple Chocolate Zucchini Muffins from Real Balanced

  • Sweetened by: Monkfruit
  • Replaces: Donuts

Zucchini boosts the nutrient content in these delicious muffins.

Get Your Free Healthy Snack Recipes Downloadable

16. Ricotta + Sliced Figs + Toasted Hazelnuts

  • Sweetened by: Figs
  • Replaces: Ice-cream sundaes

Toss all these items in your favorite artisan bowl for some indulgence that will leave you feeling revitalized.

17. Sugar-Free Keto Low-Carb Granola Bar Recipe

  • Sweetened by: Monkfruit
  • Replaces: Candy bars

Make a big batch of your own granola bars to make sure you’re always getting the best of the best.

18. Yacon-Sweetened Cookies from A Dash of Compassion

  • Sweetened by: Yacon
  • Replaces: Sugar cookies

The sweet, sweet roots of the yacon plant give these cookies unforgettable flavor.

Sugar-free cottage cheese snack

19. Cottage Cheese + Raspberries

  • Sweetened by: Raspberries
  • Replaces: Sugar-packed parfaits

Creamy cottage cheese and sweet raspberries give your taste buds a treat while providing protein, vitamin C, vitamin K, and more.

20. Cashew Cardamom Date Balls from Simply Taylor

  • Sweetened by: Dates
  • Replaces: Truffles

Blend a bunch of wholesome ingredients together to make a “batter” that forms into perfectly sweet balls that offer you energy and bliss.

21. Almond Butter Banana Cookies from Living Well Kitchen

  • Sweetened by: Banana
  • Replaces: Rich peanut-butter cookies

Almond butter and bananas make a beautiful combination in the form of a cookie.

Making sugar-free cookies

22. Two-Ingredient Cookies from Pure Ella

  • Sweetened by: Banana
  • Replaces: Snickerdoodles

Bananas and oats make a go-to cookie you can eat any time of day.

23. Raw Mini Mascarpone Berry Cakes from Texan Erin Baking

  • Sweetened by: Dates and maple syrup
  • Replaces: Strawberry shortcake

Fancy enough for company, these pretty berry cakes get their sweetness from fresh fruit and maple syrup.

Get Your Free Healthy Snack Recipes Downloadable

24. Flourless Cinnamon Pecan Cookies from My Whole Food Life

  • Sweetened by: Dates
  • Replaces: Pecan pie

Cinnamon, pecans, and dates make magic when blended together and briefly baked. (Your home will smell amazing!)

25. Two-Ingredient Banana Coconut Cookies from Fresh Planet Flavor

  • Sweetened by: Banana
  • Replaces: Rich macaroons

Here’s a banana-sweetened cookie option for coconut lovers! These cookies taste amazing and give you 12% of the recommended daily value of filling fiber.


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