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167 | How Earth & Star Leverages Brand Storytelling to Make Mushrooms Irresistible with Co-founders Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis

By December 6th, 2021

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Episode Title: How Earth And Star Leverages Brand Storytelling to Make Mushrooms Irresistible>


Roll out the red carpet because this week, we’re joined by royalty.

Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis became category queens in 2007 with BluePrint, a first-of-it’s-kind fresh pressed juice that leveraged high pressure processing (HPP) to land on market shelves nationwide.

Now, they’re back and better than ever with Earth & Star, a line of ready-to-drink functional beverages and snacks that harness the power of functional mushrooms and extracts.

In this episode, they share their proven strategies for turning fringe wellness trends into incredibly delicious and ‘sticky’ products that people can fall in love with. Plus, we get real and raw about the costly mistakes along the way that made them stronger entrepreneurs, brand builders, co-founders and friends.


Earth and Star

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