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Episode 78 | How, When, and If to Raise Capital – Founder’s Bootcamp #2

By November 29th, 2018

Episode 78 | How, When, and If to Raise Capital – Founder’s Bootcamp #2

with Investor Andy Whitman, Managing Partner at 2X Partners

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This is the second installment of our 4-part founder’s bootcamp miniseries. If you haven’t yet, go check the first episode featuring CPG super lawyer Nick Giannuzzi.

Our goal with this series is to feature a different subject matter expert in each episode to supplement your knowledge and help you get to that next level, faster.

This week we have investor Andy Whitman, a Managing Partner at 2X Partners.

In many ways, Andy and the 2X team paved the way for so much of what we see today in CPG. Virtually no one was investing in emerging natural food brands when 2X launched about 15 years ago. Today, that’s obviously a much different story.

Andy got his start growing small to mid-sized brands at Kraft. He was the guy tasked with turning around smaller brands in the portfolio that weren’t quite turning a profit. And it turns out he had a knack for it.

As you’ll hear, Andy sees financials for more than 700 brands a year, yet typically only invest in two. He breaks down exactly what he’s looking for when chooses which brands to put his money on.

Andy also explains what makes the 2X model unique, the difference between trends and fads (and how to spot them), and the ideal amount of money your brand should raise.


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