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Episode 105 | Why this Gen Z Founder Dropped out of College to Talk About Menstruation, with Aunt Flow CEO & Founder Claire Coder

By June 3rd, 2019

Episode 105 | Why this Gen Z Founder Dropped out of College to Talk About Menstruation,

with Aunt Flow CEO & Founder Claire Coder

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 When Aunt Flow founder Claire Coder talks about the “hidden cost of menstruation,” this is what she means:
  • 86% of women have had their period at work and didn’t have access to menstrual products.
  • 64% of women have left work because of this reason.
  • School attendance for young girls decreases by 2.4% among young girls who don’t have access to menstrual products.
To Claire, these stats are unacceptable. What’s worse, they all stem from one fact about how our society deals with menstruation –
We don’t talk about it.
The good news is, that’s a solvable problem, and Claire and Aunt Flow are committed to opening up the conversation about menstruation and increasing access to quality menstrual products.
With a seed round and some serious momentum, Claire is in the midst of a critical inflection point for her brand. Claire stopped by the Brand Builder studio to share her amazing story, and break down how she is making the world a better place, one cycle at a time.
  • Customer Obsession – which customer do you obsess over? Claire sheds light on a dynamic that we see a lot, particularly in a B2B model like hers: serving the end-user vs. the decision maker/buyer.
  • Raising her seed round. Claire recently closed a $1.5 million seed round, and it was anything but easy. She shares her tips, plus why it took 86 meetings to close.


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