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Episode 31 | How to Make Your Brand Stand Out in An Insanely Competitive Industry, with BevNet founder John Craven

By April 30, 2018 May 3rd, 2018

Episode 31 | How to Make Your Brand Stand Out in An Insanely Competitive Industry

with BevNet Founder John Craven

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Industry buzz is super important, especially for early stage brands looking to attract investors, recruit talent, or just make connections.

But how do you do that? How do you get the who’s who of your industry talking about, well, YOU?

Yes, you need a story to tell, but you also need someone whose plugged in, and has a platform of influence.

In CPG, there are a few people as plugged in as John Craven.

John is the CEO and founder of BevNet, Project Nosh, and Brewbound. What started as a way to get free drinks in college has snowballed into three must-read blogs, several can’t-miss events, and even a podcast (love those).

To find out the secret to working with the likes of John, SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly sat down with John to talk all things CPG.

In this mostly longform interview, John reveals some fascinating insights, including why brand loyalty is steadily declining, why the speed of innovation can be bad for the industry, and some of the big missteps he’s seen in his 20 year career as an industry insider.


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