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Episode 119 | Why You Should Ignore Industry Trends, w/ Becky and Jeremy Dahl, Founding Partners at Bex Brands

By September 6th, 2019

Episode 119 | Why You Should Ignore Industry Trends

with Becky and Jeremy Dahl, Founding Partners at Bex Brands

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Our guests this week are Becky and Jeremy Dahl, the creative minds behind Bex Brands.

Together they lead an agency that specializes in packaging design, brand identity, and brand management in the packaged goods industry (i.e., they are the perfect guests for Brand Builder).

If Bex Brands sounds familiar, that might be because they’re the agency behind the transformative brand refresh and packaging redesign for Lily’s Sweets (episode 116).

In fact it was our conversation with Lily’s CEO Jane Miller that inspired this episode. We wanted to learn about the rebrand process from the agency side. How do they approach projects like these? What’s the best way to maximize the chances of success when working with a branding agency like theirs?

Becky and Jeremy are the perfect people to provide this insight. In addition to Lily’s, they have worked with Chameleon, Once Upon a Farm, Dr. Praegar’s, and Primizie, just to name a few.

We also really loved what they had to say about trends… and why they don’t believe in them.


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