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Bonus Episode | How to Make the Most of Your Website’s Traffic, with Emil Shour

By October 12, 2017 December 13th, 2017

Bonus Episode | How to Make the Most of Your Website’s Traffic

with Emil Shour, Director of Marketing at SnackNation

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Let’s say you’re an up-and-coming brand with a slick e-commerce store and a little bit of buzz. Maybe you were just featured in an influential newsletter or appeared in a high profile publication.

In fact, you’re kind of a big deal.

Your analytics tell you that tons of people are visiting your website each day, but the majority just aren’t buying anything.

What gives?

Turns out this scenario is all too common, and there’s a simple tactic you can use to convert more of your site’s traffic into paying customers.

In this “snack sized” bonus episode, SnackNation Marketing Director Emil Shour shares the single best tactic for optimizing your website traffic. Take his advice, and you’ll be seeing fewer bounces and more sweet, sweet $$$$.

Emil also proves to us that he is definitely NOT a marketing robot.

Jump to

  • Emil breaks down the best tactic for maximizing your website traffic. 2:40
  • Emil tells us the best platform to try it out. 4:40
  • Emil shares best practices for the ad copy you’ll need for this trick. 5:40
  • Finally, Emil tells us the right metrics to track and measure success with this tactic. 6:32

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