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Episode 13 | CPG Trends You Need to Know to Get Ahead in 2018

By December 26, 2017 No Comments

Episode 13 | CPG Trends You Need to Know to Get Ahead in 2018

with SnackNation Sr. Brand Experience Manager Alysse Burroni

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Why is Nestle reportedly selling off their candy business? Why does “big” seem synonymous with “bad,” while artisanal is king these days? And why does every big food corporation seem to have a Silicon Valley-style venture capital arm?

The short answer:

Because this is CPG, where the C stands for consumer, and consumer trends dictate everything.

Staying ahead of consumer trends might be the difference between your brand truly taking off, and your brand being left behind by the next big thing in CPG. But distinguishing between a true trend and a passing fad isn’t always easy.

In this episode, you’ll learn all about how to do exactly that thanks to the trendiest person we know – Alysse Burroni, SnackNation’s Sr. Manager of Brand Experience.

Alysse takes us through the forces that are shaping consumer behaviors, and tells us exactly how to stay one step ahead of the market.

Jump to

  • Alysse takes us through the evolution of the consumer values that adrive consumer behavior. 4:00
  • Alysse breaks down the current trends in CPG for 2018 and beyond. 7:22
  • Alysse provides a super useful tactic for keeping up with the latest trends in your space. 22:00.

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