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Episode 92 | The Surprising Way Customer Obsession Drives Innovation

By March 4th, 2019

Episode 92 | The Surprising Way Customer Obsession Drives Innovation,

with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly

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Customer Obsession is a hot topic right now. Inspired by the success of Amazon and other customer-centric organizations, brands of all shapes and sizes are realizing that putting the customer’s needs first is a recipe of success.

At a surface level, being obsessed with your customer creates exceptional experiences and generates goodwill for your brand.

But when it’s really working as it should, being customer-obsessed actually drives innovation, and expands your organization’s capabilities.

But how does this dynamic work in practice? And what does it take to practice Customer Obsession at your company?

At SnackNation, our theme for 2019 is Customer Obsession, so we sat down with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly to find out exactly what this idea is all about.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What it means to be Customer Obsessed – Sean provides a simple working definition of the concept, and more importantly, points out what it is NOT.
  • How Customer Obsession shows up in your business and culture – Customer Obsession isn’t the same for every business. Sean provides a framework for working out what Customer Obsession means for yours.
  • Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Customers – Sean breaks down how the best leaders listen deeply to their customers on a continual basis.


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