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Episode 144 | What the Best Brands Are Doing to Thrive During the Pandemic, with Dan Gluck of PowerPlant Ventures

By July 7th, 2020

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Until COVID, you might say that Dan Gluck had seen it all in the CPG world.

Dan brings a trifecta of deep experience to the table. He’s been an institutional investor with 15 years in the hedge fund space, an owner-operator with the wildly successful Health Warrior brand, and now a partner at one of the most innovative VC firms in CPG. 

But COVID is an unprecedented challenge, forcing some brands to pivot on a dime and throw out the old playbook. Success in a pandemic requires founders to adopt a specific mind- and skillset.

Fortunately, Dan’s experience has given him a unique vantage point to guide emerging brands through this black swan event. Even better, this week he shares that POV with Brand Builder.

Dan Gluck is a Managing Partner at PowerPlant Ventures, a firm that invests in emerging consumer food & beverage, foodservice and food-tech companies. Their mission is to “re-architect” the global food system by investing in world changing companies that deliver better nutrition in more sustainable and ethical ways.

Prior to PowerPlant, Dan founded Health Warrior, the plant-based superfood company that successfully exited to Pepsi in 2018.

This is a great conversation on Dan’s experience with Health Warrior and PowerPlant – for starters, we learn the 5 powerful megatrends that drive PowerPlant’s investment strategy.

But if that weren’t enough, what we really found valuable was Dan’s take on how COVID is affecting CPG. He talks in depth about how the best companies and leaders are reacting to the crisis, and what you should be doing right now to ensure your success during and after this challenging time.


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