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Episode 41 | How to Master the Ecomm Ecosystem, with EBOOST founder Josh Taekman

By June 18th, 2018

Episode 41 | How to Master the Ecomm Ecosystem,

with EBOOST Founder Josh Taekman

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This week we have Josh Taekman, the founder of EBOOST.

EBOOST provides clean performance products that increase energy, focus, and all-around well-being. One of the coolest things about EBOOST – from the beginning Josh and his team decided to treat it more like a fashion brand, and really make a lifestyle play in the CPG space.

The company also recently went through a brand refresh that looks amazing, and launched an RTD (ready to drink) clean energy product.

On top of all the brand building strategies, Josh had some amazing stories from his time in the music industry working with Sean Combs (yes, that Sean Combs) and coming this close to launching a massive joint venture with 50 Cent.

Josh also breaks down exactly how to find the right mix of ecomm, Amazon, and speciality channels, and why treating EBOOST like a fashion brand has made all the difference.


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