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Episode 21 | How Peaceful Fruits Uses a ‘Chain of Discovery’ to Connect Consumers to the Amazon

By February 20th, 2018

Episode 21 | How Peaceful Fruits Uses a ‘Chain of Discovery’ to Connect Consumers to the Amazon

with Evan Delahanty, Founder and CEO of Peaceful Fruits

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Evan Delahanty is not a foodie.

Yes, the man who founded Peaceful Fruits, a company that makes honest, whole fruit snacks … was not all that into food at first.

So how did he end up at the helm of a company that’s changing the fruit snack game?

It’s all about connecting people and markets to the Amazon. Evan spent 27 months as a community economic development specialist in Pikin Slee, a remote village of Suriname accessible only by canoe. Giving back to this amazing place has become Evan’s life’s work, and Peaceful Fruits has been the conduit for doing just that.


  • How do you know which ideas you should commit to, and which you should leave for someone else? Evan share his framework for evaluating these.
  • We’ve heard a few times on this show that emerging brands should run with as lean a team as possible. This makes every hiring decision critical. Evan shares one question that will tell you whether or not an applicant has what it takes to join your squad.
  • A Kickstarter campaign is actually a great way to launch a CPG brand. But what are best practices? Evan shares his experience and top tips.

Jump to

  • Why Evan started Peaceful Fruits, even though he admits he’s “not a foodie.” 3:54
  • Why hiring team members with developmental disabilities is both good for society and good for business. 10:44
  • How Peaceful Fruits takes consumers on a journey by creating a “chain of discovery.” 14:02
  • Evan’s #1 hiring tactic. 19:18
  • Kickstart your company with Evan’s Kickstarter best practices. 22:50
  • Evan’s final advice for young entrepreneurs. 25:52


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