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Episode 135 | Tribe-Based Marketing Secrets From an Up-and-Coming Keto Brand, with EZER Snacks

By January 13, 2020 February 5th, 2020 No Comments

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We all love success stories… and we’ve told a lot of those on this podcast.

But what we haven’t done as much of is shine a light on a success story in the making.

The story of EZER snacks is one of those.

Parents of three, Brittany and Meguell Suell created EZER out of their desire to fuel their family with healthy, and nutrient rich snacks. They make low-glycemic, keto-friendly 1-minute protein cake mixes.

Our goal in this episode: highlight a new brand with a lot of upside (but most of the journey still ahead of them) as they balance day jobs, family, and life in general with building their brand from scratch. The lessons they’ve learned are applicable to any brand at any stage, but especially to those who are looking for ways to accelerate growth in the early days.

One of the things Brittany and Meguell do best is maximize the event demo, especially for the niche space that they occupy. They take a tribe-based approach, getting up close and personal with the communities who will benefit most from their product.


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