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Episode 11 | How to Become a Master Connector & Attract Top Talent, with ForceBrands founder Josh Wand

By December 12th, 2017 One Comment

Episode 11 | How to Become a Master Connector & Attract Top Talent

with ForceBrands founder Josh Wand

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“Ideas are ideas, and without great people they never come to life.”

Translation: if you want your brand to take off, you better surround yourself with the right people.

And we can’t think of anyone more qualified to tell us how to attract those people than Josh Wand, a 20 year veteran of CPG and the founder and CEO of ForceBrands. 

ForceBrands builds the teams that build the best brands in CPG (and just so happen to co-present this show with SnackNation). Josh and his amazing team came to the Brand Builder studios, and we got him to discuss the origins of ForceBrands, his philosophy on business and leadership, and of course his particular area of expertise – building teams that build amazing brands.

In this episode, you’ll learn the following three takeaways:

  • Find your magic. Josh believes helping teams “find their magic” is really what his job is all about. He tells us what that means and how he does it.  
  • Flip the script. Josh describes a simple mindset shift leaders can use to make sure their teams feel valued – which is super important.
  • Don’t recruit, build a community. A lot of people see hiring as a transaction, but not Josh. He explain why the secret to building winning teams is to create a community.

Jump to:

  • The ForceBrands origin story. 4:05
  • The importance of the relationship between founders, plus a story about how Josh’s business partner saved the company on Josh’s wedding day. 8:17
  • What it was like launching a recruiting business during the Great Recession. 9:30
  • Why your employee experience determines your customer experience. 13:05
  • Why Josh launched Piñata, a technology platform that matches amazing freelancers with brands. 20:12
  • Josh’s final piece of advice for entrepreneurs and brands. 24:02


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Brand Builder is a co-production of SnackNation and ForceBrands.

One Comment

  • Mark Mandel says:

    I’ve known Josh for a short time during my search for an executive sales position with a natural food/bev brand. He’s the genuine deal, always attentive and responsive, and sincerely interested in helping find solutions. I really enjoyed the inaugural interview with Josh on Brand Builder. Looking forward to more great podcasts and interviews!

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