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Episode 80 | How Fourth & Heart is Helping Consumers Fall in Love with Ghee

By December 10th, 2018

Episode 80 | How Fourth & Heart is Helping Consumers Fall in Love with Ghee,

with Fourth & Heart CEO & Founder Raquel Tavares

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Ghee is officially having a moment.

For those not yet in the know, Ghee is a filtered butter reduction, and a staple ingredient in traditional Indian cooking. It has a higher smoke point – which makes it great for cooking – is full of healthy fats like CLA, and boasts a nutty, delicious flavor that people just love.

When it comes to bringing Ghee to the mainstream, you’d be hard pressed to find a more influential brand and founder than Fourth & Heart’s Raquel Tavares.

Raquel founded 4th & Heart in 2014 with $80,000 of her own savings. Today they are the category leader and are innovating with new SKUs like flavored Ghee oil and chocolate spreads.

We talked to Raquel about her first introduction to Ghee and her role in driving the growth of the category. Plus we dive into the Fourth & Heart brand and culture, and ultimately why running a business requires her to listen to both her head and her heart.


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