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Episode 39 | How to Survive a Pivot and Become Exit-Worthy, with BFY Managing Partner and Plum Organics Founder Gigi Lee Chang

By June 4, 2018 June 6th, 2018

Episode 39 | How to Survive a Pivot and Become Exit-Worthy,

with BFY Managing Partner and Plum Organics Founder Gigi Lee Chang

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There are certain guests for whom there’s just no denying – this person is a bonafide Brand Builder.

But Gigi Lee Chang, she’s something else. When you look at her body of work thus far, she’s not just a Brand Builder, she’s more like a Brand Renaissance Woman.

Don’t believe us? Just look at what Gigi Lee has done thus far in her career:

  • Bootstrapped Plum Organics, a pioneering organic baby food brand that was eventually acquired by Campbell’s;
  • served as the CEO of the non profit Healthy Child Healthy World;
  • She ran the food accelerator FoodFutureCo;
  • and today she’s a Managing Partner at BFY Capital, an investment group focused on providing venture debt to “better for you” consumer brands

By the way, that was after she was already a successful marketing and advertising exec.

This week, Gigi Lee joins SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly to discuss this remarkable trajectory, and to share her lessons learned along the way. The pair discuss the packaging innovation that helped make Plum Organics a hit, the BFY model and why it’s important to fuel growth without dilution, and the somewhat unexpected mindset you need to position your company for an exit.


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