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Episode 137 | How this Entrepreneur Turned a Lifelong Passion for Plants into a Thriving Beverage Brand, with Goldthread founder William Siff

By February 3, 2020 February 5th, 2020 No Comments

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Sometimes a brand is more than a brand. It’s the culmination of a life spent in the service of an idea. 

This week our guest is William Siff, the founder and Chief Formulator of Goldthread plant based tonics. 

Goldthread’s tonics are a brewed formulation of plants that give you the capacity to expand and evolve past your perceived limits. (Now that’s a value proposition!) And with flavors like Turmeric Radiance, Lavender Bliss, and Honey Rose, they taste pretty amazing too. 

But Goldthread isn’t just a great tasting functional beverage. It’s a story – an “adventure in a bottle.” According to William, part of the appeal of Goldthread is that it brings together carefully sourced, healing ingredients from all over the world, bottles them up, and delivers them to the everyday consumer. 

What we really found fascinating about the Goldthread story is that it’s all part of one continuous project – to improve people’s health and wellbeing through healing herbs. 

This project also happens to be William’s life’s work. His interest in the power of plant-based healing began with an early interest in local flora, inspired him to become a licensed acupuncturist, and took him down a path that included an apothecary, an organic herb farm, and most recently, the Goldthread tonic line. 

William and the team are excited about the opportunity before them because the tonics are the most scalable part of this journey – and therefore have the highest potential for impact. 

In this episode, William takes us through his journey from hobby herbalist, to licensed acupuncturist and ethnobotanist, to CPG entrepreneur. 


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