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Episode 22 | How LivBar’s Jayson Selander Brings a Designer’s Mindset to Brand Strategy, with Jayson Selander, CEO of LivBar

By February 26th, 2018

Episode 22 | How LivBar’s Jayson Selander Brings a Designer’s Mindset to Brand Strategy

with Jayson Selander, CEO of LivBar

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There was a certain point in the early days of LivBar where most people probably would have given up.

Despite a product that people really loved and some encouraging momentum, the future of LivBar seemed to be in jeopardy. Their “big break” with a major grocery chain had just fallen through, and the company’s co-founders had lost their passion for the business and were looking for the exit

But for co-owner and soon-to-be CEO Jayson Selander, quitting was not an option.

“I didn’t have a choice,” he recalls. “There was nothing inside of me that was telling me to stop.”

This week, Brand Builder sits down with Jayson, a tenacious entrepreneur and a fascinating interview. He’s a CEO who loves strategy, but doesn’t consider himself a “planner.” He’s a passionate entrepreneur, but inherited a business with legacy brand and core values. Through it all, his tenacity, his knack for solving the problem in front of him, and his designer’s eye have helped elevate the LivBar brand and deliver great tasting bars to thousands of happy consumers.


  • Jayson has a background in graphic design, and as an entrepreneur, it’s been a huge asset. We talk about what it means to have a designer’s mindset, and how it can help you lead your company.
  • With Expo West coming up, it’s a great time to ask – are those big trade shows worth the expense? Jayson thinks so, hear why in this interview.
  • Finally, what do you do when that Big Break doesn’t pan out? Jayson went through this. Hear how LivBar recovered and what he learned from the experience.

Jump to

  • The LivBar origin story. 3:42
  • How Jayson’s experience as a designer has elevated the LivBar brand. 6:20
  • How LivBar comes up with their unique flavor profiles. 8:36
  • How to bounce back when your “big break” falls through. 11:08
  • Why so much of the LivBar experience feels hand made. 13:56
  • Why Jayson loves Expo West. 19:50
  • Jayson’s final advice for entrepreneurs. 21:37


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