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Episode 30 | How This Top Investor Selects The Brands She Works With

By April 23rd, 2018

Episode 30 | How This Top Investor Selects The Brands She Works With

with AccelFoods Managing Partner Jordan Gaspar

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This week on Brand Builder, we have someone with hands-on brand building expertise. In fact, she’s helping build the next generation of enduring brands.

We’re talking to Jordan Gaspar, one half of the duo behind AccelFoods.

Jordan is a Managing Partner at AccelFoods, an early-stage venture capital firm investing in consumer products. She and partner Lauren Jupiter co-founded the firm in 2014 with the goal of offering entrepreneurs a unique perspective and approachable capital.

AccelFoods’ value can really be summed in three words – access, expertise, and infrastructure. They pride themselves in their hands-on approach, and their portfolio includes some top tier brands you’ve definitely heard of (and probably have eaten).

Today the fund manages $40M and 33 portfolio companies – and they’re always looking to grow.

One of the reasons she relates so much to startup brands? She and Lauren started AccelFoods as a startup.

She tells that story in this interview – but that’s really just scratching the surface of what Jordan brought to the table. She also broke down exactly how she and her firm select the brands they work with, and ultimately provide enduring value.

Jump to

  • Jordan and the AccelFoods story 2:30
  • How a venture fund like AccelFoods works. 13:40 
  • Advice for emerging brands. 18:03
  • Advanced tactics in the age of retail disruption. 20:24 
  • The AccelFoods Legacy. 29:11


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