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Episode 70 | How JUST is Creating the Toolkit to Fix Our Food System, with JUST CEO & co-founder Josh Tetrick

By October 22, 2018 April 17th, 2024

Episode 70 | How JUST is Creating the Toolkit to Fix Our Food System,

with JUST CEO & co-founder Josh Tetrick

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This week we’ve got Josh Tetrick, the founder and CEO of JUST.

Josh and the team at JUST are radically rethinking staple ingredients typically made from animal products. They make great tasting, plant-based alternatives for egg scrambles, mayo, dressing, cookie dough – and even meat.

One of the coolest things about them: food is merely the playing field for JUST. They’re taking on some big issues like global inequality, chronic disease, and climate change.

To do this, they’ve worked with food scientists to develop technology that will accelerate the discovery process, identifying plants that can replicate the tastes and textures of our favorite foods. In other words, they’re developing a whole new toolkit for the world’s food producers.

But behind all the innovative tech is a very simple idea: that healthy, sustainable food HAS to taste good if it’s ever going to make an impact. In fact, that’s what a lot of their tech is aimed at, developing more sustainable plant based alternatives that people actually want to eat.

SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly talked to Josh about all this and more, including the origin of their deceptively simple branding.


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