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Episode 111 | How Kuju Is Bringing Premium Pour Over Coffee to a Campsite Near You, w/ Co-Founders Jeff & Justin Wiguna

By July 15th, 2019

Episode 111 | How Kuju Is Bringing Premium Pour Over Coffee to a Campsite Near You,

with Co-Founders Jeff & Justin Wiguna

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It’s summer, and hopefully for you that means spending some time in the great outdoors.

And whether you’re hiking, camping, or glamping, we’ve found a new must-add item to your outdoor gear checklist –

Kuju Coffee.

This week, we have brothers and co-founders Jeff and Justin Wiguna of Kuju, a premium, single-serve pour over coffee brand. Kuju is perfect for anytime you want great coffee on-the-go, but it’s really caught on among outdoor enthusiasts.

Jeff and Justin brought the heat, telling us about the inspiration behind their brand, and why they’re building a business for the long-term, not for a quick exit.


  • How to use niche retail as a foothold or launchpad. Kuju started off in places like REI and Bass pro shops – and it’s a huge advantage. They were able to demonstrate high velocity, and then bring a customer-base with them to new channels (like Whole Foods).
  • Kuju = prime example of a brand built around a feeling. That’s the “Kuju moment.” If you look at the way they tell their story, they don’t focus all that much on the filter – even though it is innovative. They talk about the memories you create, the moments you can experience, etc. I think every brand can learn from their success here.



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