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Episode 61 | How Lenny and Larry’s Bootstrapped a Cookie Empire, with founder Barry Turner and EVP Aaron Croutch

By September 17, 2018 October 29th, 2018

Episode 61 | How Lenny and Larry’s Bootstrapped a Cookie Empire

with founder Barry Turner and EVP Aaron Croutch

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This week on Brand Builder we have Barry Turner, the founder of Lenny and Larry’s.

Barry is a bit of a Renaissance man – he’s a former competitive bodybuilder and American Gladiator turned protein cookie pioneer. He helped create the baked nutrition category back in 1993 when he and his then partner asked, “Why can’t we put the protein in this chicken breast… into that muffin?”

Today, the Lenny and Larry’s effect is felt across the natural foods space. Protein-infused snacks are everywhere as consumers are beginning to understand the importance of high-quality protein to their overall health and nutrition.

Barry and the company’s EVP Aaron Croutch joined us in the Brand Builder studio to talk about the origins of the protein cookie, why they never took on debt or raised capital, and their recent push to make Lenny and Larry’s a true consumer brand.

As Barry puts it, it’s just your typical 25-year overnight success story.


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