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Episode 116 | How Data Can Help Your Brand Find Its Sweet Spot, with Lily’s Sweets CEO Jane Miller

By August 19th, 2019

Episode 116 | How Data Can Help Your Brand Find Its Sweet Spot,

with Lily’s Sweets CEO Jane Miller

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Our guest this week is Jane Miller, the CEO of Lily’s sweets.

Lily’s make a line of delicious chocolate bars, baking bits and baking bars that have less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Jane represents a slightly different type of guest for us. She’s a CEO with 35 years of food business experience… but not a founder.

Jane’s background is as a high level executive at places like Heinz and Frito Lay, and she joined Lily’s with a specific goal in mind: help scale the business. With a new look, new SKUs, and the rising tide of awareness around the drawbacks of too much sugar, the brand is poised for breakout success.

This role is a new challenge for Jane as well. She’s used to coming in and fixing things that are broken at big organizations. Now she’s on a total rocket ship ride – which brings a whole new set of obstacles to overcome.

In this episode, we talk about the Lily’s rebrand, Jane’s personal philosophy of “running your own race,” and the surprising way they use data to find their sweet spot.


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