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Episode 118 | Why This Mission-Driven Bracelet Brand is Launching a Beverage, with Lokai CEO & founder Steven Izen

By September 3rd, 2019

Episode 118 | Why This Mission-Driven Bracelet Brand is Launching a Beverage

with Lokai CEO & founder Steven Izen

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Our guest this week is Steven Izen, the CEO and founder of Lokai.

In simplest terms, Lokai makes bracelets that promote balance. In every Lokai, one of the beads contains water from the top of Mount Everest and another contains mud from the Dead Sea – a reminder to stay humble in life’s high points and hopeful in life’s low points.

The Lokai story is one of rapid, viral growth. They’ve sold 10 million units in about 6 years, and because they donate 10% of profits to charity, they’ve raised more than $8 million for charitable causes. 

But while Lokai bracelets symbolize balance, the brand is coming out with a new functional product line that promotes balance in a much more tangible way. 

Meet Elements by Lokai, a line of herbal tonic concentrates made with adaptogenic plants that work with your body to give it what it needs. 

We talked to Steven about why a bracelet brand is launching a beverage, why athletes like Cam Newton love Lokai, plus how Lokai went viral in the first place.


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