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Episode 146 | How Magic Spoon Disrupted the $11B Cereal Category, with Magic Spoon co-founder Gabi Lewis

By August 10, 2020 January 4th, 2022

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Before he launched Magic Spoon, Gabi Lewis had wondered why no one had disrupted the cereal space. 

When he asked around, the experts all told him the same thing: 

“Cereal is a dying category.”

The truth is, while cereal might technically be declining slightly, it’s still an $11 billion opportunity. And the conventional wisdom that led so many founders to avoid the space actually created major opportunity – opportunity that Gabi and his co-founder Greg Sewitz promptly seized by launching Magic Spoon in 2019.

Magic Spoon is a concept that’s so brilliant, it seems almost obvious: cereal that looks and tastes like childhood favorites but is low carb, high protein, and zero sugar. Their goal from day one was to be the Halo Top or Oatly of the cereal aisle. 

So far that strategy has paid off with booming sales and glowing praise from consumers and media alike. The brand has been featured in WIRED, CNN, and Fast Company, and called “The Cereal of the Future” by Forbes. Eye-popping packaging and whimsical branding that appeals to nostalgic, health-conscious Millennials doesn’t hurt either.

In this episode, we learn how Magic Spoon nailed product-market fit, their unconventional approach to influencer marketing, and the lessons learned from Gabi and Greg Serwitz’s first venture, Exo, the cricket based protein bar that they sold to Aspire Food Group in 2018.



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