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Episode 96 | How to Make the Right Choice for Your Brand – Even When It’s the Hardest

By April 1, 2019 April 2nd, 2019

Episode 96 | How to Make the Right Choice for Your Brand – Even When It’s the Hardest,

with McClure’s Pickles co-founder Bob McClure

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This week’s episode is all about hard choices.

We’re talking to Bob McClure, one of the founders of McClure’s pickles, an artisan pickle brand based out of the twin capitals of cool, Brooklyn and Detroit. It’s  a true family business – Bob launched the brand in 2006 with his brother Joe using their great grandmother Lala’s recipe.

For many, their first introduction to the McClure’s brand was their great tasting pickle-flavored potato chips. And I was super surprised when they discontinued them.

Pivoting away from a popular product in order to focus on doing one thing really well is never  an easy decision. But Bob explains that diversifying their offering in that way wasn’t quite the right move – even though they had a fantastic product that a lot of people loved. He tells us  how they knew it was time to make the hard choice to shut it down.

Bob also provides fantastic practical advice about how to approach your relationship with buyers, and cutting through the noise in a digital world.


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