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Episode 52 | How Morning Recovery Became a $33 Million Brand in Just One Year, with founder Sisun Lee

By August 6, 2018 January 4th, 2024

Episode 52 | How Morning Recovery Became a $33 Million Brand in Just One Year

with Morning Recovery founder & CEO Sisun Lee

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This week on the podcast we have Sisun Lee, the CEO and founder of Morning Recovery.

Using functional ingredients that have been widely used by South Korean revelers for years, Morning Recovery takes the sting out of a night of heavy drinking so that you can do more the next day. The product launched on Indiegogo and immediately resonated with consumers, hitting 1000% of its crowdfunding goal and selling more than a million dollars in the first three months.

And that’s not all. While the company is barely a year old, Sisun and the team have accomplished the following:

  • 1.5 million bottles shipped worldwide, and built a $33 million dollar brand
  • Announced $250K research fund with USC School of Pharmacy
  • Grew from a team of 1 to 18

The path to Morning Recovery was anything but straight for Sisun, who began his career as a software engineer at places like Tesla, Uber, and Facebook. Sisun tells us how he ended up the savior of countless partiers across the world, while interviewer (and SnackNation CEO) Sean Kelly teases out the lessons learned along the way.


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