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Episode 26 | Why Daniel Katz Wants to Move Back Into His Office, with No Cow founder Daniel Katz

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Episode 26 | Why Daniel Katz Wants to Move Back Into His Office, with No Cow founder Daniel Katz

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Daniel Katz might have the ultimate entrepreneur story.

Sleeping under a desk? Check. Half a million dollar mistakes? Check. Breeding reptiles and flipping houses in high school? Also check.

Daniel is the founder of No Cow, makers of non-dairy, low sugar, high protein snacks that people just love. You can tell Daniel loves the grind, and he’s most comfortable when he’s doing everything himself. But with success comes growth and change. These days Daniel has a small but dedicated team, a CEO to run the day-to-day, and strategic partners in 301 Inc. and 2x Partners.

Ultimately, great products solve problems, and Daniel has built a successful business by focusing on the right problems, the right distribution channels, and by treating consumers like an extension of his team.


  • How to hack your company’s growth. Daniel shares the surprising strategy he used to scale his company without investing really any money marketing.
  • How to make the leap from product to brand. Daniel is taking No Cow and converting it from a bar to more of a platform. He tells us why and more importantly how.
  • How to build a stellar team. At a certain point, rise and grind just isn’t enough. Daniel’s at a point where the team around him makes a huge difference. He tells us how he built it up, and how to approach conversations with the people who will become your board.

Jump to:

  • The No Cow origin story. 3:30
  • How No Cow scaled with no marketing budget. 9:40
  • Why and how Daniel and team are converting the No Cow bar into a brand platform. 15:15
  • Daniel on the No Cow logo mark. 17:40
  • Why Daniel slept under his desk for the first two years of No Cow – and why he wants to move back into his office. 19:20
  • How Daniel lost $500k in packaging errors in one year, and what he learned. 21:48
  • Why Daniel brought partners into No Cow, and how emerging brands should approach these conversations. 22:38


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