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Episode 125 | Why This Former Reality TV Producer is Building the “Millennial Unilever,” with Brandable CEO Oliver Bogner

By October 21, 2019 January 3rd, 2022

Episode 125 | Why This Former Reality TV Producer is Building the “Millennial Unilever”

with Brandable CEO Oliver Bogner

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This week on Brand Builder, we hear from Oliver Bogner, the CEO and founder of Brandable.

Brandable is a CPG platform focused on innovating, curating and creating brands that enable people to live their best lives.

Think of it almost like an entertainment studio, but for better-for-you CPG brands.

Oliver has a big, audacious vision for Brandable: he wants to become the “Millennial Unilever,” with a suite of brands that will be around for the next hundred years. And with exclusive deals with Target, Walmart, and other big time retailers, he and the team are well on their way.

So how do you create transcendent, better-for-you brands that will stand the test of time?

By “keeping your eyes open” and honing in on true consumer pain points. Oliver breaks down his framework for discovering these pain points, and explains why brands have to focus on moving the needle for consumers in order to be successful.


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